All in the Family: Justice, Thy Name is Archie

By: ZerOmegaDark




*Still at the Bunker house, the family is still stunned by what Archie has told them -- he was witness to a murder.*

Edith is still in disbelief.

"Murder? Oh my....Archie, are you sure?"

"Certainly, I'm sure Edith! I seen it with my own two eyes!"

"Well, what happened Arch," questions Mike.

"Well, I'm coming from Kelcy's see, I'm on my way home, and all of a sudden I turn a corner and hear two gunshots coming from an alley. So I go back around the corner, I peek around there and I see the two colored guys racing out of the alley, jumping into a Cadillac and speed off. Then when I figure it's all clear, I go towards the alley and look inside...and...I see this guy laying there...shot..."

Archie says the last word with great difficulty.


"Oh, Daddy..."

"What did cops say, Arch?"

"They didn't say nothing."

"Nothing at all?"

"Well, Meathead, it is kinda hard for them to say something if they ain't there."

"You mean you didn't call the police?!"

"Certainly not, stupid! You want me to be the next target of the them hoodlums?!"

"Archie, you gotta go to the police and tell them what you saw," Edith pleads.

"Listen to me Edith, as far as the cops are concerned I didn't see nothin'."

"Daddy, the right thing to do is to go to the police."

"Little girl, the right thing for me to do for me and my family is to forget this ever happened. And youse all forget what I told youse here."

Edith starts to speak.

"But Archie..."

"Case closed."

"You gotta..."

"Case closed, Edith."

"If you don't go to the police Arch, the case will never be closed."

Archie becomes infuriated.

"Now that's enough, damn it! I don't want to hear another word about this! It's over with and forgot! Let the cops handle this on the own and leave me out of it!"

Mike and Gloria simply stare at Archie for a few seconds then get up and head for the coat rack.

"Where are youse two going?"

"Away from you," Gloria says firmly as she and Mike put on their coats and head out the door.

Archie turns to Edith.

"Can you believe them two?"

"Yes, I can Archie."

She quickly gets up and goes to leave as well.

"Aw geez, now don't tell me you're pulling this too."

She opens the door and turns to Archie still sitting in his chair.

"Archie, I didn't think it was possible but for the first time since we've been married, I'm actually ashamed to be your wife."

She turns quickly and goes out the door, slamming it behind her.

Archie simply sighs to himself as he sits in his chair...alone.


end part two