Lovers Sonata Lovers Sonata

Part One

Staring up at the sky above
Waiting for the one I love
Hoping that one day
He will return to me

Why do I feel empty without hhim?
Will my heart ever stop aching?
Am I doomed to live a life of solitude?
Away from the hustle-bustle of
Everyday life

When he returns
He'll find me gone
The only thing that shall remain
Is the cold slab of marble
A plaque bearing my name
Quistis Trepe

Part Two

The earth above
The sky below
Like the heroes set out on
The voyage to Anwyn, in search
Of the treasures

Long have I been gone from this world
A lost soul--seeking refuge
Finding none
Onwards on my quest I must continue

The fate of my lady, I know not
For she were taken from me
By the very hand of Fate herself

I will move the Earth and Heavens
I will find her once more
Upon the gold-lined shore
Else I'm not Seifer Almasy

Part Three

Two hands--join as one
In the milky fields and twinkling stars
Love is bound by Fate and Hope
And the Three who doth decree:

"Let love serve a purpose"
"Let fidelitas ring true"
"Let your joy be known to man
Let shine thy stars"

Seifer and Quistis
Parted by fate
Brought together by fate
Once more.

copyright of Laura Hurley, 2003