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"Twisted Fate"

Ok I've had this crazy idea in my head for a while now, and I just want to get it out. This story is about seven different kids who have something that not even the shuffle alliance may understand. Actually they are teenagers, from different countries. If you want to be added then you can submit a character. I haven't decided all the names yet, and they all won't meet at once. I just hope this is a good fic. Anyway on with the story I'm going to tell.


Chapter one Unusual Place and People


It's ordinary day here in West Virginia, I'm just home wondering about my yard trying to think of something to do. I love my home to death but sometimes it's a bit too ordinary, and I can't help but feel I want something more. Alas I live around toads so that shouldn't be too much of a surprise, anyway I wake up groggily as ever.

*Sigh* "another day, oh well better get clean up."


I sigh and do just that, I knew there wasn't going to be anything new. I'm not what you call popular, and I don't have the perfect smile or face. I'm only friendly, funny and caring, but then again who cares about that anyway.

After I took care of that, I went upstairs and thought up some ordinary things to do, but mom interrupts my thoughts by saying "Rebecca some is here to see you."

I thought this is odd, but I bet it's Justin my next door neighbor coming over to aggravate me. I walk to the door and was shocked at the figure standing before me it wasn't someone I had seen before in my life. He had dark brown eyes, quite tall, more built than my figure and wore a lab coat.

"Hello . . . can I help you?"

The man doesn't answer right away he just examines me, and even measurers my waist line. I thought that was rude of him especially when he isn't going to answer me. However this was anxiety I never met this person, and why did he have to see me?

He finally replies "yes you're Rebecca correct, a young fifteen year old born in West Virginia."

"Yes that is me what do you wish of me?"

The man mutters *master is right, and she is one of the teens, that hold that ability. *

I heard that but I wasn't sure if I should ask him because he'd probably answer never you mind. So I stand there wondering what to say to him to give me a clue on whom he was, and why he needed to see me?

I ask "so uh where do you come from, I haven't seen you before?"

Mom was watching curiously I knew she was also perplexed about this stranger. She stayed by my side the whole time worried that he was some kind of thief and was going to steal me from her.

The man smiles and replies "I'm what you call a wonder, I don't live in one place too long. Don't worry ma'am, and I won't steal your daughter."

I was shocked, but I thought I was the only one that knew mom was anxious. However I knew mom wasn't going to be just satisfied with a reassuring comment like that, so she asks "what's your name?"

He answers . . . "John Mc Cloud, and don't worry lassie I see your daughter means a lot to you."

That sounded awfully phony to me, but mom bought it so I kept on alert. As mom went to do someone laundry, John grabbed my hand and placed it on this pad with some object on it. It reacted strangely to my touch although I wasn't, sure what this meant.

John nods while saying "interesting this girl has a strong mind, firey heart and spirit, may not be really strong but rare qualities indeed."

I look at him confused, but didn't say much about it. I look outside it was raining but why was, this man dry, he walked through the rain without any raincoat on.

After I let go of the pad this crest appeared on my left hand, it was weird I try to wash it off in the sink.

John smiles while saying "it won't come off my dear. You've had that crest ever since you existed."

I look at him with fear, yet he didn't seem like he would harm me. I ask "so this crest has been hidden for years?"

John smiles in a slight evil tone while saying "yes you see only a chosen few have crests like that. Your adventure my dear has just begun."

John walks out the door in the rain again not leaving any sign he was ever there, even mom forgot.

Mom came walking back upstairs smiling, also asking "what are you looking at dear?"

I look outside really confused but I reply "it's nothing mom."

She shrugged her shoulders and walked in the kitchen to start the dishwasher. I sit in the living thinking was that real no it was probably my imagination. I hesitantly look at my left hand, that crest was still there.

I yawn and dose off on my couch, I was trying to clear my thoughts when I heard someone yell HEY WATCH OUT!

I woke up groggily and someone had grabbed me and carried me out of the way of a huge metal foot.

The boy asks "are you all right?"

I look around confused as ever but answer "yes I'm fine what was that?"

The boy smiles while looking confussed answering "I don't know."

A girl in the distance was looking around when we saw something huge about to fall on her. The boy and I both run and push the girl out of the way, she looked as clueless as the rest of us.

She smiled while saying in a French accent "oh thank you mon. ami thank you!"

I reply "you're welcome but where are we do any of you know?"

They both shook their heads. I stood there pondering for a minuet, but kept me ears open for heavy machinery."

I ask "did you guys see a strange man, dark brown eyes and is built kinda like me?"

They both nod and show their hands to me, I was amazed I also had a crest. However they weren't the same so we were really confused.

The girl asks me in her French accent "what's your name mademoiselle?"

I answer "Rebecca and yours if you please?"

She smiles and replies "moi es Esmeralda."

We both look at the kind boy and ask "and you are?"

He blushes at the sight of both of us while saying "my name is Kyro."

We both couldn't help but laugh at Kyro because he was blushing. We all smiled at each other somehow knowing we wouldn't hurt each other.

Kyro asks me "um so have any guys after you?"

I laugh out loud at that question while saying "please forgive me but no I'm not really pretty."

Kyro asks the same to Esmeralda, she had the same answer as me which I though she was pretty.

He finally got brave enough to put one arm around me and Esmeralda while saying "well I have two babes then."

We both look at him in a questioning stare but we didn't mind it that much.

We walked a little in the distance and saw these Mechins fighting each other, so we were careful not to get in the ring.

I ask "Esmeralda are you from France?" We walked on Kyro still had his arms around us.

She answers "oui mon. ami. And you're from America right?"

I nod, and Kyro adds "I bet you two know that I'm from Japan."

We both giggle while saying "oh yeah you're the man."

Suddenly one of us got cut by one of the ridged rocks. One of the fighting machinery was about to step on us, until we heard a voice shout DOMON LOOK OUT!

Kyro and I got Esmeralda out of the way she was hurt by the rock. I try to stop the bleeding it worked but we had nothing to cover the cut.


The other man says "Calm down Domon they look lost."

They both stepped out of the Mechins to see the kids but what they saw were three teenagers. I used a torn part of my pants while saying "this should cover it up."

Esmeralda smiled at me while saying "Merci Mon. Ami."

I smile at her and Kyro helps me with her, and smiles at us both. However two men walk over to us while looking confused.

The man in the red cape looks at me and Esmeralda, while saying "you girls need a hand?"

The man with blue and pink hair shoves him to Kyro smiling at us both while saying "I'll help you lovely ladies out."

I look at him slightly confused at what he was wearing but reply, "thank you" and guided Esmeralda to his shoulder.

Kyro glares at that man because he has stolen his girls. The man in the red cape laughed at this sight while asking "are, they your girls?"

Kyro blushes while replying "well I just met them but yeah pretty much. I can't decide which one I want so I'll have both of them for now."

The man sighs while saying well my name is Domon, and I guess I can help you out with those girls."

Kyro smiled at Domon and nodded while asking "are you also from Japan?"

Domon nods as the both talked on, Esmeralda and I were meeting the man that offered to help us.

The man comments to me "you must have experience in cuts like this."

I sigh while saying "yes but it would've helped if I had something to put on the cut."

He smiled at my concern for Esmeralda, he asks her "so what's your name?"

She replies "Esmeralda, and that girl right there is Rebecca." *In her French accent*

I ask so "what's your name and if you don't mind telling us where are we?"

He laughs fondly while saying "well my name is Chibodee and you guys are at the Geiyanna highlands."

I look confused while saying "the Geiyanna highlands but I didn't think such a place existed."

Esmeralda looked puzzled as well, and Chibodee sensed the confusion with us.

Chibodee then asks "so where are you two from?"

I reply "I'm from America and the state of West Virginia."

Chibodee smiled while saying "I had a feeling you were, and you Esmeralda?"

Esmeralda replies I'm France, Paris to be exact."

Chibodee smiled while saying "well you two can stay with me if you want, you do seem lost."

I nod while saying, "thank you but what about Kyro?"

Esmeralda adds "yes who will help him?"

Domon walks up with Kyro at his side while saying "I'll help him along."

Chibodee smiles while saying "then it's settled." However, he caught a glimsp of my crest on my left hand.

Chibodee looked at Esmeralda's left hand she also had a crest, so he taps Domon on the shoulder while saying Domon check Kyro's left hand.

Domon does and sees he also has a crest, but our crests are similar, to the shuffle alliance not the same. So we aren't replacing them.

Kyro blew us a kiss we both couldn't help but laugh a little at that, as we went separate ways.

Chibodee smirks while saying "now that aint nice girls he seems to have a crush on you two."

I sigh while saying, "trust me Chibodee I'm not the type to fall in love with ok."

Esmeralda replied "oui me too."

Chibodee shook his head and started the transporter for him home. Esmeralda and I thought about the events for a minuet, but we ask "are you sure you have room for us?"

Chibodee smiles at us while saying "of course girls, and you two seem nice."

As we rode on I though about what John said my adventure had just begun. I was starting to believe that.


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