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~ Twisted Fate ~

Narration - Well the end is here folks John Mc. Cloud has killed off our families. Cloy is on a rescue mission to save the others will she succeed? What is to become of Esmeralda and I? Will Chibodee and George get out of the slump they're and deal with Seth once and for all? Or will Seth win?



Chapter 16

Fight for Love and Future


Chibodee was angry as John smirks in satisfaction he told them to not to wake the others. 'Man he's so full of himself. Oh Rebecca please be all right.' George couldn't stand him and here he thought Chibodee was unbearable. He's ten Chibodee's combined they both sigh in distress and sat on the floor worrying about Esmeralda and I.

John smiles while saying "Aw afraid your girls are going to die?"

George winces while saying "That and what that mad man can do to two innocent girls."

Chibodee cringes while asking "Why did you kill their families? Was it because Seth wants Esmeralda and Rebecca to himself?"

He smirked and answered "Well Chibodee you're brighter then you look, you see we knew those two girls can out think him."

Their eyes grew wide in fear and anger knowing it couldn't be good little did any of them know there was a rescue mission underway. George and Chibodee are getting a major beating of the heart. As they watch, the events unfold unable to change anything yet.

George looks over at Chibodee while whispering "We have to get loose from this bind."

Chibodee nods while replying in a low voice "I know but wait when the opportunity comes."

John smirks while saying "Oh I forgot to mention he's going to have one of the two girls be his."

Chibodee and George both saw red but kept the cool while shouting "WHAT BUT THEY'RE ONLY TEENAGERS!"

John chuckles while saying "Yes, and I bet he'll choose Rebecca of West Virginia."

Chibodee was bearing down on his teeth and George asks "What about Esmeralda?"

John laughs while saying "Oh he'll keep them both since they have no one."

Both George and Chibodee say "You're wrong, they have us."

They all heard Seth's laugh and his eyes show up while saying "Well-done John Mc. Cloud both of the girls are in good hands."

His voice fades the Rose knight and the Neo-American cowboy prepares for a life or death goal to full fill. John tried to interfere but it ended with him hanging on the back of the door with a sock in his mouth. They both began the journey to save the girls they love knowing what they have to do to get them back.


Cloy and the others are on a rescue mission. The terrible irony here is that everyone was in the same place only disadvantage is they'd be spotted immediately. Cloy was deep in thought until Schwarz nearly made her scream but six hands covered her mouth.

Domon looks at Schwarz in a cold manor while whispering "Do you want to blow our cover?"

Schwarz whispers "Sorry didn't, mean too."

Cloy smacks him while shouting in a hushed voice "YOU NEED TO STOP PLAYING ROMEO!"

Cloy wonders how on earth are we going to get in? Then Schwarz for some god knows why reason he decided to be a diversion. Surprisingly it worked while Cloy and the others got to the gate oddly she felt guilty but knew first things first.

They make it to the door but you needed a code to get in. ~Great just what I need man if only Chibodee were here he could do this no problem. Oh well I guess I have to do what he taught me better.~

She got out her lab top and started working on the code but she saw a shadow at first she thought it was Schwarz. She shouts "BRUDER IF THAT'S YOU I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!"

It was a guard she turned around and saw a guard having hand cuffs out. ~Oh crap this is not good.~

Everyone else was caught all except Schwarz which baffled Cloy to no ends. Still they were shoved in these dirty cells which stunk to high heaven and god knows what they'd have to do next. They wait helplessly for their food and for any very unpleasant experiences while wondering how Chibodee and George are doing.


Esmeralda and I look down to the ground as we walk inside with him. He smiles and saw the scarlet tears falling on our face, and we don't really care what happens to us. He sat both of us in his lap while using something soft to wipe our tears. We both wonder why is he acting all caring and all he's the one who told John to kill our families.

He made our eyes meet his and a smile crept on his lips while saying "You both are very pretty it's a shame to have such beautiful young women like yourselves force to cope with the war."

I answer coldly while saying "You know that only makes, my heart wrench so please spare us the loving act and just kill us."

Esmeralda agrees while saying "Oui you've won your war so why keep us alive?"

He sighs while saying "Oh girls I'm hurt to know you think I'm just a cold- blooded killer."

"Well you are that, aren't you? You had the nerve to kill our families." I remark coldly.

He laughs while saying "Oh you have quite a mouth on you Rebecca and a rather attractive trait I must say."

Esmeralda scoffs while asking "Why should you care? It's not like you want one of us to be your lover."

Seth smirks while saying "Well I'm a lonely man and well I need to pass on traits naturally I need a strong woman."

We both rolled our eyes at the same time while saying "Surprise why don't you start searching for some evil mistress?"

He sighs in disgust while saying "None of them have a mind of their own like you two."

We both look at him in confusion ~They don't have a mind of their own like us.~

Esmeralda asked "Why does that matter?"

He pinches her cheeks while saying "Because you two have a rare and undeniably delicious flavor."

We both backed away from Seth while shaking our heads while saying "NO STAY AWAY!"

He suggestively touched our faces we both shook as his cold hands touched us. He smells our hair which makes Esmeralda and I sick at the heart. Oh how we miss the warm protection of our family and the love we felt from their embrace. Now we lost that since of security and left with a cold blood thirsty man to heal our hearts.

I sigh in disgust while asking "Uh Seth can we have some alone time?"

Seth raises his eyebrow while asking "Oh you mean you and me alone time?"

"NO! I mean for Esmeralda and I to gather up our thoughts." I answer coldly.

He sighs while muttering "Women gez they have to mope for everything."



Seth smiles while saying "You both are very brave, and yes I'll give you an hour then you two have to do what I say."

We both nod soberly and he points us to a room we can go to. We walk in the room glad to get away from him while crying on each other shoulder letting our pain out. Meanwhile, in the distance George and Chibodee are getting closer. Along the way they hear our cries of pain and losing hope their flame got stronger.

Esmeralda looks up in my eyes while saying "I'm glad to know I'm not alone anymore."

I nod while asking "Is your sister dead?"

She bites her lip while saying "Yes she's dead Becky I loved her even though she got on my nerves. What are we to fight for now?"

I look at her with thoughtful eyes in her sad gray eyes while saying "I . . . don't . . . know."

Her eyes looked down to the ground while saying "You know when we began this fight we were fighting for our family and for a better future. Did we lose somehow Rebecca?"

I thought about it for a few minuets while answering "We have lost this one battle but we're still at war, and we still have hope."

Esmeralda looks deep in my soft icy green eyes while nodding saying "You're right we're beaten down but we're not dead yet."

I nod while saying "Our families live on through us they love us too much for us to let go now."

Esmeralda nods while saying "Mom always said the only way you can ever lose is to completely quit what you started."

We got more strength to face the man that made our family meet their demise. We both nod to one another although it was a dirty deed it had to be done. We begin to plan as the remaining minuets of our hour were slipping away. Little did we know Chibodee and George had the same idea on what to do.


"OK THIS IS SO GRAND WHAT NEXT I HAVE TO DO THE HOLLA!"Cloy protests out loud in disgust.

Domon looks at her while saying "A few days ago you were bragging how much better you were than Chibodee."

She threw her stale water at Domon while saying "SHUT UP KASSHU I DON'T HEAR YOU MAKING ANY BRILLIANT SUGGESTIONS!"

They all look over at the others, they were feeling around and observing. Cloy began to feel bad for being so cold to Schwarz but she'd never admit it out loud. Albert found a hatch and Schwarz's head, Albert backed away with a shock look on his face. Schwarz sees Cloy and listens to her talk to herself.

Cloy sighs while saying "Oh Schwarz I hope you're all right. I honesty don't know why you care about me so."

She pulled out the picture of him while saying "Oh you German fool I love you."

Schwarz sneaks up behind her while covering her mouth saying "I love you too, my Neo England fire ball."

She looks up at him and smacks him in the head because she felt like it. He smiles at her and looks in her eyes with love reflecting in his eyes. She couldn't resist his loving glare at her and relax in his strong arms. Everyone looks at Cloy and Schwarz, as he catches their gaze he shot back a 'mind your own business' glare. Everyone got the hint and turn away as Schwarz smiles down at her. He lets her go and shows everyone the trap door to escape from.

Everyone, goes through one at a time so the guard wouldn't suspect anything, which showed how high security it was. Cloy and Schwarz were the last two out, as usual he has to make a death defying kiss. Cloy couldn't say she didn't like it but dang he picks a really inappropriate times to do that. She sighs while saying "COME ON YOU, GERMAN FOOL!"

He sighs while saying "Yes my love."

They all were free and headed back Cloy had a sinking feeling they're a bit late. She hears a faint "Help this isn't a comfortable position."

She turns around and smiles while saying "Don't tell me Chibodee put you up there like that."

He nods while asking "Can you please help me down?"

Cloy smirks while saying "Oh sure if you want to go to jail."

He sighs in defeat while saying "Oh all right you win."

They got him down and took him to jail all the guys made wisecracks about him. Well now the only problem that remains is if Esmeralda and Rebecca will be all right. She sighs while saying "Well now it's up to the two star struck gundam fighters."

Schwarz stood beside her while saying "I'm sure they'll take care of this."


Chibodee and George approach the gate with the look of determination. At the same time our time for gathering our thoughts was up. We both knew if we had to we may end up having to kill Seth but without regret. Somehow Seth figured out what we were going to do so he ties us to different places. We both sigh in defeat as our efforts seem to be in vain.

Chibodee smiles while asking "Any regrets on killing Seth George?"

George shook his head while saying "Although I wouldn't promote killing but it's the only way we can ensure their safety."

Chibodee nods while saying "I'm not really, too fond the idea either but if it means Rebecca will be safe I'll do it."

When the two romantic men enter to their horrible surprise, we were tied up nearly naked. We both were screaming for help even though it would do us no good or so we thought. Chibodee punches Seth right square in the jaw, and it hurt him, a little but not a devastating point. He cuts Chibodee a little but George hit him with his fencing sword to block the any more blows. We both watch helplessly knowing this is brutle fight to no ends.

They exchange hits something has got to give all of them were getting tired. There was always Chibodee's gun he tries not to make it obvious that he was going to get it. He tries to cut Chibodee's hand but George intervened with the blow. Chibodee got his gun and shot it twice Seth fell on the floor looking like he was dead. We both sigh as the sight of the fight replays in our mind and after that they got us free. Chibodee holds me close to him and George does the same for Esmeralda. We both say "You both are hurt."

Seth crawls over and does one last hurtful blow to their guts. However the guys didn't feel it we did at the last second we switched places. Chibodee punched him again causing another devastating blow and this time he stayed down. However Esmeralda and I are bleeding heavily both George and Chibodee held us in their arms. They both cry "Girls why did you take the blow?"

We both smiled weakly at them while saying "We didn't want Seth to win."

Both of their tears fell on our words and strangely stop the blood pouring as they cradled us in their arms. They both smile while saying "He didn't win girls."

We both cry in their arms asking "Where are we going to go now? Our family is gone there's nothing left for us."

They kiss us while saying "You have us girls and you can stay with us."

We both smile at them and kiss them while saying "We know now thank you guys so much."

The two romantic fighters walk back with two injured girls in their arms but more importantly the love of their lives. The war is over and now we can finally say we have won it.


Probably a crummy ending sorry but thanks for all the support, you've given in this story. I hope you like the ending.