The Pretty One

Disclaimer: Characters belong to J K Rowling.
Rating: PG

Everyone talks about Parvati as being the pretty one even though they're identical twins. Padma wonders if they realise how ridiculous it is. But then again, they do look different during the day, when Parvati uses Glamour Charms to hide any blemishes and extend her eyelashes just that little bit extra, and Padma doesn't bother, because she's not trying to impress anyone.

It's not like the boys at school hold any interest for her. They're all too obsessed with Quidditch, or too immature, or too dull, and anyway, she doesn't find them attractive. Not the way Parvati does, giggling about them with Lavender and flirting with them at every possible opportunity.

Parvati doesn't understand how Padma isn't interested in boys. She rolls her eyes and tells her sister that she needs to realise there's more to life than schoolwork.

Padma doesn't tell her that she's not the only one uninterested in boys. That Lavender comes to her room every night and crawls into bed with her, and that her lips taste of the artificial cherry flavour of her lipstick, and that her hands are smooth and soft from several creams and potions, and that even though Padma isn't the pretty one, it doesn't matter, because Lavender still thinks she's beautiful.