~~Never Wanted This~~

By EmmaElf


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Summery: Will/OC Graphic Non-Con.

Port Royal is taken by invaders and Will strikes a horrifying bargain to keep the ones he loves from harm.  Trapped as a slave to a viciously cruel man, Will struggles to deal with what is done to him.  And even when finally rescued... can Jack and Elizabeth help him to ever be truly free again?


WARNING:  This story will likely contain highly graphic descriptions of rape, abuse and non-consensual sex between men.  If you do not want to read this or are under the legal age to be reading this, PLEASE STOP RIGHT NOW AND READ SOMETHING ELSE.  Thanks! Otherwise... please read on and drop a line to let me know how I'm doing.  :o)  Please?


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A/N: Well I came up with this idea as the result of being stuck with nothing but my obsession with POTC and my Stone Sour CD for several very long hours in an airport.  LOL, it's not even one of my very favorite CD's, but after a couple of hours the lyrics really started to grow on me and this story begged to be written.  Please write and review to let me know if I should keep going with this story or what.  Thanks!


Please forgive my total ignorance of Caribbean geology and history.  No, I am not saying that this kind of thing actually happened in Port Royal, I doubt it ever did.  Nor do I wish to particularly vilify Spain so please don't get mad at me, they're just props for a story... but after all, come on, a place that can have cursed pirates can stand an adventure with a few reality flaws. 


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Oh, and the lyrics are all by Stone Sour, although they come from several different songs, most of which I cannot recall the names of right now, except for "Bother" and the one that really got this fic started "Blue Study", from which lyrics (although they probably won't appear until the second chapter as well) I derived the name of this story.  









I watch the hope I had disintegrate before my eyes

I take a minute and reflect on all your lies

Behind the door, you have two choices, but you don't get to choose

You can survive or you can die - either way you lose

--Stone Sour




Will Turner gripped the edge of the wrought iron rail tightly, his fingers turning white against the polished hand-rail as he watched Port Royal burn. 


There was no use in fighting; the smooth, warm barrel of the musket pushed up under his ear and the dozen armed soldiers swarming all around him on the balcony veranda of Governor Swann's house made any action a suicidal thought.  Will knew he was dead anyway. 


The gun at his head was cocked back.  "That was stupid boy, very stupid," the voice of the Spanish Commandante standing next to him said softly.  He was referring to the spirited fight that the young blacksmith had put up when they entered the mansion.  It was a fool's errand to take on all those soldiers at the same time... and Will knew it could only end in his death, but he was not sorry.  He had achieved his purpose.  Elizabeth and Governor Swann had escaped.  They would not fall captive to the invaders who had captured the English port.  With any luck his wife and father-in-law were now safe in the hands of Commodore Norington and the soldiers who had escaped the devastation of the fort.  They should be well on their way out of port from the secret harbor to the west before the hour was out.  If he had to die, he would die knowing Elizabeth, her father and their own unborn child were safe.


Suddenly the pistol drawn back and brought down hard against the side of Will's head, knocking the young man sideways into the railing.  Will flinched hard and caught himself on the rail.  His hand went to his head and came away smudged with blood that was now trickling from the open cut across his cheekbone.  The Commandante grabbed Will's chin, pressing the pistol against his chest warningly when Will started to struggle and pull away.  Two of the other soldiers took Will's arms from behind, holding him firmly and causing a slight thrill of fear to run up the young man's spine, mingling with his anger. 


"I'm going to ask you one more time boy, where is the Governor and his family?" the man demanded.  It wasn't imperative to him that he find them, Port Royal was his whether its former Governor perished or not, but it was a matter of pride to tie up all loose ends if possible. 


When Will said nothing the officer slapped him, hard, snapping the younger man's head to the side.  "Where were they going?"  The Spaniard casually slapped Will again, snapping his head back the other direction.  "Why were you protecting them?  Who are you?"  Each question was punctuated by a blow.  "I am in charge of Port Royal now, it belongs to the Spanish Crown and you do not want to be judged an enemy of Spain boy, believe me," he threatened.  


Will's breath came hard and fast.  His face was beginning to bruise, but his eyes blazed defiantly.  "You're nothing but a murdering pirate who flies the colors of a country soaked with blood!  I'll tell you nothing!"  He spit in the officer's face. 


The Commandante slowly wiped the spit off his cheek and his fingers closed tightly around Will's chin once more.  Anger shone in the officer's dark eyes, but there was something else there too that surprised will.  A dark look of amusement colored the Spaniard's face amusement and... something else.  Something that Will didn't understand, but made him shudder.


"You have spirit... I like that.  Be careful boy, arouse my interest in you too much and I will find a use for you that you will not like."  He threatened softly, running his fingers lightly over Will's bruising cheek, brushing the, dark, tangled locks from the younger man's face.


Will jerked his head away in disgust.  The Commandante just laughed.  "You might as well at least tell me who you are boy.  You fought too fiercely to merely be one of the servants but you don't have the carriage of a nobleman... I'm intrigued.  You can tell me now, or I can wring it from some of the other servants.  It's up to you."


Will's look was scathing, but there was no need to bring pain down upon the Governor's faithful servants.  It didn't matter if this man knew who he was or not, there was no possible gain he could have by knowing his association with the Swanns and like as not if he truly did any asking around he would uncover the truth pretty quickly anyway.  "My name is William Turner.  Governor Swann is my father-in-law," he admitted in clipped tones. 


"Ex-Governor," the Commandante corrected.  "I am the authority here now.  So you're Swann's son-in-law... how very interesting."  He trailed his fingers down the boy's cheek again, letting them brush lightly over the soft stubble of Will's almost-beard.  He chuckled when the boy pulled away again.  Quite suddenly his fingers formed into a fist and he struck Will.  "So do you find my touch easier to take when it's closed in a fist then?  I like that," the Spaniard said quietly with a smug grin.  He enjoyed the fear that sparkled momentarily in the depths of Wills deep chocolate eyes when he played this game.  But he wasn't entirely joking either.  His young prisoner's soft-edged good looks and strong, lithe body held his interest.  To the victors went the spoils of war, and not all those spoils were gold, silver and antique vases.


"As a member of the ruling household and an English noble, I ought to have you whipped to death in the town square.  It's normal procedure you know..." he said quiet calmly, as if discussing dinner plans.  "Have you ever been whipped, William?  No?  Never felt the lash tear the skin from your bones until you'd rather die than feel its bite even one more time?  But you don't die.  Not right away.  It takes hours to whip a man to death.  That's a long time to scream for mercy you won't get."


Will's jaw tensed and he ruthlessly tried to push down the icy fear rising in his stomach and trying to make him sick.  No, he had never been whipped, although the Master he had been apprenticed to growing up had strapped him often enough when he was drunk. 


"Hmm," the Spaniard smiled.  A lavacious smile that made Will supremely uncomfortable.  "I might be convinced to change my mind though, and let you off a little easier... if I thought you were going to be useful to me in some way..."


Will caught the insinuation in the man's word and his disgust and rage blossomed like fire in his chest.  "Go to hell.  I would rather die than be your puppet or your pawn."


The Spaniard shook his head with an amused look.  "I rather expected as much.  Pity... it's such a waste..." he let his eyes sweep over Will's body appreciatively.  He had half a mind to take the boy anyway, before having him killed, although he would have preferred a willing submission. 


One of the soldiers came hurrying in the gates and up the steps to join them.  He saluted his superior officer sharply.  "Commandante Varga, some of our men have reported a small ship getting ready to sail from a protected cove in west hills.  Should we bring our flagships around to apprehend her?"


Will felt his whole body grow cold and his breathing hitched.  No!  This couldn't happen!  Elizabeth could not fall into this man's hands!


Varga raised an eyebrow and smiled as he turned to Will.  He obviously knew without asking exactly who was on that ship.  "What do you think William?  Should we bring your pretty little wife and her father here to join the fun?  I'm sure she'd take more kindly to my offer than you did... especially if it kept her father or her husband from a cruel death under the lash.  But of course you would all have to die eventually... but I'd keep you until last I think so you could see the others go first.  Have you ever seen a woman on the whipping block?  It's not pretty at all..."


"You BASTARD!" Will cursed, pulling against the men holding his arms in sheer rage.  "You so much as look at her and I'll kill you!"


Varga shook his head wryly.  "You're hardly in a position to be making threats from where I'm standing.  I think that diplomacy and a little quick thinking would serve you better.  Quick thinking such as, what do you have to offer that I might be willing to take in trade for turning a blind eye to your little wife's escape?  Hm?  Can you think of anything?"


The color drained slowly from Will's face as he realized the kind of deal he was being asked to make, the twisted horror of it rendering him speechless.


Varga shrugged.  "Very well.  Diego, tell the captain to bring the ships around and prepare to-"


"No!" Will shook his head.  "No..." his voice cracked a little the second time but he tried to hold his chin up defiantly as Varga turned cold, hungry eyes on him.  "I-I will do as you wish."


Varga signaled the soldier named Diego to hold and not follow his last command as he slowly turned and walked back to Will.  Honestly, the Commandante did not much care whether he executed the Governor and his family or not.  He would if there was no reason not to, but if they worked better as leverage to get him what he had decided he wanted from this boy, then they still served their purpose. 


"Really?" Varga's voice was smooth and slightly mocking.  "There's a lot of things I wish boy... what exactly are you offering me?"


Will flushed slightly, both from rage and humiliation.  The man bloody knew what he meant, did he have to make him spell it out for him?! 


Varga thought the flushed color looked good on Will.


"Myself," Will said quietly.  "For whatever reasons you want me.  But only if you let Elizabeth, her father, their ship and crew all go free and sail away from here right now, unmolested and unchecked by your fleet."  The young blacksmith was very articulate about the terms, because he had made dangerous bargains before and knew how the unscrupulous could twist words. 


Varga chuckled.  "Well... you *have* got it all figured out, haven't you?"  He sauntered nearer, running his fingers through Will's wavy dark hair. 


It took all of Will's strength not to move away, but he stood still in his captor's grasp, his only defiance the burning hatred in his eyes. 


"And if I do this..." Varga trailed his hand down Will's neck.  "You will be my slave?  You will not fight me?  You will not try to escape, ever?  You give your word to obey me at all times and give yourself to me body and soul?  For the rest of your life, however long I choose to let you live it?"


Will felt choked on the hard knot in his throat, but he nodded, trying not to feel Varga's hot breath on his cheek.  "I give you my word."


Varga's grin widened wickedly.  "Then it's done.  There's no going back on it for either of us... don't look so down boy.  You may even learn to enjoy it... eventually, once I've trained some of that rebellion out of you.  I shall enjoy that I think.  But for now, I have more important matters to tend to... we have a new order to set up here in Port Royal and that will take some doing."  The Commandante nodded to his men holding Will.  "Lock him up in one of the cellars until I have time for him.  And keep him well guarded... oh it's not that I don't trust your word William... but I'm always a man who takes precautions." 


Varga's cat-like smile and smirking laughter grated on Will's nerves as the soldier's dragged him away.  When they shoved him into the dark, stuffy coal cellar below the governor's mansion and locked the thick doors in on him, Will sank down into the corner and rested his head against the wall.  What kind of hell had he let himself in for?  What had he done? 


His face hardened resolutely, although the sick feeling in his stomach did not subside.  He had bought the lives of Elizabeth, Governor Swann, Commodore Norington and all the other people on that ship with his own.  That was what he had done, and he would not regret it.  Not ever.