A/N: Hey look, another DBZ AU fanfic by me! This one's going to be rather odd I think, if I follow through with most of my ideas for it. This starts just before Gohan meets Videl, but they will still meet, only... under different circumstances than the show. As always "this" is for talking, /this/ is for thoughts, and ~this~ is telepathy. Anyway, enough rambling by me.

Chapter one - Displaced

Bulma stared at system diagnostic screen with building frustration. She'd gone through every single line of code at least a billion times, she'd re-wired the unit itself six times, and still the diagnostic told her there were errors! She turned and stared at her newest project with an increasing desire to kick it. She knew she could do this, she'd already seen a working time machine, so why couldn't she build this teleporter? It used the same basic principles, and she'd even used the junked time machine Cell came back in for spare parts and design ideas.

Her mind was brought back to reality as a distinct set of chimes announced someone had opened her lab door. By the sequence of sounds she knew it was Gohan. "Thank Kami." she said as he walked into the room. "Maybe you can figure out what I've screwed up."

"I still don't know what you think I can do that you can't Bulma. I'm not a wiz at this stuff like you."

"True Gohan, but you're a mathematics genius. That's the only thing left I could have gotten wrong. If my six space quantum equations are off by even a single decimal it would throw everything off. Can you take a look for me?"

Gohan nodded as he sat down at a computer screen and began to go through all of Bulma's equations. Every so often he'd stop and make a change here or there and go on again. After almost an hour there where a series of loud knocks on Bulma's lab door. As the bluette answered Gohan leaned back in his seat, finished with the math work.

"Gohan!" Goten whined walking into the room. "What's taking so long? I want to go see the movie!"

"Sorry squirt, Bulma needed some help. Speaking of which, I think I fixed the problem."

"Really?" Bulma asked. "What did I get wrong?"

"The gravity bend from the temporal distortion equation. You forgot to add in compensation for what you were transporting. It changed the fourth dimension and sixth dimension paths." Gohan said with a smile.

"What?" Bulma asked in disbelief. "That was it? I... I feel like an idiot. That should have been obvious."

"Mom!" Trunks called running into the room. "Grandpa wants to know when you're going to help him some thing-a-ma-jig he's working on." Then he spied Goten. "Hey! When'd you get here?"

"A long time ago." The pint sized Sai-jin said frowning. "Gohan's posed to take me to see that movie about Cell."

"Right squirt." Gohan said messing up Goten's already wild hair. "First let me make sure I got this right, then we'll go."


Bulma walked over to the transporter, with Trunks following after her, eyes locked on the device. He watched her push a few buttons, set a potted plant on the platform, and push a few more buttons. Suddenly the plant flashed bright green and vanished. Behind them there was another flash of green light and they turned. There sat the potted plant. "Yay!" Bulma cried out happily. "You did it Gohan, it works!"

"I don't think you should do that Trunks." they heard Goten say. Bulma and Gohan turned to look and saw Trunks pushing a bunch of buttons at random.

"No Trunks!" Bulma yelled more worried than angry making her way toward the tiny prince but she was to late.

The transporter sparked twice and began to glow. Suddenly a pulse of energy surged out from it forming a bubble around them and the lab. "What is this infernal thing?" Vegeta demanded from the lab doorway as the field passed through him and stopped just outside the door.

Traces of green and blue light began to flow between the transporter and the inside of the field. A crackling sound emanated from the transporter as more sparks rained out from the device. Bulma quickly tried to shut down the machine. "It's not working! I can't shut it off!" she yelled.

"Fine, I'll just destroy the thing!" Vegeta said raising his right arm and charging a small KI blast.

"No Vegeta! Don't, you'll only make things worse!" Bulma yelled.

Vegeta grunted as he lowered his arm. "Fine, then what do you..." he was cut off by a deafening roar and a blinding flash of light from the transporter and then everything went black.


Gohan placed a hand on his head and tried to massage out the massive headache he felt. He felt weak, extremely weak, but still managed to sit up and take in his surroundings. "What in the world..." he whispered. He was still in the lab, but it looked as though it had seen a battle between him and Vegeta. Only the transporter looked untouched by the damage.

He saw Vegeta laying on his stomach and starting to stir as well. As he stood he looked around for Bulma, Trunks, and his brother. "Oh no." he said softly seeing Bulma pinned under a slab of concrete. He made his way over to her quickly and tried to lift the concrete but it wouldn't budge. /I'm still too weak./ He looked over toward Vegeta. "Vegeta, I need your help over here!"

The Sai-jin prince stood up shakily and looked toward Gohan. When he saw Bulma pinned he rushed over and helped Gohan to lift the concrete, but even with Vegeta helping they still had some trouble. Bending down the two checked to see if she was okay. "She's not in very good shape." Gohan said. "Her pulse is weak."

He looked up to see Vegeta digging through his armor. A moment later he pulled out a Senzu Bean. "I always keep some around when I'm training." he said seeing Gohan's curious look. The younger Sai-jin smiled as Vegeta slipped the bean into Bulma's mouth.

"Oh no, mom!" Trunks cried running over to where the three of them were. Goten followed right behind him.

"She's okay." Gohan said as Bulma swallowed the Senzu Bean. A moment later she was sitting up. "See Trunks."

"Good. Now that you're awake woman, mind explaining what the hell just happened?"

Suddenly there was a soft whine from behind the group and they turned to see a group of twenty people in reflective black armor pointing glowing weapons at them. "What just happened is that you blew up half a city block rebels. Now surrender or die, scum."

"Who the hell are you?" Vegeta demanded gruffly standing up and stepping between them and Bulma to shield her.

"We ask the questions around here scum." one of them said, voice distorted by the armor's helmet.

"Why you!" Vegeta roared.

"Easy Vegeta." Gohan said walking up beside the prince. "We don't even know what's going on. They've got us confused with other people, we don't want to start something."

"Gohan's right." Bulma said as Goten and Trunks helped her up.

"I don't think we're confused at all." Said the armored man. "You're obviously rebel scum. Who else would be in old West City making weapons?"

"Weapons?" Bulma asked.

"The bomb you just goofed up making that took out the building for starters."

Suddenly blue and red energy beams began to rain down from above on the black armor clad men tearing through their armors and sending a handful of them sprawling. Looking skyward they saw the source of the attack, four people were hanging out the windows of an air car firing energy weapons.

The men in black went to return fire but suddenly dropped to the ground as Vegeta knocked them over with an invisible KI blast. Bulma's eyes went wide in shock at the sight of the symbols upon the backs of their armors. "What in the world is going on?" she said in disbelief.

"What is it Bulma?" Gohan asked. The blue haired woman simply pointed at the symbol, her finger drawing Gohan's eyes to the symbol. An unmistakable image of two red triangles surrounding two white R's.

"Red Ribbon." Gohan whispered as the air car landed beside them.

"Come on, get in!" called the girl in the drivers seat. Gohan glanced at the others who all and nodded. Quickly they climbed into the car, a very cramped fit. A moment later they were speeding through the night sky. After a short silence the girl in the drivers seat glanced back at them before returning her eyes to the road. "This may sound like a stupid question, but are you Bulma Briefs?"

Bulma was startled for a second, "Yeah..." She weighed the possibilities of asking her own questions, then finally gave in to her curiosity. "What exactly is going on? Were those guys back there from the Red Ribbon Army?"

The girl gave her an odd look as she brought the air car down to street level. It was the first time Gohan had a good look of the area they were in. The entire city looked like the lab had, wrecked and ruined. The buildings were cracked and rubble lay strewn across the streets. Every so often he could see people in the shadows, hiding from them as they zoomed by.

"We had worried you'd been killed." she said at last. "Where have you been for the past ten years?"

Now Bulma was completely lost and confused. "What? I still don't know what's going on." she was quiet for a second as she remembered what happened with the teleporter. "Oh... oh my." she said at last.

"What have you done now woman?" Vegeta demanded.

"When... when Trunks messed with the controls of the teleporter he must have created a temporal distortion somehow." At the mention of his name in connection with their current situation Trunks slid further away from Vegeta. "The field we were in must have shielded us from the effects.... we're not in our time anymore. I'm not even sure if our time still exists...."

Again the girl in the front gave Bulma an odd look. "I'm not sure what you're talking about... but we'll get everything sorted out at our base."