Chapter11 It had already been one day since Team Rocket had kidnapped Misty and everyone was worried about her, especially Ash. Ash and his friends with one of the many Officer Jenny were walking in the woods. They knew team Rocket very well and knew that they would most likely hide in the woods. As their adventure continues Ash and Pikachu are getting very worried. "Where could she be Pikachu?" asked Ash to his best pokémon friend. "Pika-Ka-Cha-Pi (she's got to be here somewhere)" he says in reply. "I just hope you're right" mumbles Ash trying not to think of the possibilities. "Don't worry we'll find her. They couldn't have gone very far," says Rebecca trying to comfort Ash. "As long as we don't stop looking she'll be alright. All they want is Pikachu. They probably think you'll trade Pikachu for Misty" adds Tracy pretending not to sound upset so that he won't make Ash feel any worse. "I guess you guys are right. Thanks for all of your support" Ash says smiling at his friends. They have helped him so much and now they are trying to cheer him up. After about an hour of searching they hear a scream "Ahhhhhh!" They run towards the sound hoping to find Misty. They see a house in a small clearing. They run up at peer into the dusty windows. They look in awe as they see Team Rocket pestering Misty. "Admit it girl he's your boyfriend" states Jessie "Yeah we've seen you two together." pipes James. "Ash is not my boyfriend! He doesn't like me and I don't like him. We're just friends." screams Misty though she lightly blushes at their comments. "Will you two just cook Meowth some lunch" the feline member of the team adds. "Hold your horses. I'm working on it," yells James at his cat counterpart. Out side of the cabin Ash sneezes from all of the dust. Pikachu tries to cover his nose but it doesn't help. Everyone decided this is as good a time as any and barge into the cabin. Team Rocket looks up and goes back to what they were doing. Ash starts to run over to Misty but Team Rocket has a trap waiting for him and Misty yells trying to stop him but it's too late. Ash steps on the trap and gets scooped up in a net high above the floor. Pikachu chews through the net while Officer Jenny, Rebecca, and Tracy try to capture Team Rocket. After Ash is free he saves Misty and they blush when he trips helping her up. They have a quick laugh and get up to face Team Rocket. Ash throws a pokéball and yells "I choose you, Lapras, ice beam now." Lapras freezes Team Rocket in their tracks. Ash them calls out Bulbasaur. "Bulbasaur knock them into the stratosphere." Bulbasaur knock Team Rocket off and Ash recalls his pokémon. "Looks like team Rocket is blasting off again" (ding). "Thank you so much Ash," says Misty giving him a big hug. He blushes and then notices that everyone is staring. They let go and start towards town once again. Once at the pokémon center the group packs up and are off to the next place on their map. They had fun and before they leave they stop at a small shop. Misty wants to repay Ash so she gets him an Ultra Ball at the store. Now everyone is happy. They are walking and studying the map. All of the sudden Ash screams out in frustration "Isn't our next destination that way" he points off to the other side of town. Rebecca grabs the map and looks at it. She shoots Tracy one of those big-brother-is-watching-you looks and says "Ash you're totally right." They all give Tracy a good beating as they head off to the other League Member's office.