Wrong or right

Be mine tonight

Harsh world be damned

We'll make a stand

Love can bind

But mine is blind

~Jewel, 'I Won't Walk Away'

I stare at my reflection, as I listen to the radio drone on, playing hopeless love songs over and over, nothing that suits my mood after tonight. He swore we were forever. He fucking -promised- me that he wouldn't leave me.

And them tonight he said that it was wrong.

That we were wrong.

That I was wrong.

Because I'm not her

That was another of his lies.

He said that he was over her.

That it had just been a stupid crush, that she hadn't really mattered to him. Not like I did.

He said that we needed some time apart, and when I asked him if it was because Scott had broken up with Miss Gray, he didn't deny it. Just told me to go after boys my age, like Bobby. I wanted to kill him.

How dare he.

I know Bobby likes me, but I love Logan. I would never go out with Bobby just because he has a crush on me.

I'll never go out with anybody.


Because I love Logan, and I never will get over him.

It's just to bad that I can't zap myself with my power.

But I can get Jean Gray.

And I can make it hurt.

And believe me, I will.