I saw Spike cry last night, in the dim lighting of his crypt, tears rolling down his face, so I crept inside quietly, and sat down beside him. He didn't even notice I was there. So I left.

Spike says that he never cries, that it's never good shows any emotion but anger, rage and hate, because it's a sign of weakness.

He says crying makes it worse, that crying doesn't do you any good.

But he still does it.

Spike was sitting on his bed, in the dim light of the fire, and holding Buffy's picture.

He says that Buffy wouldn't have cried for anything. But I've seen her cry.

He was sitting in the dank and damp crypt, missing Buffy, and he seemed to be completely engulfed by his pain.

Willow, Xander and Giles says she's in a better place.

A better place is a place where there are no vampires, demons or fake sisters created to open portals to hell.

I saw Spike crying again tonight and I knew he was crying for my dead, selfless sister, so I crept over to join him. And afterwards, we felt a little bit better. It felt like when me and Buffy cried for mom.

Buffy says it's better to be with someone you love, when you cry.

I just wish it were her I was crying with.