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"............" Means talking

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'………' Means past sayings

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Two Halves of A Whole

Chapter Nine

//Will everyone aboard please gather in the meeting room? I repeat. Will everyone please gather in the meeting room? Oh Squall, thank you for letting me do this!//

The voice of the hyperactive Selphie sounded through the entire ship, stirring Yuna from her thoughts. She had been laying on her bed, reflecting over the events that happened over the course of the journey. It hadn't been many since this is the beginning of a long journey, but it still held significance in what might happen in the future. An example of this fact is Sora and Riku's relationship. They have to be ready to face the evil as one is order to defeat it. Sora and Riku don't know this, but Yuna does, and has made is her sworn duty to make sure everything goes according to plan. Sitting up, Yuna quickly stretched then stood up. She brushed herself off while walking to the door of her room. She pondered about the upcoming meeting as she walked to the meeting room on the level below. She descended the stairs that approached her and picked up her pace to reach it in record time.

When she arrived, mostly everyone was there except Sora and Riku. The large group were mostly talking amongst themselves in hushed whispers about what this meeting was about. A few moments later, Sora and Riku arrived, both of their eyes swollen and puffy. Sora's cheek seemed swollen as well and Riku's posture wasn't the prideful one Yuna had came accustomed to. He sagged, his eyes baggy as well. Yuna cast them a worried glance before Leon cleared his throat to initiate the meeting. "We have arrived at Deep Jungle." he said, looking around. "The Heartless have invaded, so we have to hurry so that we don't lose this world."

Wakka stood up, looking around the table. "Let's beat these Heartless creatures, ya?"

Everyone nodded, once again returning to small conversation amongst themselves. Yuna stood up, gaining the attention of the large group. "We need to split up into our groups when we find ourselves a good place on the world."

"A good place is in Jane's tent." Sora spoke up for the first time. "I'm sure her and Tarzan will be more than willing to let us there. But what I'm thinking is that only the medical team and second offensive team go to the tent to find out the world's condition. The first offensive team and the defensive team can head straight to the heart of the world to seal it."

"Great idea." Cloud commented. "Killing two birds with one stone."

"Since we got our plan, let's go!" Selphie exclaimed, holding her fist in the air. Yuffie, Tidus, Wakka, Kairi, and Irvine cheered while the rest just smiled at her enthusiasm. The group stood from their seats and headed down the winding hallways that lead to the deck. Sora, who was leading this group, was the first to step outside and smile at the familiar area. They had landed on the Treehouse that loomed high above emerald treetops. The weathered down place seemed to stay the same for the last four years even though the Heartless invaded this world. Sora walked around to find the pathway to the small area covered by a canopy of trees. Motioning everyone, he headed down the path.

Riku looked around, frowning at the bad memories that flooded his mind. He had been here before in search of the Princesses of Hearts, full of anger and jealously because of Sora's companions. He remembered how Maleficient so cunning decieved him by cropped visions of Sora and his friends, and because of his narrow-mindedness, he missed the fact that Sora could actually be using their help to find him and Kairi. Not automatically find new friends because his old ones were lost. If there was one thing he learned in while being in ties with Maleficient, it had to be that trying to forget what you have grown so accustomed to is easier said than done. He tried to forget his love for Sora, but he couldn't and thank goodness he didn't.

If he did, he would have been lost to the darkness forever.

Kairi spotted the frown on Riku's face and moved over to him, wrapping an arm around his waist loosely. He threw her a questioning look, but she only smiled, causing him to relax and continue following Sora.

The teams mostly stuck together: Sora, Riku, and Kairi; Leon, Cloud, and Irvine; Wakka, Tidus and Yuffie; Selphie, Yuna, and Aerith. When they arrived in Jane's camp, the designated teams grouped together for the last time. "Alright, we have a lot of worlds to visit so let's make this short," Leon demanded, watching everyone. "We meet back here when the job is done and board the ship to go to Traverse Town."

"Why don't we just go straight to the next world in help?" Irvine questioned, leaning up against a flagpole. "Traverse Town, or whatever this place is, is not in that much need of help, right? So shouldn't we go to the worlds that need help the most?"

"We have to get supplies," Aerith spoke softly. "For this many people, we have to have the right supplies to heal everyone at the simultaneously."

"Not to mention," Cloud started, "better weapons for.." He looked at Irvine, Wakka, Tidus, and Selphie. "...those who need it."

"Now what a minute!" Tidus said, crossing his arms. "My Brotherhood sword is fine!"

Wakka pulled out his spiked blitzball and spun it on his middle finger. "Ya Cloud! Our weapons are fine!"

Cloud only shrugged and turned away in response.

"Guys. Here is a way to get to camp."

Sora's voice echoed throughout the small area, gaining everyone's attention immediately. He pointed the opened tree trunk and proceeded to jump inside, everyone following suit.

The group of companions reached Jane's tent in what had to be less than 15 minutes. Most of them survived the tree surfing with no problems; Wakka was affected the most.

"That's gotta be the most mind-blowin' thing I've ever done, ya?"

Everyone laughed at his statement before piling into the small tent. Sora was already in the far right corner of the tent talking to Jane. He turned to the group, and when the last person entered the tent, he began to speak. "Kairi, Riku, Selphie, Tidus, and Wakka will be going with me to the heart of the world. The rest of you will stay here and learn of the world's condition. If there is anything suspicious, investigate."

Sora scanned the group of people, feeling relieved when he saw everyone nodding. He turned to Yuffie, Aerith, and Yuna. "Medical team, talk to Jane about some of the herbs here in Deep Jungle. She will surely show you some plants and fruits that when properly mixed, have the same effects of Curaga or Life."

The three young women headed to Jane as acknowledgement to Sora's suggestion, and Leon, Cloud, and Irvine were already heading out the tent to search the area for anything suspicious. Sora motioned the people left to huddle around. "Selphie, Tidus, Wakka, you guys aren't actually going into the waterfall cavern with us, but you will have an equally important job."

Getting closer, the defense team focused their undivided attention to Sora. "You will guard the entrance just in case some heartless try to come in to stop us from resealing this world."

"Ok! Let's kick some serious heartless tail!" Selphie yelled enthusiastically.

Tidus punched the palm of his hand with just as enthusiasm while Wakka just spun his blitzball. Sora looked to Kairi, who had a look of apprehension on her face as she headed to the entrance of the tent. Sora ran to her and immediately put an arm around her shoulders, giving them a reassuring squeeze. She looked up and flashed a weak smile before shifted her gaze back on the path ahead. If they were going to engage in battle - which they probably will - it will be her first real battle with the Keyblade other than the club. She had trained everyday; she spent all day and all night perfected the spells Yuna taught her and the moves Yuffie taught her. But she had never fought actual enemies, and now they were going to battle with her on the first offensive? She believed Cloud was right in doubting whether she should be on the first offensive. She was a keyblade wielder, not a keyblade master. ~..I-I'm not ready...~

Sora gave her one more squeeze before walking ahead, pulling Riku's arm around his waist. She smiled and barely caught what he whispered before he left:

"We'll protect you."


Celica was surrounded with thousand-year-old and scrolls, delving deep into its ancient texts and secrets. She knew that within one of these books, it had the Cwewtkwm Cqrtcjkq or Prophecy of the Stars. The prophecy was the missing piece to her plan, and as soon as she discovered the prophecy, she could proceed. The Prophecy of the Stars told what would happen to the worlds whether they are sealed or not. It was imperative that she knows.

Picking up the dust-veiled scroll next to her, she unrolled it opened and examined its contents. A malicious smile formed on her pale face as she cleared her space and headed out of her library, still reading the scroll. The Prophecy of the Stars was before her now, and the prophecy itself seemed to please her. She read the lost language as if it had never been extinct 2,000 years ago:

'Kp rfg hwrwtg, rfg umtjb'q amtg ukjj dg rcigp cucz, rfgp tgqrmtgb mpag ceckp. Pgu qfcjj tgnjcag rfg mjb, cpb mpag omtg, gxkj ukjj tgkep qwntgog. Rftgg fgtmgq, rum ocjgq cpb c hgocjg dmwpb dz acoctcbgtkg, qfcjj rtcxgj rfg wpkxgtqg kp qgctaf mh rfg Rugkxg Lgugjq mh Bgqrkpz, egoq mh jkhg gqqgprkcj hmt rfg amtg mh rfg wpkxgtqg.'

'In the future, the world's core will be taken away, then restored once again. New shall replace the old, and once more, evil will reign supreme. Three heroes, two males and a female bound by camaraderie, shall travel the universe in search of the Twelve Jewels of Destiny, gems of life essential for the core of the universe.'

Her eyes narrowed as she continued reading further, the parchment beginning to burn in her fist from her newly created rage.

'Rfg bgqagpbgprq mh rfg Rftgg Ewctbkpq qfcjj hwjhkjj rfgkt okqqkmp, cpb rfg tgkep mxgt rfg wpkxgtqg qfcjj bkqqkncrg. Rcnnkpe kprm rfgkt cpakgpr nmugtq, rfg rftgg fgtmgq ukjj wqg rfg gjgogprq cpb rfgkt ncqr qgjxgq rm bgqrtmz rfg gxkj, dwtzkpe kr dcai htmo ufkaf kr acog. Fmugxgt, cp gxgp qrtmpegt gxkj qfcjj rcig rfg njcag mh krq ntgxkmwq ocqrgt.'

'The descendents of the Three Guardians shall fulfill their mission, and the reign over the universe shall dissipate. Tapping into their ancient powers, the three heroes will use the elements and their past selves to destroy the evil, burying it back from which it came. However, an even stronger evil shall take the place of its previous master.'


The scroll instantly burst into a small inferno, illuminating the dark underground cave in which she stood. Yellow eyes materialized on the floor, frightened because of their master yet curious. For a few moments, Celica just stared at the burning parchment in her hand, her face twisted with fury and frustration. Dropping the burnt parchment to the ground, she left the room, not saying a word to the heartless. Shin stretched out his wings as he watched to the destroyed scroll, and he picked it up. Storing it in his cloak, he pulled the cowl of the cloak over his hand and headed out of Celica's domain.


Tohma sat on the large boulder in the middle of the clearing, watching Noriyuki pace from side to side. They have been waiting for approximately two hours, and even Tohma was beginning to lose his patience. But he continued to wear his emotionless mask to make things easier Noriyuki, who was red in the face from the sun and his anger. The most the two of them did was throw rocks randomly into the surrounding bushes, causing some wildlife to leave the area rapidly. This place, with its never-ending heat and wildlife was really started to get on his nerves.

He preferred the ice cave better than this place.

Rustling of the bushes in front of him caught his attention, and Tohma commanded Noriyuki to stop moving in sharp whisper. The rustling continued, and this time it was loud enough for Noriyuki to hear it, causing him to crouch into fighting stance. Tohma followed suit as the rustling became louder. Soon, voices were heard.

"What do you think is going to happen?" a shaky feminine voice said.

"I don't know, but whatever it is, we have to fight our hardest," a masculine voice said this time.

"He's right. Do not understand your enemy," another masculine voice said.

Tohma shifted his gaze off the path ahead to Noriyuki who still had his gaze fixated on the path. The other man was starting to power up, and as soon as three faint figures could be seen in the distance, he lunged forward. Three more figures were behind the first three, and they spotted Noriyuki almost immediately. A blue spiked ball flew towards him and hit him square in the shoulder, knocking him off balance. "Nice throw, Wakka!"

Sora summoned his Keyblade immediately after Wakka's blitzball hit its mark, slashing at some of the Heartless that were beginning to appear. Riku did the same, staying behind Sora and covering his back, and kept an eye on Kairi. She seemed to be holding up pretty well at the moment; keyblade drawn, a determined look on her face.

The fact that Wakka, Selphie and Tidus were surrounding her also helped.

Riku focused back on the task at hand, aiming for some of the flying Heartless above. They dipped and dived, and it made him move farther than he originally intended just to defeat most of them.

Tohma looked at the group before him, expecting each person. He spotted his target with ease; a medium sized girl with long auburn hair partly hidden by a brown spiky-haired boy. Smirking, he cupped his hands on his right side. "Flame..." he said softly.

A small flame appeared in his cupped hands, and it continuously grew in size as he put more energy it. It seems that he was not considered at this point since Noriyuki was the first to attack and got all of the teenagers attacking him so he took this time to put his last burst of energy into his attack.


He launched the fiery attack straight towards the unsuspecting girl. Riku spotted the attack and where it was headed, a look of fear etched on his face. "NOO KAIRI!!"


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