A/N This is my first full length story; it's probably riddled with errors. I'm not an incredibly good writer lol. Anyway this story is set an Egyptian year after The Mummy R. As always I sadly don't own any characters, but ah well.

"Medjai! Medjai! My father needs you!"

Evelyn twisted and turned in her sleep, the silk sheets becoming more and more tangled upon her body. The drapes around her open windows fluttered and Evy awoke with startle, she quickly shot up and wiped the cold sweat off her forehead.

"A vision?" Evelyn spoke aloud, it didn't matter, she was alone in Cairo on business, acquiring a new artefact for the British Museum.

Surely not a vision? Evie questioned her thoughts; she had finished with that hadn't she? Yes, Evie accepted she had a previous life, but those visions had taken their course and finished hadn't they?

Evie quickly pulled a lose strand of hair behind her ears and pulled herself out of bed, she quickly put on her robe and stepped out onto the balcony. The night in Egypt was beautiful; the moon shimmered on Evie's robe and the metal balcony which she stood on.

"Why on earth would I have a vision _now_?" Evie spoke to herself again, it was unlikely anyone would hear her ramblings in the dead of the night.

Suddenly, Evelyn felt faint, a sickness swelled in her head and stomach. She staggered out of the balcony and on to her bed, as she slumped face down a vision appeared before her.

As Evelyn lifted her head off her pillow, she saw around her a beautiful Ancient Egyptian room, the walls of the room were colourful, with hieroglyphic art everywhere, scenes of fishing at the Nile were a plenty, as well as reference to Hathor and Amun.

Before her Evie could see herself, well her former self Nefertiti, she had two servants fanning her on either side. Nefertiti was sat on a beautiful Gold coloured sofa, she had on her a beautiful black and gold robe, and around her neck a Gold Ankh with "Nefertiti" inside a cartouche on the top ends of the Ankh. Nefertiti was facing a carved door in the wall with red and blue beads hanging from the ceiling, in different strips. The rows of beads fluttered as a male figure entered Nefertitis room, he was a handsome man but they're was something familiar about him, it was only when Evelyn saw his eyes. It was Rick!

"Princess Nefertiti, your father wishes to speak with you." Rick bowed and as he reached for Nefertitis hand to guide her down the halls of the palace did Evelyn notice the small markings of Hieratic on his face. So Rick really was a Medjai!

"Very well, you will take me too him?" Nefertiti smirked as he took her hand, her servants placed a beaded shawl like cloth around her shoulders, and they set off down the hall.

Evelyn watched as the Medjai Rick and Nefertiti walked down the beautiful halls of this nineteenth century palace, the walls seemed to be laced with gold, and the images of Bastet, Osiris and Anubis with the king seemed so lifelike it was scary. The art showed Seti, reading and writing with the God of Scribes Thoth, and fishing with the God of the Nile.

"I shall leave you now princess." The Medjai bowed again as he let go of Nefertiti's hand.

"If you must." Nefertiti smirked again and proceeded to walk through the doors of the Pharaohs private room.

"Pharaoh." Nefertiti bowed and proceeded to walk towards the Pharaoh, Seti signalled his servants to leave and as they scurried off, Seti left his throne and walked down the three stone steps between himself and Nefertiti.

"You wished to see me father?"

"Yes, Nefertiti. How is your Sais training coming along?"

"Very well father, is that all you wished to see me about?"

"No. Nefertiti. I believe Anck-su-namun is deceiving me."

"Father, what gives you that idea?"

"It does not matter my daughter. But now I wish something of you?"

"Of course father, what is it?"

"You are a trained fighter now Nefertiti. If something happens to me, I wish for you to extract my revenge for me?"

"Yes father, of course." Nefertiti looked puzzled, would someone really try to kill the Pharaoh? Her fathers face looked worn and ill, she pondered whether someone had already tried but dismissed the thought.

"I wish for you to sign this my daughter, when signed you are bound by the great god Horus, if I am murdered, you must avenge my death and kill the perpetrators One Egyptian year exactly after my death."

Seti handed Nefertiti a piece of cloth, on it was written in hieratic the few conditions of the agreement."

"By signing this agreement, you will automatically avenge the Pharaoh Seti death if murdered by killing the perpetrators unless they are found innocent of this grave crime."

Nefertiti read on, confused and enchanted by this strange wish from her father.

"The perpetrators will once forth be brought back from the underworld to challenge you in battle. Until they are both defeated by your sword."

As Seti passed her the fine brush she was to sign her name with, Nefertiti sighed, and then quickly put her name down.

"Thank you my daughter. You may now go."

Nefertiti bowed as she left the room. The walls around her began to fade and so did Nefertiti. Evie lifted her head from her pillow and rubbed down her face.

"Were the visions back?" Evelyn questioned her judgement, she sat up in astonishment, she tried to shrug this strange dream off but couldn't.

"Where is Rick when I need him?" Evie smiled as she said it, a few years ago Evie was all on her own in Cairo, apart from her usually "merry" brother Jonathan. Evelyn sat back on her bed and thought about her reason for being in Cairo, to pick up an artefact for the British Museum. An old funerary mask, Akhenaten, it had been a breakthrough when it had been discovered. It had been thought his most of his funerary belongings had been pillaged, or obliterated luckily this was not that case. Evelyn pondered more about this artefact until she found herself falling asleep.


Evelyn awoke to the pound of her door. Sleepily she looked up and saw the door almost quaking.

"Mrs O'Connell!"

"Mrs O'Connell!"

A strong, heavy British voice called her from behind the door.

"Yes, hang on a bloody minute!" Usually Evie was not coarse, but being woken at 4:30 in the morning is enough to make most people swear.

Evelyn quickly threw on her clothes and brushed her hair as she answered the door. The large Egyptologist greeted her, he had a rather red face, a patch of Greying hair on his head, and a bulging figure hiding beneath his white shirt and khaki's.

"Yes Oliver?"

"We have made a breakthrough."

Oliver barged through the door and almost sent Evie flying onto her wardrobe door, Oliver sat down on Evie's chair as quickly as a large man could, and scratched his head. Evelyn looked at him sleepily and answered:

"Yes I know we have made a breakthrough. That is why I am here."

"Oh you mean Akhenaten mask? Forget that, bloody old pile of Egyptian rubbish if you ask me. No one of our men out on a dig, Johnny I think his name is, well anyway he has found a scripture from Seti I to his daughter Nefertiti."

Evelyn's blood ran cold. She was no longer sleepy now, what she had just heard would be enough to wake anyone who happened to be a reincarnation of Nefertiti.

"Wha-What did you say?"

"A scripture.from Seti I. Bloody more interesting than that funerary mask, if you ask me, from what the Ancient Egyptian Linguist has said, something to do with a curse."

"I'll be out in a minute Oliver."

Oliver looked at Evelyn confused by her sudden harshness of words, the Egyptologist stood up abruptly and waddled out of the room. Whilst Evelyn stood facing her balcony. Oliver's words rang in her head:

"He has found a scripture from Seti I to his daughter Nefertiti. Something to do with a curse."

So the vision was right, Evelyn thought. This means, I would have to fight Anck-su-namun and Imhotep to the death?

Evelyn brooded on this until she was interrupted by Oliver shouting through the door.

"Come on Evelyn! The linguist says they're something you should see!"