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Somewhere between my tongue and cheek

I can feel the hands on me

Pulls me in so we are face to face

I don't wanna see it...

I don't wanna see.

Hold my head up, can't avert my eyes

Spots and rats on me,

I don't wanna see

Claw the ground up, get me out of this

Never wanted this - Never needed this!

--Stone Sour

Will spent the better part of four or five days in the coal cellar. The dark monotony was oppressive, but guards brought him food and drink regularly enough. Grimly, Will reflected that whenever Commandante Varga *did* decide to turn his attention back to him he would probably be fervently wishing that he were still locked up and ignored down here in the cellar. Unfortunately the long hours with nothing to do gave his mind plenty of time to conjure up many dark and horrible thoughts about his future which did nothing to ease his restless apprehension.

When the soldiers finally came and dragged him out, Will followed them with a growing sense of dread. He was taken into the Governor's mansion, which by now had been done-over as Varga's new dwelling. Not much had been changed really, but it burned Will to see the familiar surroundings littered with the Spanish Commandante's personal effects and trophies. It was like the house had been raped... Will immediately wished he hadn't thought that particular expression as it made his body heat start to rise again and sent the panicked little ants in his stomach dancing even harder.

The guards took Will to the bath room first and commanded him to wash and change into the garments laid out for him, and if he didn't want to comply, they had orders to do it for him. With a biting glare, Will informed them he was perfectly capable of washing himself and left them outside the door.

The small room was lighted, but windowless, a fact which Will had never had cause to notice before although he had lived in this house for several months now. Despite what he had promised Varga, Will would try to escape if ever he got the chance. His departed mother had raised him to always be a man of his word, but in this instance he did not think that even she would fault him.

He did not hurry about getting washed up and lingered as long as he dared, until the guards started threatening him again from the other side of the door. With a sigh Will hesitantly put on the clothes Varga wanted him to wear. A pale, cream-colored shirt with an open chest and flowing sleeves and a light brown pair of breeches. There was nothing really very unusual about them except that the shirt was open a little too much and the breeches were a little too tight in certain places. Will resisted the urge to flush again. This was not going to do, he could not let Varga keep flustering him with all these little insignificant ploys. He had a feeling he was going to have to be strong if he was going to survive this situation he found himself in.

Straightening his shoulders he opened the door. His guards were impatient and muttered things at him under his breath, hurrying their charge along, up the stairs to the bedrooms.

Varga had taken up residence in Governor Swann's chambers, and Will was slightly relieved by this. He did not want to have to face Varga in his and Elizabeth's rooms... did not want to go through the cruel mockery that lay ahead in the bed where they had shared real love.

Varga was waiting for them and motioned Will in, gesturing for his guards to leave them and shut the door behind them.

Will stood uncertainly just inside the doorway where he had been left while Varga poured himself a glass of port.

"I must say, you English certainly know how to enjoy the fine things," the officer commented as he savored the bouquet of the alcohol. "Well come in boy, didn't anyone ever teach you it was rude to linger in doorways?"

Will moved forward into the room some more, but then stopped again. He was horribly uncomfortable and more afraid than he wanted to admit. Subconsciously he didn't want to get too far into the room because he didn't want to have to go near the Governor's big bed, but he felt incredibly vulnerable just standing there and awaiting Varga's attention.

Varga smiled and re-filled his glass. The boy's discomfort and unease was easy to see, and he enjoyed it. Draping one arm around Will's shoulders and holding his glass in the other, the Commandante led Will to the window, smirking slightly at the way Will's body automatically tensed under even his casual touch.

Drawing aside the curtains Varga looked out at the panoramic view of Port Royal spread out beneath them. The fort was busily being rebuilt and the Spanish flag flew high and proud from every mast in the city.

Will felt his blood-pressure rising anew. These men were worse than pirates. At least pirates just attacked and then left. They took goods, not your homes. Will's eyes fixed on the scaffold in the courtyard where Captain Jack Sparrow had nearly been hung almost half a year ago. Five corpses dangled from it, twisted and limp like rag-dolls hung out after a wash. With a start Will realized that that was no longer the only gallows in town. It seemed that every open space in Port Royal, from the market center to the public parks had been filled with hastily erected scaffolds, dangling their dead and detestable fruit out as if it were something to be proud of. The young blacksmith thought he was going to be ill again with the sheer rage that was now seething inside him.

"You see William, I've been busy these past few days. So I do hope you'll forgive me for neglecting you so long." Varga saw where Will's eyes had fixed. "Ah, yes... we've had quite a lot of trouble with the local population. Full of troublemakers and malcontents who don't seem to appreciate what the Spanish Crown has to offer them. But don't worry, over the past few days since the gallows went up and the food is being strictly rationed things have been *very* quiet and peaceful."

"The peace of the dead," Will muttered darkly.

"Yes, it is a pity that it is so often only the dead who know how to keep their tongue when it would better behoove them to remain silent," Varga gave the younger man a pointed look. "But no matter. The people here will soon come to learn all that Spain wants for them..."

"It *seems* that she wants to burn their cities, sack their towns like common pirates, beat them, starve them and murder their people!" Will turned away from the window in anger.

Varga smiled as he pulled Will back around to face him, pulling the boy a little closer and looking down at him with an intense, unpleasant look on his face. "You forgot to mention rape them, William," he said quietly.

The words had the desired effect and the color in Will's cheeks rose despite himself. Will suddenly found that he was breathing faster and he couldn't help it; his heart was pounding, demanding more oxygen as Varga held his face between his calloused hands. Varga let his hands slide down Will's shoulders to his waist, pulling the young man closer until they were touching.

"But then we don't need to talk about that, do we? Because everything that happens up here is purely consensual, isn't it? Varga held Will so they were face to face, smiling mockingly into the boy's suddenly frightened but still smoldering dark eyes.

Will looked away and dropped his gaze.

"Look at me," Varga's command was soft but lethally firm. "I want you to look at me when I look at you. You will not hide from me, do you understand?"

Gathering his strength Will turned his head back to meet Varga's hungry glare.

"That's better," the officer murmured, sliding his hand up to the back of Will's neck and pulling him forward before pressing their mouths together.

Will winced slightly and half-pulled back as Varga assaulted his mouth with hungry fervor. Varga simply tightened his hold on the boy's neck, crushing forward harder and making the Commandante's short, rough beard scratch Will's lips and jaw.

After a moment Varga came up for air, but a scowl darkened his face. Quite unexpectedly he slapped Will hard, throwing the younger man sideways onto the bed they were standing beside.

Will gave a short cry of surprise. Varga shoved him, pushing him all the way onto the bed and straddling over him menacingly.

"Understand this William, I am not going to do all the work here, you meet me at least half way or I will make this hurt for you like you were in the deepest pit of hell." With that warning Varga kissed him again, pushing his way inside Will's mouth.

Hopelessly, Will realized what the older man wanted and reluctantly gave it to him, accepting the unwanted affections and returning the kiss in kind.

Varga remained straddled over the boy's hips, kissing him so hard that it seemed he wanted to suck all the breath out of Will's body, cutting off his air and leaving the younger man gasping for air. Presently he seemed to tire of this however and swung off. "Take your clothes off. Now." He commanded roughly, a fevered glint in his dark, lust-hardened eyes.

Will sat up a little unsteadily. His hands felt frozen with repulsion, anger and fear and he fumbled slightly with his shirt. He didn't want to do this. God! He didn't want to do this. He had never not wanted to do something so much in his whole life!


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