The music pounds through the club, as she rubs her body up against mine, looping her thumbs into the belt loops of my jeans, doing her sexy dance. We're dressed alike, both in tight, dark blue jeans, and formfitting tank tops that show off our matching tattoos circling our bellybuttons, and I know we're attracting the guys like flies to honey, but all that matters is the extremely hot woman dancing with me. Because other then forgetting, nothing matters.

It doesn't matter that my sister died to protect me.

It doesn't matter that she is back, and convinced that she's above all of us.

It doesn't matter that Spike is dust blowing in the wind because Xander staked him for approving of Faith and I.

It doesn't matter that Buffy, Xander and Willow won't speak to me because I'm 'betraying' by being in love with her.

It doesn't matter that Willow won't have any contact with Tara because she stood up for me and Faith.

It doesn't ever matter that I shot Giles in the head because he tried to kill Faith, because she was 'going to turn on us all, eventually.'

Nothing matters as I wrap my arms around Faith's lethal body, and pull her mouth into a fierce kiss, using my lips, teeth and tongue, like she's showed me.

Fuck them, if they can't deal.

I'm sixteen years old. I can decide on my own girlfriend, thank you very much.

And they're gonna be dead tomorrow, anyhow.

Because Darla brought Angelus back and since Bitchy and company are so convinced they can defend themselves, we are going to let them try to do just that. Because they don't matter to me anymore.

It's just the four of us now.

Two sets of lesbianonic freaks.

Faith and I. Tara and Anya.

A Slayer and a Key. A witch and a vengeance demon.

Anya actually respects me now, believe it or not. Ever since I told Buffy to go fuck herself.

Faith is separating herself from me, tugging at my wrist, and I know It's time to go. From the look in her eyes, I know Faith wants to celebrate the inevitable fall of what's left of the Scooby gang.

Oh, goodie, Dawnie gonna get some.

And something does matter. Faith.

Because she is all I need.