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Summery: Inuyasha was rich before his father died. His father had left billions of dollars in dept. He hears of a job with good money and gets it. But soon he finds himself struggling to survive.  Kagome is a rich troublemaker and doesn't like spending much money. Can she help Inuyasha get out of this world of death he has gotten himself into?

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Lost in Darkness

Chapter I

Prologue: Losing Everything


Inuyasha's POV

Hi. I'm Inuyasha. Nothing more to it. I was rich, but I'm not now. You see, I was living with my father and brother in a huge mansion. Man that place had everything! Fourteen rooms, one bathroom the size of an apartment in each. The rooms were the size of a Gym's locker room, with huge beds in each. We had all different kinds of maids; one was my best friend Miroku. But you'll have to ask him why he became a...maid. I don't even know if there can be male maids. If you ask my opinion it was because of that girl Sango who was still going to school like me.

She showed up one day asking for work. Because my father was the sentimental kind he gave her a job. She had a little brother too, and they were homeless. So he gave them each a room. I treat her like a little sister. Her little brother isn't half bad either. He's really good at those Final Fantasy games.

I went to one of those fancy rich kids schools. It was really luxurious, like carpets in every classroom. Some classrooms even had shag rug. The food wasn't half bad either. It was really expensive though. When we lost everything I had to give up the luxury. All of it. The mansion, almost all of my possessions, even half of my clothes. The only things that were mine was probably some of the clothes I didn't use a credit card to buy. Also my laptop. My brother bought one with his money as well. When dad started acting weird we got suspicious.

So I used cash for the things I bought after that. I had a weird feeling. I didn't want to use the credit card after that because dad kept telling us to buy everything on them.

Looks like I should follow my feelings. Then dad got really sick. My mother had died the year before and he hadn't gotten over her death. In some ways neither had I. You see, I was never really normal. People made fun of me because of what I was. Yes my father was a youkai. My mother was a human. Put two and two together and you get me...a hanyou. Youkai had to hide themselves because they were so few now. My brother is a full youkai. Even he mocks me because of my heritage. The youkai at my old school always made sure my life was miserable.

My mother tried her best to make me feel better about myself. Most of the time it worked. But when I was younger I remember seeing her in her room by herself one night. She was looking at a picture of me when I was just a pup. I stood by the crack in the door and watched her. She dropped her head into her arms and began to sob. Then I knew that I would never be accepted. So I stopped crying about being picked on, and fought back. I began to train in fighting. Even I was surprised at how good I was.

One day dad caught me training in my room. He walked up to me and held out an old looking sword. I looked at him.

"What's this?" I asked taking the sword. He pointed to it.

"That sword is made of my fang. I give it to you to protect yourself. Master it and you could become invincible. It's called Tetsuaiga." With that he walked out of the room. I was confused. I unsheathed it and looked at it. It was a beat up old katana. I didn't know how this thing could make me invincible, but I shrugged and began training myself with it. I became quite good at using the old sword, and I always kept it by my side. For some reason it made me feel safe.

When dad got sick, my brother and I, or half-brother, knew there was something strange going on. Our father was a Taiyoukai. Inutaisho was his name. It was rare for Taiyoukai to get sick. After he died we ended up broke. I'll tell you how we got broke in a matter of hours.

I was walking home from school, on Friday the 6th of May. I was glad for the weekend. I had a few things planned. I reached the mansion when I saw some ambulances and police cars go into the gate at the front of my house. That confused and surprised me. I made sure no one was watching and jumped over the gate. I adjusted my pack and ran up to the front door. When I got inside I was met by Sesshoumaru, my brother. He motioned for me to follow him. Now I was really confused. We went into the living room and he motioned for me to sit on the couch. When I sat down he began talking in his usual emotionless tone.

"Brother, father has just passed away." He said. That one little sentence was enough to get me gaping. He sure didn't beat around the bush. I shook my head.

"How could he die! He's a Taiyoukai!" I growled at him. He nodded and spoke again.

"He was a Taiyoukai, but he was not immortal. He can die of poison, grief, or anything else of that nature." He said. Then sighed. "Father has also left us some gifts in his passing away." He said in some kind of saddened way. If Sesshoumaru was feeling anything this had to be important. He fingered a sword at his side. "This is one of them." He looked at me. "And he has left us in a dept of 63 billion dollars." He said casually. I swore my jaw hit the ground. I stared at him in disbelief.

"W-what does that mean?" I asked. He growled in annoyance and picked me up by the front of my shirt.

"It means, brother that we do not own anything but the things we bought with cash!" He hissed angrily in my face. My eyes widened as he threw me back on the couch. "You didn't even own the packs of gum you bought with a credit card."

I stared at the ground. Everything but my laptop, some of my clothes and shoes, and my CD player weren't even mine. I didn't even own half the CD's I had.

Sango and Miroku lost their jobs soon after that. Miroku found a friend named Hatchi to stay with. Weird little guy. Kinda reminded me of a raccoon. Sango had a friend that allowed her to stay with her. She and her brother moved in with her.

Well, that's my story. Nothing else to it. Now my brother and I live in an apartment on the bad side of town. I have to enroll in Sango's school and leave the luxury behind. No more rich life for me. I'm just a really poor guy now. I have about $5.00 left in my wallet. All together my brother and I have a little under $800.00 left. But his is the life a hanyou is destined to live.

And I live. Nothing more.


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