Chapter eight - Restoration


Shin and the Old Kai were watching Trugetan with growing interest. They were uncertain as to why he'd asked for confirmation that everything would be fixed. The Old Kai was the first of the two to notice the fusion's target for the Kamehameha wave he was charging. "Oh dear, he's going to blow up the planets sun! That's why he was asking, to make sure he could do this without any bad side effects."

"Can he do that? Blow up an entire solar system I mean."

"That and more kiddo. Someone with his power could take out about half the galaxy, and I don't doubt that this attack will do just that. Or at least until everything shifts back to the way it should be. It's amazing, I've never seen a mortal with this kind of power."

Shin watched the attack in awe as it flew toward the sun, then bore witness to one of the most destructive temper tantrums he'd ever seen. Gudrun's rage had pushed her power to amazing heights and shortly after her tower collapsed the entire Earth began to pull apart. Just as Trugetan's attack hit the sun Gudrun's anger began to shake parts of the Earth free and out into space.

The Kai's watched hopeful as the sun began to turn a deep red and bulge, suddenly it exploded apart and a moment later they saw a shimmering within space. "That's it." the Old Kai said. "The distortions in reality are starting to close and the timeline is reverting. He did it!

"Of course there's still the matter of dealing with her after everything's restored. Now that the Human body's been destroyed she'll be drawn to whatever enabled her to reform in the first place. Then she'll get back her own body, and all of her power. The good news is, she can't do that until everything's stabilized which will take months after the timeline is restored. Of course, the orb wont activate till maybe three weeks before that. It's not much time, but we'll have to make it work somehow." The Old Kai said and held up the Essence Orb. In a flash of light it vanished.


Some of the rubble shifted around as a figure sat up. He placed a hand on his head and tried to massage out the massive headache he felt. He felt weak, extremely weak, but still managed to sit up and take in his surroundings. "What in the world..." he whispered. He was still in the lab, but it looked as though it had seen a battle between him and Vegeta. Everything was damaged, and the teleporter was totally fried.

He saw Vegeta laying on his stomach and starting to stir as well. As he stood he looked around for Bulma, Trunks, and his brother. "Oh no." he said softly seeing Bulma pinned under a slab of concrete. He made his way over to her quickly and tried to lift the concrete but it wouldn't budge. /I'm still too weak./ He looked over toward Vegeta. "Vegeta, I need your help over here!"

The Sai-jin prince stood up shakily and looked toward Gohan. When he saw Bulma pinned he rushed over and helped Gohan to lift the concrete, but even with Vegeta helping they still had some trouble. Bending down the two checked to see if she was okay. "She's not in very good shape." Gohan said. "Her pulse is weak."

He looked up to see Vegeta digging through his armor. A moment later he pulled out a Senzu Bean. "I always keep some around when I'm training." he said seeing Gohan's curious look. The younger Sai-jin smiled as Vegeta slipped the bean into Bulma's mouth.

"Oh no, mom!" Trunks cried running over to where the three of them were. Goten followed right behind him.

"She's okay." Gohan said as Bulma swallowed the Senzu Bean. A moment later she was sitting up. "See Trunks."

"Good. Now that you're awake woman, mind explaining what the hell just happened?"

Bulma shook her head to clear the cobwebs. "Not really sure Vegeta. Something shorted out in the teleporter I guess." Then she saw Trunks standing behind Gohan and remembered what had happened. "Trunks!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. The tiny prince flinched.

"Um... yes?"

"Do you have any idea what you could have done! The teleporter took me five years to build! Your goofing around could have caused a real problem, there's no telling what might have happened if you'd caused a temporal distortion, or rip in the fabric of space! You could have stopped anyone of us from even existing or destroyed the entire planet!"

"I'm sorry." he said looking down at the ground.

"Sorry wont cut it this time mister. Do you see the shape my lab's in? You're going to clean up the entire room, every last inch of it!"


"Don't mom me mister! You're not getting any food until this room is spotless and I say it's done! And you're not allowed any help either, if I see Goten even try and help," she turned her gaze toward Goten. "Then I'll be talking to Chi-Chi

The two Sai-jin's faces palled and Trunks eyes widened. Suddenly he was moving around the room picking up debris here and there. Vegeta and Gohan both smiled as they watched the little Sai-jin speeding around the room. Bulma definitely knew how to handle Sai-jins. Gohan looked down as Goten pulled on his pant leg. "Hey big brother, can we go to the movie now?"

Gohan looked down and smiled. "Sure kid." he said rubbing his hand through his hair. "We're going Bulma."

She just waved to him as he and Goten walked out followed shortly after by Vegeta. Stepping out of Capsule Corp Gohan called the flying Nimbus and he and Goten took off for the movies. Vegeta returned to his training and Bulma went off to tell the Chef to start supper.

Meanwhile, a few thousand miles from the city, a volleyball sized orb appeared out of thin air and fell into a tree getting caught in it's branches. It shimmered with light from inside as the space around the sphere shimmered. There was a crackle in the air over west city and a shimmer of light that danced for a moment before speeding off into space and then fading away.

Elsewhere on Earth a large spaceship, about a mile in diameter, descended through the atmosphere and landed in a secluded area. Despite the ships large size it held only two occupants. As the main door opened two shadows emerged, one much shorter than the other. They were suppressing their KI or they'd have drawn the attention of the Z Fighters. A moment later they were flying through the air toward the nearest city.

Unseen by anyone, another figure picks it's way through the thick growth some distance west of the recently landed ship, barely able to move through the tall foliage. A large sword gleamed in the bright sun as the figure swung it clearing a path for itself. After going a few yards the figure stopped and consulted a small device held in it's hand. "It's around her somewhere... now I just need to find out how far down it is," then the person looked up. "Or maybe it's in the trees?" The person shook their head before setting a bag down on the ground beside a tree. As they stared at the device and walked slowly away the bag tipped over and a small blood red ball with a five black stars inside rolled partway out.


To be continued in the next Saga: War for the Universe (Already On-line)

A/N: So, what did you think? I know it was kind of short, but it's just to be a prequel sort of thing to explain some things that'll happen later in War for the Universe and it's follow up Saga that has yet to be named. If you've read any of War for the Universe yet then you know who just landed, if not then read and you'll find out. As for that last part... well, it's called foreshadowing / building suspense.