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If one was to enter a sea port Tavern and ask about pirates, two names were always mentioned. Two men ravaged the seas from shore to shore, taking every ship they could get their hands on, and every piece of booty to be had. Every sea port knew the legend of the most infamous pirates of the sea. The stories were passed from port to port, until all the cities sang with the adventures of the pirate captains Xellos and Zelgadis. They were heralded as the most fearsome pirates on the sea, and they never took prisoners.

This was of, course, untrue. Captain Xellos the Monster was indeed ruthless, and certainly did kill a lot of people, but he always left some alive. He wanted stories of his prowess to frighten the ships so that the takeover would be easier. He was a fiery man with straight purple hair that hung to his shoulders. His eyes were of a pale yellow and red, always reflecting his victim's face before he gutted them. He was always smiling, as if he knew that he already owned the world, and the people he killed were just toys. It was said that you were sure to stay alive until he stopped smiling. Then, you truly would find death at the end of his cutlass, or to his black magic.

Captain Zelgadis the Chimera, however, was the true monster. He was said to have skin the color of the sky, covered all over in stones and rocks. They said that he once lived in the bottom of the ocean, and all the creatures of the sea were at his beck and call. His hair was as tough and stiff as the spines of a porcupine, and were of a lavender that rivaled the setting sun's colors. People feared him much more than the handsome Captain Xellos. Of course, the fact that he rarely killed the entire crew of a ship was irrelevant due to his appearance. Captain Zelgadis rarely smiled, but was in fact a genius at maritime issues. It was said that he steals the minds of his victims, taking their intelligence for his own and making them his mindless zombies.

The two captains hated each other with a passion that defied reason. Xellos had been a pirate all his life, and was dashing, daring, and handsome. His father had been a pirate, his mother was a dockside whore who begat him after one night with the pirate captain. Xellos's father had reappeared the night that he was born and carried him off to the ship Mazoku, where he raised the boy to be his spitting image. The old captain had long since retired to an island paradise with his vast wealth, and had left Xellos the ship to continue his legacy of piracy.

Zelgadis had been an aristocrat until a demon cursed him with his skin malady. He had taken to the sea after that, believing himself to be a devil because of his oddities. He hired a crew, and bought a ship, which he dubbed the Amelia Saiirun, after his beloved cousin who had died many years before. He took to the seas to harass all merchant and trading vessels, searching for information on cures for curses. He adopted a beige cape, tunic, and leggings, and donned a mask that covered everything below his lavender eyes. He always wore a hood, and never revealed himself to anyone. His crew was faithfully loyal to him because he was fair, yet firm. They always got an equal share, and could have anything they wanted in booty and women, as long as the women went free afterwards. Zelgadis had studied magic while he was still human, but out on the sea he perfected his use of the shamanic white magic spells. He used these to sink ships, rescue passengers, and to save himself on many occasions.

Their hatred sprang from Zelgadis's curse. Xellos's father had come into possession of the only known surefire cure for curses, the Orb of Glenkirk, on one of his jaunts into the southern seas. He had guarded the Orb jealously, finally bestowing it upon his son when he retired. Xellos had taunted Zelgadis with it for years, leaving small tidbits of clues and mocking taunts in his wake. Zelgadis was furious, for he wanted more than anything to become human again. He chased Xellos to the ends of the earth and back, always one step behind the Monster Captain. It was now a pleasing dance to the Monster Captain, and brought him many hours of delight, thinking up new ways to annoy the Chimera Captain.

Xellos had one weakness, however. He wanted, more than anything, to rule the world. He consumed himself with his yearning for power, eventually becoming a dark, trickster priest who commanded the dark, evil arts. He used these arts to locate hidden treasures, and to inflict pain on others.

However, these two captains had one thing in common. Love had never struck either of their hearts. True, they both enjoyed wenching a great deal, and had found many a romantic night in the arms of various women, but none of them truly lost their hearts to anyone. . .

Until they met Lady Lina Inverse.


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