"Is it evil?" Dawn asked Glory so softly, fearful of the answer.

"Totally!" The hellgod exclaimed brightly.

"S-so if I t-tell you where the-" Dawn paused and gathered her courage, "Key is, would you keep your promise?" Glory cocked her head.

"What promise was that, hon?"

"Ice cream and puppy dogs." The insane goddess brightened instantly.

"Of course!" She said, laughing, before a shadow of doubt crossed her face. "But if you lie to me..."

"But if I told you the truth, you would protect me from Buffy? 'Cus she'd kill me if she knew I told you." Dawn told the blonde with an air of confidence that made it more of a demand, rather then a question. Glory nodded a her. "And if the monks made it into a person, what would you do with her?" The woman thought for a moment, then found an answer.

"I would take her away from the Slayer and treat her like a princess. I just know we would get along. Why, is my Key now trapped in a fleshbag?" Glory shuttered, and Dawn perked up and gave Glory her first real smile since Spike had read that passage in Giles's diary.

"I'm your Key." A look of shock flickered across Glory's face.

"I you're lying to me, love..."

"If you don't believe me, make me crazy." Dawn snapped and Glory smiled.

"You must be it. No one else would ever have the nerve to speak to me like that, not even the Slayer." Placing her hand around the shorter girl's waist, she took off with supernatural speed that even Buffy could never match, before the Slayer and her followers ever got to the hospital.