Note: Hi! I do not own any of these characters, they are owned by Universal studios. The characters I have created are Ethaen (Roman, not present yet in this part)

This story takes places a couple of years after the series ended. IÕve always been a fan of Roar and this is a story I wrote back in 97 when the show was first cancelled, I was sad to see it go, but glad that I wasnÕt the only one trying to keep it alive. Hope you enjoy this

Part 1

Molly wiped Catlin's forehead from all the sweat. The wound had caused her to go through fevers as her body did anything it could to keep from dying.

"Connor." murmurred Catlin in her sleep.

"shhh..." said Molly..."It's alright."

Catlin slowly opened her eyes...getting used to her surroundings. When she saw Molly sitting next to her she pulled away.

"You don't want to move too much, you're still healing." said Molly touching Catlin's shoulder.

"What is this?" said Catlin confused...trying to sit up.

"You've been asleep for weeks. I didn't think you would make it." said Molly.

"I don't understand." said Catlin.

"Longinus saved you Catlin, he saved you to destroy Connor." said Molly, leaving Catlin's side to look out the window.

" he dead?" said Catlin, trembling as she said the words.

"No." responded Molly.

"I have to get out of here..." said Catlin trying to get up...but she fell to the ground, her feet stiill bound, she hadn't noticed.

"Longinus didn't trust you. He probably never will..his plan is to keep you here forever." Molly walked towards her and helped her back up unto the bed.

"I won't ever accept being here again, I will find a way to leave." said Catlin.

"Aye. Longinus knows that." said Molly.

"Then why?"

Molly sighed. "It's killing Connor inside. He thinks you are dead. and believe it or not...Connor loved you deeply." She took Catlins hand and showed her the ring that was placed upon her finger.

"Connor's ring." said Catlin almost in tears, she touched it.

"The confederation is falling without a leader." said Molly. "Connor has become a ghost. No one has heard from him since he left here."

"And you Molly? You seem different. Why are you telling me this?"

"I was wrong Catlin." said Molly now in tears. "I'm sorry for what I did to you and everyone."

"Then get me out of here." said Catlin.

"I can't." said Molly, "Not yet anyway. Longinus believes I hate you....but he doesn't trust me."

"Do you?" asked Catlin.

"Do I what?"

"Hate me." said Catlin

"I thought I did, but I don't. These past few weeks have made me realize that. You were always a good friend to me spared Connor the hurt of knowing it was me who betrayed him...because you thought he loved me."

"He does." said Catlin.

"He did. And never in the way he loved you Catlin, I always knew that, but could not accept it. I was blind. Longinus took advantage of that."

Catlin looked at Molly...she didn't feel sorry for her, and she didn't hate her, despite all the horrible things she had done, Catlin wanted to forgive her old friend, she wanted to hold her, but she couldn't trust her, no matter how badly she wanted to. She didn't know if Molly was being true to her feelings or if this was another trick. "I don't know what to believe." said Catlin sighing.

Molly nodded, still crying. "I will do everything I can to get you out of here, but I can't right now. Longinus is watching my every move with you...if he knew that I felt this way, he would kill me.."

Just then Longinus walked in. "Good to see you're awake." he said looking at Catlin. He noticed that Molly was crying. "Tears?" he asked Molly.

"What can I say?" said Molly smiling..."The whore has a way with words." She looked at Catlin and walked out of the room. Catlin remained still and silent.

"How are you feeling?" asked Longinus.

"Let me go." said Catlin.

"You know I won't." said Longinus.

"Then kill me."

"What would be the fun in that? I have the prince right where I want him. Desperate."

"There's no point to keeping me." said Catlin.

"Oh, there is a point to this, I assure you that....he will come to me for help."

"He will not come to you for help." said Catlin.

"Really? He has once before."

Catlin froze.

"That's when I knew you were the one." said Loginus

"He would have done the same for any of his friends, if you knew him you would know that."

Longinus now got up close to her. "When a man is willing to sacrifice everything for one woman, when he comes to his worst nightmare to ask for help..there's more than just a love for a friend at hand. You know it. You wear his ring."

"He thought I was dying, he would have said anything to me to give me hope."

"You're right, anything, but he chose that. Why? You deny the fact that he loves you. That won't help you...I know that he does. I know that you do too."

Catlin looked away. Longinus gently took his hand and turned her head back to face him..."I will bring someone up to dress you properly. Perhaps you could take a walk." smiling now he backed himself away from her, "You will be treated fairly a princess almost..."

"No." said Catlin.

"I always found it so amazing how one person can change the future so drastically...especially if that person loves someone deeply. Just think of it this way...the simple act of love and you have changed the course of this island's future."

She didn't respond. He walked out of her room, the door locking behind him. Catlin closed her eyes. "God, what am I going to do?" she asked herself.