All my life, I'd been working toward a single goal. Never not thinking about how to archive that dream. My mind never wandering from the path, until him.

Wesley Windom Price, the third.

I actually felt something for him. Not to sure what, lust, need, likeness. Maybe even lo- I'm not going there. But whatever it was, it made me weak. Off my guard. _Helpless_ for god's sake. So fucking defenseless that a friggin' -CHEERLEADER- managed to kill me. A year ago, I never would have dropped my guard around a two-month-old. But I did around a woman who has hated me ever since we met, and the feeling was mutual.

But because of Wesley, I've gone soft.

And now, all I can do is wait for Angelus to find me and drink whatever blood hasn't leaked out of the gapping wound Cordelia, fucking pussy, Chase put in me.

What a way to go.