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Title: Picture Perfect


It all starts with a simple smile

Harry, Ron and Hermione on their first day of their 6th year, got upset to find out that they were supposed to have double Potions every Monday morning.

"What a drag! This is a nice way to start a week, no a year!" Ron couldn't believe his luck. He has grown taller and looked miserably thin. Actually if he lost a couple of inches, his physique would've been perfect. The Weasley's have great metabolism. Even if they ate one buffet table, they would still retain their figure. But as they grow older this incredible metabolism that they have slows down. So when people ask why Ginny still watches her weight her answer would be something like this, "I'd like to retain this figure, thank you very much." Although most of the people don't really understand this they just nod their heads in agreement.

"Don't think of it as a bad thing, think of it as a challenge." Hermione didn't like their professor Snape but Potions in general was her cup of tea. She loved experimenting with things. Hermione too has grown. She still wears her hair the same as before but this mass of hers were overcome by her shapely figure. Being friends with Ginny has some pros and cons and learning to watch your weight was one of them. During the summer, Ginny accompanied Hermione to get their school robes. Hermione insisted on buying a loose one but Ginny coaxed her to buy one, which were 2 sizes smaller. The results were amazing. Her robes were gliding with her every move and hugged her body tightly. Ron, upon first look couldn't help himself but drool over her. This ultimately made him insecure. Hermione became, to him, a goddess, while on the other hand he is just a tower ready to crumble every time she was near.

"Can you hear yourself Hermione? It's as if you like to see Snape or the Slytherins for that matter." Harry was able to intervene calmly. He too has grown tall but fortunately he wasn't as tall or as lean as Ron. Ever since Sirius's death, he tried to drown himself with food. Dumbledore still had witches and wizards watching him every day of the summer. These people gave him enough sweets to be able to forget the bitter taste of death. Of course they did this in secret. Any sweets that come inside the Dursleys home would only end up either in the trashcan or in the hands of a dieting Dudley. Harry has outgrown his glasses, his uncle insisted though on 'fixing' it but Tonks wouldn't let him. There was a time when she sneaked Harry out to buy contacts, "This is way cooler than your old ones. Besides glasses are so-" Tonks persuaded him. Harry was glad to have accepted Tonks' opinion. He wasn't embarrassed anymore to look at the mirror. These contacts did wonders to his appearance. Girls started noticing him not only as 'the boy who lived' but a very striking young man.

"This'll be good." The Gryffindor trio looked behind them to see the source of these words.

"What are you looking at mudblood?" Draco smirked at the three. Draco wasn't the scrawny little guy anymore. He's grown to be as tall as Harry and with a great tan to boot. But let's not stop there. If not for his robes, one would be able to see the incredible abs that he was hiding inside.

Ron stepped in between the girl of his dreams and the most fiendish git that he's met. "I suggest that you back off Malfoy."

Draco just laughed off the remark. "Are you threatening me?" He snapped his fingers and Crabbe and Goyle appeared from behind. "Are you forgetting something? This is Potions class remember?" He wore his signature smirk and went through the trio and inside the room.

Hermione and Ron although or is it because they were Prefects, they didn't retaliate.

Harry on the other hand had a keen hearing capacity to go with his keen senses as a Seeker. "Isn't it odd that Malfoy came after you," He pointed at Hermione, "rather than me?"

Hermione and Ron did wonder. Harry was Draco's favorite target and he would never let a chance like earlier to just pass by. He did attack before Hermione but those were the times when Harry was nowhere to be found.

The trio didn't waste any time to come up with a reason for Malfoy's actions. They didn't want to be late for Snape's class either. They reluctantly entered the room, which seemed to be a lot colder.

The trio was lucky enough to enter the room before their professor. They chose a table in front of Lavender and the others. Hermione sat between her two best friends.

Snape entered without acknowledging the students inside. He took out his wand and started to wave it in front of the board. Instantly, the chalk moved and wrote on the board. "We will not waste time this year with greetings. Copy the ingredients and form into groups of two."

Hermione noticed that Snape was less gloomy, cheery even. 'I bet this has something to do with Sirius' death.' She looked sympathetically to Harry. 'I pity him. He's already suffered the moment he was born, and then there was Cedric, and now Sirius. I hope that when this all over he would find happiness, for his sake.' She didn't realize that she sighed.

Harry looked at her. He noticed that she wasn't writing the ingredients down. "Are you done?"

Hermione blushed at being caught somewhat procrastinating. She took out a quill and wrote down everything that was on the board.

Harry had a feeling that Hermione was examining him and he didn't like the feeling. For once he just wanted to be a normal person, but he can't. He was after all 'the boy who lived.' "So, how are we going to do this?" Harry asked Ron.

Ron looked a bit embarrassed not because he wasn't paying attention but because he was daydreaming about pairing with Hermione. "Whose turn is it?"

Hermione looked up to answer, "Harry's choosing on Defense Against the Dark Arts, I'm choosing on Transfiguration." Hermione recounted their agreement. "It's your turn to choose your partner from one of us Ron." She smiled at him.

And it was an incredible smile. He once again felt all his insecurities. She was everything; she had a great body, incredible mental capabilities, and a very talented witch. When he looked at himself all he could see was a poor excuse for a Prefect and a Keeper. 'Not much to be proud of. Harry on the other hand has more to offer. I think it'll be for the for the best if I just forget her and leave her to Harry.'

"So when are you going to decide Ron?" Hermione was irritated, if he wasn't going to choose her then he'd better say it fast because the choices were getting slim and she didn't want to get stuck with Neville, especially since it's Potions. She wouldn't have minded if it was Herbology. He had a lot of potential on that part.

Ron carefully hid his blush while answering her, "Why don't you and Harry do this together. I'll just find myself a partner."

Harry and Hermione exchanged surprised glances, and then shrugged. Ron ended up pairing with Neville since nobody seemed to like the idea of pairing with him.

Harry was a bit disturbed which means that Hermione was doing most of the work. The potion was easy enough for the first day. They were able to finish it before the second period. Harry and Hermione's potion seemed perfect. They were the first one to finish. Technically, they brewed the potion together but put it in two flasks.

When everybody finished their potions Snape stood up to instruct them, "I hope that you've all done this potion correctly. It would be hard to reverse it." He scanned the room and saw that even Neville's potion was close to the color it was supposed to turn into. He was satisfied. "Now, I know that you have pictures with you, I want you to put them out." He watched as everyone did as was instructed. There were a few blushes from girls who brought out the pictures of their crushes or boyfriends. "Now I want you to exchange pictures with your partners."

Harry was reluctant to hand out his picture to Hermione; he treasured it with his life. Hermione was a bit embarrassed when the only picture she had was a picture of her parents. 'Not very interesting is it?' She sighed.

"Good, this potion that we made is not for drinking. You have to pour it on the picture." When he heard a lot of negative responses he added, "I assure you that the pictures wouldn't be harmed. Now as soon as you pour the potion, touch the part of the photograph which got wet."

Hermione looked at Harry for approval.

Harry nodded; he knew that Hermione did the potion as instructed. He wasn't worried that there would be something wrong with it.

Simultaneously, Harry and Hermione poured the potion on the picture. They looked at each other before touching the picture.


Harry opened his eyes and saw that he was inside a muggle house. He saw a couple smiling, carefree. He recognized the woman to be Hermione's mother. She had exactly the same eyes as Hermione's. He looked around the house to see everything in it. He saw photo albums and decided to watch them. He saw how Hermione grew from an awkward bucktoothed girl to a knockout. He could see that she was happy in every picture until he saw the most recent picture. 'This looks like it was taken this year.' She looked a bit depressed. 'Why? It looks like she's got the perfect home, why is she suddenly depressed?' He wanted to talk to Hermione's parents but it looked like they couldn't see him or even hear him. He then went upstairs to check on her room. He knows he shouldn't but he wants to know the reason why she was so sad. Lying on her bed, Harry saw a diary. He thought for a moment before he told himself that a little peek wouldn't hurt.


The next moment he found himself back in the room with Snape, he watched as students after students reappeared from the pictures. He looked back at Hermione's parents to check if he ruined it. Then the diary came back to his mind. He wasn't able to read it but a name did catch his attention, it was his.

He looked carefully at his picture waiting for Hermione to come back. He wanted to know what was it that made her sad. He didn't want to think that he was the cause of it.

When most of the students came back, Snape began his lecture once again, "I know that most of you would like to go back to the picture but I warn you, you cannot do this all the time. You might end up ruining the pictures or getting trapped inside. I advice you not to do this again without proper support. Besides, if the photograph you're in suddenly gets ripped or burned then you will be trapped there and get burned as well. And also, the ingredients are very rare."

When Harry heard this, his heart started to beat faster, 'Why isn't she back yet? We drank the potion at the same time.' He looked around and saw that everyone was back including Neville, everyone, except Hermione.


Hermione opened her eyes and found herself in the Quidditch pitch. 'What am I doing here?' She scanned around to look for anyone familiar. Then cheers burst out from her other side. She looked and saw the Gryffindor team playing Quidditch against the Slytherin team. She saw that Gryffindor won. Harry was parading all over the pitch with the snitch on his hand. 'I didn't know that we had a match today and with Slytherin too. She marched towards the Gryffindor crowd eager to congratulate Harry. She however was having a hard time squeezing in with all the crazed fans marching towards him as well. "Excuse me, let me pass." She didn't want to push but she had no choice.

She watched as Harry did a last loop before touching down. She waved at him, and he waved back. She ran towards him to give him a hug, "Harry, why didn't you tell me that you-" Her voice got caught in her throat. 'Wait a minute since when did Harry have that dark eyes? And where is his scar?' Her face whitened at the realization that she was in Harry's photograph and the person she just waved to was not Harry but "James Potter."

James heard an unfamiliar voice and turned to look, 'Who's the new girl?' "Yes?"

Hermione's mouth dropped form shock. 'He shouldn't have heard me. I've read about this potion and I know that people who get inside the picture only get to watch and not interfere with the people inside, why is it then that he could hear me?' She looked at her back to check whether he was looking at someone else. "Can- can you see me?" She asked.

James gave a little laugh, "Who else am I talking to?"

Hermione's eyes widened even more, 'Something's wrong. What happened to the potion? I did everything Snape told us to do. What's going on?'

"I've seen women go crazy after your dives Prongs but I've never seen a girl getting amnesia or the sort." Someone from behind her commented.

Hermione didn't hear the comment but she felt teary eyed at the idea of being stuck in a picture, away from home (or Hogwarts) and friends. She pushed through the crowd and headed towards the castle crying.

"I think you were too hard, Padfoot." James looked at his friend.

"Should I go get her?" Sirius was feeling a little bad about it.


Harry raised his hand to call the attention of their professor.

"What is it now Mr. Potter? I should tell you to stop disturbing my class."

"Hermione hasn't returned yet!" Harry exclaimed. The room suddenly burst to loud murmurings.

"Five points from Gryffindor. Mr. Potter I told you to stop interfering with the class."

"But sir, Hermione's not here!"

"Stop shouting. I should take more points from your house since she wasn't able to do this correctly but I am much pleased to see an improvement without her."

Harry stood up and charged toward him.

"What do you expect to get from this outburst of yours Mr. Potter?" Snape challenged.

Harry glared at him and then walked out of the room, leaving an awestruck Ron staring at the seat where Hermione was a few minutes ago.


Harry didn't bother to listen to the paintings as they asked him where he was going at school hours. He barged inside McGonagall's room to report what had just happened. He banged the doors at his frustrations.

"Goodness, Mr. Potter, what are you doing?" McGonagall was shocked at his explosion.

"Professor McGonagall, Hermione's trapped inside a picture!" Every eye was on him.

"What are you talking about?" She raised an eyebrow.

"Professor Snape made us conjure a potion that would let us visit pictures. Everybody's back, aside from her!"

"Mr. Potter, don't you think you are a tad bit overreacting? Ms, Granger usually doesn't mix things up."

"You don't understand professor, Neville's sitting back in Snape's room!"

McGonagall didn't say anything about him forgetting the title 'professor' since she suddenly felt what Harry was feeling now. 'If Longbottom's back then something did go wrong with Hermione.' For the first time in ages, McGonagall dismissed her class early as she accompanied Harry back to Snape's.


Harry and McGonagall barely got there in time. Snape was about to dismiss his class.

"Professor Snape may I have a word with you?" McGonagall asked calmly.

Harry sat beside Ron. Ron was holding both their pictures. What caught Harry's attention was Ron's expression as he looked at the pictures. Harry glimpsed at his picture and saw to his horror Hermione's face smiling back at him. "Professor!"

Both McGonagall and Snape turned their heads. "What is it Mr. Potter?" McGonagall asked first.

"Look at this!" Harry took the photograph from Ron's hands and showed it to her.

McGonagall saw that the picture was a class picture of Harry's parents. When her eyes dropped at Hermione's face, she glared at Snape. "Would you mind telling me how is this possible?"

Snape's face had turned white upon looking at the photograph as well.

The Slytherins were about to leave believing that Snape wouldn't mind anyway.

"Where do you think you're going?" McGonagall stopped them from leaving the door.

"Sit down all of you." Snape ordered. He scanned the awestruck faces. 'Potter was one of the first to wake up.' Snape examined the table where they worked. He saw three packs of porcupined dragon scales. "Mr. Potter, where did you get the extra scales?" Snape asked dangerously. "Ms. Granger's life depends on this."

"I don't know sir. We only took two. I don't know why there are three of those."

"Liar, you thought that-"

"Serverus enough! I don't think Mr. Potter would do anything to harm Ms. Granger."

"Are you suggesting then that Ms. Granger would-"

"No, Ms. Granger has a good head on her shoulders and she knows better." McGonagall wouldn't let him finish. "So I am thinking that someone from this room planted it on her potion." She scanned the room dangerously, almost accusing Malfoy at once. "Mr. Malfoy?"

Draco stood up. "Yes professor?"

"Can you show me the pack of scales that you've used on this potion?" The porcupined dragon scales are very rare. Snape already put them inside a pack for each student. He personally gave out to each of them so that he'll be sure to give out only the right amount.

Draco picked something from his table and raised it, looking a bit irritated.

McGonagall sighed with disappointment. She wanted to nail him. "Very well then, would everyone please raise their packs?"

Everybody did as was asked. It turned out that Pansy was the one who didn't have any to show.

"Ms. Parkinson, would you care to explain what happened?" McGonagall looked just as calm but her voice proved otherwise. "Did you or did you not, add your pack to Ms. Granger's potion?"

Pansy didn't think it wise to lie, "Not all of it."

"Right." McGonagall gave her piercing eyes, "Would like to tell us why before I send you to Professor Dumbledore?"

Pansy shook her head not wanting to reveal her secret. She was getting insecure as well. Hermione was starting to look gorgeous enough that even Malfoy was noticing.

McGonagall sighed, "Professor Snape, I leave your class with a reminder to please discipline your students." She took Pansy by the arm as she led her to the headmaster's office.


When Hermione calmed down she thought about running to McGonagall or Dumbledore for help. She knew that if she were going to ask for help, it would have to be with one of them. They are the only ones that she can trust.

She realized that she was in the hall closer to Dumbledore's office and decided to go there. She looked at the halls and it seemed like they were all the same. When she got to the gargoyles that kept watch at Dumbledore's office, she felt dumb. She did know the password, but that was the password in her time and not this time. She looked around to see if there's anyone who could help her out.

"Uh, excuse me miss. Do you have some business with the headmaster?"

She turned around and looked at the person. She recognized her from the pictures that Harry showed her. 'This is Harry's mum.'

"Well?" She asked.

"Yeah, you see, I forgot the password and I really need to talk to him." She smiled at her.

"I see." Lily turned to face the gargoyles when she saw something glittering on Hermione's robe. "You're a prefect? From what school? What year are you in? What are you doing here?" Lilly suddenly became curious about her. "Your pin looks exactly like mine. What school are you in?"

"Um, yes I'm a prefect, I'm in my 6th year, and the rest of the questions are a bit personal. Sorry." How else can she answer her? No one would believe that she came from outside of this picture and that in her time Lily was already dead.

"Ok." She faced the gargoyle praying that Dumbledore wouldn't change her for the woman beside her. "Lemon Drops."

The passage opened up for them. Before Hermione got inside she was pulled by the hand. "Yes?"

"I didn't catch your name."

Hermione hesitated for a moment, "Hermione Granger."

"Lily Evans pleased to meet you."

"Same here."


She went straight up to Dumbledore who was doing some paper works when she entered. "Professor?"

Dumbledore raised his head to look at the intruder.

"Um, Lily Evans let me in."

"Ah, you're a friend of hers?"

"Well, technically yes."

"What is it that you want Ms. -?"

"Hermione Granger. I need your help professor."

"Exactly how did you get here?"

With that Hermione explained her position and Dumbledore listened closely.


Hermione walked towards the Great Hall with a lot of anxiety. She remembered Dumbledore's words to her, "We've never had a similar case. If what you said was true then the only thing that can save you is the people outside this picture."

She walked with a heavy heart towards the Gryffindor table when somebody pulled her aside. "What the?" She got the shock of her life when she saw a replica of Draco Malfoy.

"New girl?"

"What is it to you?"

Lucius eyed her from head to toe and he concluded that he liked what he saw. She was wearing a robe that seemed to wild in a more conservative era.

Hermione arched an eyebrow in disgust. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Don't tell me you don't like this?"

"I'm not some of piece of meat-" She was cut short when he slammed her on the wall. She watched in horror as he leaned forward. She couldn't bear to think that Lucius was trying to kiss her. She shut her eyes as though it could take her away.

"Malfoy, get your hands off of her!"

Hermione flung her eyes open to see Lily with her wand drawn. She felt him back off. She watched Lucius draw his wand as well. The two weren't making a move. They were eyeing each other waiting for their attack.

"Lily!" James came to her side in incredible pace. He stood in front of her, taking her place.

"Should've guessed a mudblood like her would need the help of the likes of you!" He smirked.

James was about to lunge at him when McGonagall appeared. "Mr. Potter, Mr. Malfoy, what do you think you're doing?"

The two glared at each other.

"Malfoy, was harassing Hermione." Lily answered her professor.

"Hermione?" McGonagall's gaze stopped at Hermione who was now shocked at the idea that McGonagall didn't fume when James, Lily and Lucius' wands were drawn at each other.

"Yes, professor. I met her at Professor Dumbledore's office."

"So you're the new girl. Follow me." McGonagall marched towards the front of the students.

Hermione followed suit but she wasn't eager to have every eye on the room on her.

McGonagall took out a stool with a hat on top. "Ms. Granger? Would you please wear this so that we can sort you to your house?"

Hermione obediently followed her instructions. 'Here goes nothing.' She placed the hat on her head. Within seconds she was sorted. "Slytherin."

A round of applause rang at the left side of the room, where the Slytherin table was located. Hermione on the other hand couldn't get over the shock. "This is not possible!" She exclaimed angrily.

"Ms. Granger are you alright?" Dumbledore asked.

"This is not right! I'm a Gryffindor!" Hermione could feel her face growing red with anger. "There must be some mistake! I cannot be a Slytherin!"

The room fell into deep silence as she panicked up front.

"Professor, let me try again. Please?"

Dumbledore only shook his head, "Ms. Granger there's nothing wrong with Slytherin, and it can help you to greatness."

"You don't understand I can't be in Slytherin. I'm a Gryffindor."

"You got her good Prongs!" Sirius' voice could be heard from the silence.

"Quiet!" James didn't want to make Lily think that she had any hold on him.

"Professor Dumbledore, please reconsider!" She pleaded. She didn't want to stay in a place full of Death Eaters. She wouldn't be able to stand having any contact with the people who would/have hurt Harry.

He motioned her to come closer so that she was the only one who can hear. "Ms. Granger, I know that you are supposed to be a Gryffindor outside this world. There must be a hidden trait of Slytherin in you that wasn't as dormant as before you were sorted in your time. I'm guessing you have the need to prove yourself."

"But, I can't be with them. I hate them all." She pleaded.

"I'm sorry there's nothing I can do about it. It's a rule."


Hermione dropped her head and sighed. 'Here goes nothing.' She looked at the Slytherin table and saw Lucius' smug face pushing someone from his side to make room for her. She scanned the table for a seat far from him. She could hear a lot of hooting as she came nearer Lucius when she saw a seat at the back of the table. She passed Lucius and his gang without even acknowledging him. She sat beside a person who seemed to be ostracized. "Is anybody sitting here?" She asked hopefully.

The guy just shook his head while looking down. "Are you sure you want to sit next to me?"

"Of course why not? You're the only one in this table who seems to be human."

"I'm a mudblood." He whispered.

"What?" She wanted to make sure she heard him right.


"What do you mean? I don't think there's anybody who deserves to be called like that."

"Well you're not a muggle-born witch."

Hermione didn't know what to say. "It still doesn't matter. The only way to get respect from others is if you respect yourself."

"I wish it was that easy." He still didn't look up.

Hermione couldn't help but agree, "I'm Hermione." She extended her hand.

"Will." He took her hand.

"Pleased to meet you." She gave him a warm smile.


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