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Chapter 1: Watch out!

"Amy!" a voice echoed through the empty hallway. " Stop reading! Don't you know that school hasn't started yet?" Silently, she wondered why she had accompanied Amy to the library in the first place.

"Serena, just because school hasn't begun, doesn't mean I can't do a bit of light reading." she replied timidly, glancing up from her weighty textbook to face two impatient blue eyes.

"Aww, Amy! Is that what you call light? I HAVE to get out of this library!" Serena whined as Amy turned the page and tucked her short, dark hair behind her ears. Laughing and shaking her head fondly, Amy sighed. Serena never was the studious one, she thought. She always managed to fall asleep in class. Slowly, Amy ambled toward the end of the hall, her eyes still glued to the pages of her book.

"I thought I said no more reading." Serena asked, with a slightly irritated tone of voice. She grinned mischievously, as a brilliant plan formed in her head. She inched her way closer to Amy; her narrowed eyes were fixed on the open textbook in Amy's gentle hands. Finally, the time was right. In a flash, Serena grabbed the book from Amy and ran, holding it just beyond the reach of her startled friend. Together, they burst out of the deserted school hallway and ran into the stone courtyard laughing as the blazing midday sun beats upon their backs. Serena pranced around her childishly, waving the book in front of her and pulling it back just as she reached to reclaim it.

"Oh no! Serena, watch ou." warned Amy, as Serena tumbled into a young man. Her books scattered around her and her backpack ripped open, spewing all its messy contents out onto the stone walkway.

"Oww! Oh my gosh." she stammered. Slowly her eyes moved from his torso toward his face. She gasped as she noted his handsome features. His jet- black hair hung stylishly over his dark brown eyes. She was in shock. She couldn't tear her eyes away from his.

"Um.Serena?" asked Amy gingerly, yanking Serena out of her trance. Here we go again, Amy thought, grinning. This should be interesting.

"Oh! Yeah! Uh.I.I'm.so.so..uh.so-sorry! I wasn't looking." Serena stuttered profusely. Smooth, real smooth, she thought to herself. She bent over to pick up her things, fumbling under the gaze of the gorgeous stranger next to her.

What a funny girl, he thought to himself. He chuckled as she gathered her things. She's cute, he thought to himself, unsure of what to do. He knelt down to help her.

"Th-Thank you." she muttered, staring at a nearby leaf. She couldn't bring herself to look into his eyes.

"No problem." He shrugged nonchalantly. "I should have been paying more attention."

"I-It was r-really our f-fa." Serena began.

"Look. I really have to run. I hope you're okay. See you girls around!" he shouted, his back turned as he disappeared through the bushes nearby. As soon as he was gone, the pair burst into fits of laughter.

"That was very refined, Serena!" Amy commented, attempting to stifle her giggles.

"Hey!" Serena pouted, a broad grin across her face. "I thought I handled that extremely well."

"You did!"

"I did?"

"Yeah! I think this is the most conversation you've had with a hot guy!"

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing. I'm just saying."

"Saying what?"

"At least you didn't spill milk all over him like you did to Yousuke when he asked you for some money yesterday!"

With that, Serena raced after Amy, laughing hysterically, as her golden pigtails bounced behind her.



"Darien? Where's Daddy?"

"He's gone. He won't be coming back." He said, coldly. She had to know the truth. It had been a long, hard year without their father. He left for good. No hugs, no kisses, no goodbyes.

"Where's Mommy?"

"Mommy is gone too." He could barely mouth those words. It was too much - listening to the pastor go on about a better life. It would never be better. He had to get away.

They told him he and his sister were to live with their uncle in Tokyo. He was glad to leave. He couldn't bear all the memories.

"Darien, I don't want to leave." She cried. She didn't understand. She was too young. After all, she was only 4. . "We can't stay here." He replied simply. She would never know. She couldn't possibly remember the day their father left. She couldn't possibly remember their mother crying herself to sleep every night after their father left. Darien heard it. He heard her sobs through the thin, poorly built walls of their ragged shack.

He remembered the doctor, pulling him aside to tell him their mother was gone. It was too much, even for a mature 6-year-old like himself. He remembered running to the edge of her hospital bed, his eyes welled up in tears, as the doctors took her away.

His sister might not have remembered, but he did.

*End Flashback*

He stared up at the clear sky, as his steps crushed the crisp, autumn leaves on the stony pathway. He remembered that day. That day 12 years ago. His sister had only been 4 when their mother passed away.

All of a sudden, a far off voice yelled, "Watch out!" and he felt the force of a young girl slam against his body.

He turned around to face his attacker, angry with her for interrupting his thoughts. As he faced her, his anger quickly vanished. He stared into her eyes. They were two pools of water that seemed to call out to him.

"Serena." another girl whispered.

Serena, he thought. So that's her name. He tore his glance away from hers and bent down to help her pick up the scattered array of pencils and papers. Something else caught his eye. Hastily, he scooped it up, entranced by its simplistic beauty.

Oh no, he thought. I completely forgot about work. Apologizing, he sped off, unaware that Serena's trinket was still grasped tightly in his hand.

He ran through the bushes as the long, whip-like branches cut across his face. He grimaced. He had lost track of time. That girl. She seemed so familiar. It was like he already knew her.

That's crazy, he thought to himself. He quickly dismissed the idea and made his way towards the newspaper's main building. He had just moved to this small town, Enoshima, a week ago and it was a miracle that he managed to find a job so quickly. Being late on the first day of a job was not likely to impress the president of the fast-paced newspaper.

As he was ran, he felt something in his hand. Oh no, he thought, kicking himself. I forgot to give this back to her after I picked it up. Shrugging, he slipped it into his pocket and wrenched open the door to enter the air- conditioned building.

"I'm sorry.It won't happen again, sir." he fumbled. As he made his way to the mailroom, he pulled out the trifle from his pocket to examine it more closely.

It was a small golden locket in the shape of a star. It reminded him of her, the girl he bumped into, though he didn't know why. Sighing, he slipped it back into his pocket and began to sort through the mountainous piles of mail.


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