Prologue: Yami and Hikari


Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of the show or songs within this song fic. But I do own the idea and the poem.

An: This is the prequel to "Save Me from the Darkness" You should probably read this first. This is a yaoi, yuri, het song fic. The pairings are Yami/ Yugi, Tristan/ Serenity, Joey/ Seto, Malik/ Marik, Ryuu/ Bakura, some Marik/ Bakura, Dark Magician/ Blue Eyes White Dragon, and Tea/ Mai. In future chapters Tea will be called Isis due to the powers I am giving her. Also this takes place in Ancient Egypt so if the facts are wrong please let me know.

Now listen up all ye who are interested. Five thousand years ago a great Pharaoh was born and with his birth a great prophecy was born as well. The prophecy foretold of something being able to pierce a great and evil darkness. The prophecy read,

When the light comes

The Darkness shall fade

To a lighter shade

Though equal in proportion

Of dark and light.

They will balance each other.

And through a stabalence born!

They will be called Yami and Hikari.

And if you mess with one or the other you'll be

Real sorry

At the time everyone in Egypt shook this off as a joke. Little did they know that it was about to happen in that lifetime…

An: Don't worry the rest of the story will be longer but this is just the prologue.