It's a Gundam Wing AU with a Duo/Heero pairing. Quatre/Trowa on the side, too. Basically Heero and Duo go to school together and are best friends, but Duo thinks of Heero in a way that is slightly more than just friendly ^_~ Not much else to say! It's probably a very cliched, overdone thing, but it's just a little daydream I had in my head that begged to be written down. Rating is PG13 for now, but may go up in the future. A note on the title: I came up with it because I was totally stuck with thinking up a title, and I was complaining that it shouldn't have to be so hard…so, there ya go! It will probably relate to the story also, as it progresses.

Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing. If I did, Heero and Duo would be an official couple, and the program definitely wouldn't be suitable for children ^_~

It Shouldn't Have To be This Hard - Chapter 1

"Duo, you're drooling".

Duo was startled out of his reverie by a sharp nudge in his side. Hastily swiping a hand across his chin, Duo glared at the young blonde next to him, conveying his annoyance at being shaken out of his daydream. As usual, he had been watching his best friend Heero Yuy play basketball, and the delicious view of messy chocolate coloured hair, clear cobalt blue eyes intensely eyeing the opponent and rippling muscles had sent him off into his favourite fantasy that involved him, Heero, and plenty of whipped cream.

Quatre stared back at Duo, completely unfazed by his glare. "I was just letting you know. Besides, I didn't want to drown in your saliva." The Arabian giggled as Duo snorted in indignation. Yes, Quatre was the giggling type, and it didn't serve him well, but Duo found it kinda cute. Well, that word was the word that was usually used to describe Quatre's entire persona. With his baby blonde hair, soft blue eyes and kindly smile, it was hard to call him otherwise.

"Thinking about Heero again?" Quatre asked, a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"Who else?" Duo grumbled, trying to return to his daydreaming.

Although Quatre's constant teasing and attempts to get him to 'confess' to Heero could get terribly annoying, Duo was glad that he had told his friend about his crush. At first he had been sure that Quatre would find it disgusting that he had a crush on another guy, and he had been surprised to find that Quatre was also in the same position. It was a great relief, and he found comfort in the fact that he could talk to Quatre about his feelings so openly.

"Honestly, you really should tell him how you feel. I mean, you've been pining over the guy for months!"

"I have not been pining! You're making me sound like some love-struck school girl." Duo retorted primly. Luckily, he was saved from hearing Quatre tell him how he was a love-struck school girl, except for the fact that he was a guy, by the games coach yelling at the class to shower and change 'on the double'. Duo leapt up and hastily made his way to the changing rooms, his speed partly to get away from Quatre, partly to catch up with Heero, and partly to avoid having to do 50 press ups for being the last into the changing rooms. He had his suspicions that the games coach was part of a program to train schoolboys for the army.

Trotting up beside his best friend he clapped him on the back "Hey Heero! Great game out there!"

"Hn. We lost."

'Whoops, too much daydreaming' he mentally berated himself. Out loud he said cheerfully "Well, you played great anyway!"

"Thanks" was the short reply. Heero was never one for wasting words.

Entering the changing rooms, Heero pulled off his PE top, giving Duo an eyeful of gleaming muscles. He nearly fell head first over a discarded sports school bag as Heero also proceeded to vacate his sports shorts, now leaving him in only his plain grey boxers. Duo seriously wished he were given some sort of warning before Mr I-just-can't-seem-to-keep-in-my-clothes decided to strip off. He dragged his wandering eyes up to Heero's face, to find him staring back at him. Blankly he stared back. After a minute Heero broke the silence.

"I'm taking a shower…"

"Hm?" Heero was going to take a shower. Now there was a nice thought. He could just imagine the water flowing over bronzed shoulders, down the firm, smooth chest…

"Duo, you're in front of the shower cubicles."

"Argh!" He hastily jumped aside, face flaming, and Heero walked coolly past, looking slightly bemused. From somewhere to his left Duo could here Quatre in hysterical giggles. 'Yes, it was probably pretty funny, to anyone who's not me' he mused to himself. He sighed mentally and rubbed at his eyes as Quatre came over and patted his shoulder sympathetically, although the gesture was kind of pointless since he was still giggling, which really defeated the object.

"Why do I always make such a fool of myself?" he asked dejectedly.

"Aw, it wasn't that bad!" Quatre reasoned, although the giggles still weren't helping.

"I always mess up in front of him! And although I try my best to impress him, who am I kidding, I don't have a chance!"

"Don't think like that! It's not like he's ever told you he's not interested, he's just never told you he is." That was Quatre, ever the optimistic one. "Although that may have something to do with the fact that you haven't told him how you feel" he added pointedly. Also the ever annoying one.

"Quatre, I am not telling Heero I have a thing for him. End of story." He began stripping off his gym outfit and shoving it into his sports bag. Quatre followed suit, but instead folded his clothes neatly before putting them away.

"Fine, fine, be like that." He stuck out his tongue at Duo, another one of his cute little habits that earned him a lot of teasing. "But if you ever do decide to declare your undying love to him, I know some great places for flower bouquets, giant heart balloons, and quartets to serenade under his window."

Duo just laughed then stopped with a snort as he realised that Quatre could well be serious, and might someday take it upon himself to order some of the said romantics for Heero, saying they were from him. That provided an interesting scene to him; how would Heero react if he awoke one morning to a quartet underneath his window serenading him with love songs, helium heart balloons filling the air, and fresh roses covering his house? This entertained him for a while as he pulled on his school trousers, then his shirt. As he began to button it up, he turned to Quatre, who looked as though he was just about to start informing Duo, yet again, of how he should 'declare his undying love to Heero'. Before he could get a word in, Duo jumped in with his own question.

"So how's Trowa?"

Quatre flushed slightly, but his eyes sparkled, and Duo knew it had been a good choice of conversation. Quatre could ramble on for hours about his crush, who also happened to be his next door neighbour. As they continued dressing, Quatre happily babbled on about how Trowa did this and Trowa said that.

"You know yesterday when I looked out of my window and into his, he was getting changed, and he'd forgotten to close the blinds! Ooh, it was like a strip show just for me!"

Duo never ceased to be amazed at how someone who looked as innocent and angelic as Quatre could have such a perverted mind.

"My, he's fine. He has a six pack you know. Perfect chest. Long, perfect legs. And what an ass! So firm and-" He broke off suddenly, smirking slightly, but his pink complexion betrayed him embarrassment. "I should stop there before I get carried away. All in all, let's just say; he's one hell of a sex god."

Turning to pick up his sports kit, Duo snorted quietly. He knew of only one sex god and that sex god was- Standing right in front of him!

Heero had just exited the shower stall and made his way over to his clothes, which were folded on the bench next to Duo. Duo stared at Heero's dripping form and wondered whether it might give away some of his feelings if he just jumped the soaked boy right there and then. His eyes roamed over Heero's lean but muscular body, taking in the water streaming from his chocolate hair and running in rivulets down his firm, bronzed chest, making him look unbelievably sexy. Duo vaguely wondered how stupid he looked just standing there gawking at Heero as he toweled down his upper body but, to be honest, he didn't really care how he looked at that moment. He was far too busy drinking in every aspect of Heero-I'm-so-sexy-I-could-do-the-baywatch-run-without-looking-cheesy-Yuy, and filing it all away for future 'reference'. Heero had by now pulled on his school shirt and, leaving it unbuttoned for the moment, he, oh yeah, he began to remove the towel from around his waist.

Suddenly a small, giggling blonde materialised at his shoulder, startling him into tearing his gaze away, just as things began to get, at least in Duo's mind, even more steamy. Annoyed at being interrupted from his 'sight-seeing' (and a glorious site it was, he though to himself), his hand made a detour from pinching friend's ear to scrub across his chin as Quatre happily informed him "Duo, you're drooling again!"