I hate them.

I hate them -all-.

But I hate him the most.

How dare they try to hold me back, just because I am excelling?

Just because little, baby Kes isn't so helpless anymore, they lock her behind a force field!

But that didn't work.

I was more then it.

I am more then any one of them.

I am more then even -him-!

Mr. Know-All Tuvok who was threatened because his pupil exceeded his mental abilities with her own.

-None- of them are half of what I am.

I am more then everything combined.

I almost feel sorry for them, to never know what it is like to be this. whatever it is.

But they aren't worth my pity.

They tried to kill me because they were scared of my newfound abilities.

They had every right to be scared.

My wrath will swallow them whole.