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Evie stuttered as she spoke, she pulled a stand of hair and toyed with it.

"J-Jonathan, I've had another vision."

Jonathan squinted a little, partly because of the desert sun, partly because of the whiteness of his sister's face and her nervous speech.

"Of what?"

"My former self and Seti. Seti told me that Nefertiri won't be able to rest when her spirit goes to the underworld. Unless..."

"Unless what Evie?"

"Unless I kill Imhotep and Anck-su-namun."

Evie wiped her mouth, there was nothing on there but all the same, Jonathan remembered this is what Evie used to do when she was little and did something wrong. Like eat most of her mothers baked cakes.

"That's impossible Evie, seeing as their dead and all."

"Excuse me, but we have to be going now Evelyn, Mohammad is fidgeting and threatening to leave unless we raise his pay, bloody scoundrel if you ask me."

Oliver carried on rambling about how the men in Cairo were out to "take me for every last penny I have" When Evie turned to Jonathan and said, calmly.

"You know where my old apartment is Jonathan, I expect you there at 7 o'clock sharp."

"Hang on a second old mum, what's to say I don't have prior arrangements."

"Oh Jonathan, I'm sure you can put off one poker game."

Evie turned to walk away from Jonathan and follow Oliver to the car when Kheri stoped her; he put his arm out to grab her and gently pulled her aside. Evelyn definitely noted something familiar about him, but she couldnt quite put her finger on it.

"Goodbye Evelyn. I will see you tomorrow at dawn?"

"For what?"

"To see the ruins of course!"

Evelyn had almost forgotten about the ruins, but agreed to go anyway.

"Yes yes of course."

"Come on Evelyn. We don't have all day!"

Oliver was sat in the car with Mohammad cursing at him under his breath.

"Are you trying to say something Mohammad?"

Oliver grinned and his patch of greying hair upon the top of his head seemed to move and shake. As Evelyn was just about to sit down in the motor car Mohammad decided it would be a good time to test the speed of the car and he sent Evelyn flying to the other seat.


"Oh...I am...Sorry Mrs O'Connell." Mohammad smirked, he had had enough of the two British folk and now he was getting his own back.

"It's alright Mohammad." Evie sighed as they drove back to the British fort.


By the time Evie had got back to her apartment it was already 6:30, in half an hour Jonathan would be at Evie's, to discuss with Jonathan what they were going to do. It was obvious to Evie that the visions and the scripture were linked, but was it really true. Would Evelyn have to kill Anck-su- namun and Imhotep? Surely not Evie thought, they had condemned Imhotep and also Anck-su-namun to the underworld, but it wasn't by Nefertiri's sword. The visions were becoming more and more frequent and Evie found herself slipping in and out of consciousness, a rather vivid vision happened whilst she was reading.

"Nefertiri." Imhotep called her as she walked down one of the palace halls, Nefertiri found this odd, she had never really had any contact with her father's priest, but now he was calling her.

"Nefertiri!" Imhotep sounded anxious and exasperated.


"The Pharaoh tells me you have signed an agreement. Why was I not there?"

"I don't know, ask my father."

"I have, he tells me the document is secret. What is it about Nefertiri; you know you can trust me."

Nefertiri paused, there was something suspicious about Imhotep, but she couldn't put her finger on it.

"If my father wishes for the details of the agreement to be kept private so be it."

"But if the agreement of the Gods is needed. The high priest is needed to be present. Surely you understand Nefertiri!" Imhotep grabbed Nefertiri's arm and pulled her. Nefertiri shrugged him off and plainly answered.

"Maybe my father has his suspicions about the High Priest." Nefertiri raised her eyebrow and carried on walking down the palace hall.

Evie came around to the banging of her apartments door.

"Evie, bloody answer the door!" The familiar voice of Jonathan greeted Evie in his rather coarse manner as she opened the door.

"A bit early aren't you Jonathan?"

"Have you seen the time, its half past seven!"

"Oh well you better come in then." Evie pulled the door wide open and Jonathan stepped inside, in his hand was a half full bottle of whisky. Evie noticed this and sighed, when would her brother learn.


Kheri Imhotep drove down into Cairo, his car rattled violently and he bounced up and down in his seat, but he didn't seem to care. Kheri's eyes were fixed on the road as he swerved in front of other drivers, Kheri stopped and pulled in on a dusty alley way and stepped out of the car, he looked around anxiously, and then spotted a female figure in the darkness.

"Nefertiri will be returning to Hamunaptra tomorrow at Dawn." Kheri began to speak in Ancient Egyptian to the lady,

"You will have to be present to face her and regain your powers from the underworld."

"Powers?" The woman answered back in Ancient Egyptian

"Yes, the curse set on Nefertiri by Seti means you both have un-human powers, in an agreement with Osiris, you must give up your soul to him if you lose though."

"But I wont, I tutored Nefertiri, I know her weaknesses."

The woman stepped out from the darkness, she had brown hair past her shoulders, a dark tan similar to Kheri's and brown eyes, and the woman was slight, but somewhat toned and muscled.

"Its good to have you back Anck-su-namun." Kheri spoke silently before he stepped back into the car and drove off.