Link lie slumbering on the KoRL. (King of Red Lions, Link's boat). He was dreaming about the time when he and Tetra (The leader of the pirates) had begun sailing together. Link saw himself battling against Ganondorf. Zelda stood behind him, loosing a light arrow from Link's bow. Ganondorf was struck by the arrow in a burst of light, temporally stunned. Link dashed to Ganondorf and slashed him with his gleaming Master Sword. Ganondorf quickly recovered from the powerful blows and stood up straight, glaring at the duo of Link and Zelda.

Suddenly an idea donned on Ganondorf. He nimbly jumped over to Zelda, sheathed his sword, and gave her a direct blow to the face. She instantly passed out. Unsheathing his sword he turned to face his other young opponent. Link glared back at Ganondorf, ready to fight. Ganondorf slashed one of his swords at Link, then the other, then a doing a spin move. He finally leaped at Link, attempting to decapitate him. Link quickly rolled behind Ganondorf, leaping up and slashing him with his Master Sword. Ganondorf kneeled, regaining his breath. Link went crazy on Ganondorf, slashing and hacking. Ganondorf stood up, his bearings regained.

Zelda stood up recovering from her previous blow. Shaking the water from her hair, she called Link over to her. Link ran rolling from Ganondorf twice as he attempted to hit him. Zelda yelled to Link, "Link, I'll aim at you and you use your shield, do you get it?" Link nodded in silent agreement, and turned his attention back to Ganondorf. Ganondorf quickly leapt at Link, but Link stealthily back flipped out of his way. He was careful not to let Ganondorf see Zelda sneak behind him. She notched an arrow to her bow, aiming at Link's mirror shield. She quickly loosed her arrow. Ganondorf heard the hiss of the arrow through the air, and did an aerial over it. Link held his mirror shield prepping himself for the impact. The light arrow struck Link's shield. It quickly rebounded off his shield, and struck Ganondorf. Ganondorf fell down, his breathing heavy. Feebly he swung his sword at our brave young hero, draped in green. Link quickly rolled under it, his hood swinging. He leaped high in the air, slashing Ganondorf as he went into many flips. As Link approached the ground, he stabbed Ganondorf right between the eyes. Slowly Ganondorf was sealed in rock, just like he had been in the Tri-Force. Link and Zelda then turned to the King of Hyrule. He said that he had lived to his bound to his castle for life and now, as it flooded he was going to stay there. Water poured in from all from sides, the barrier that kept the water out of Hyrule, shattered. Zelda and Link floated to the surface , since the King wished on the Tri-Force that they would live. The Tri-Force must grant the wish of the beholder. Link saw his last vision of the King as he floated toward the surface. The KoRL and the King of Hyrule were one, so the day that the King died, the KoRL ceased to talk.

Eventually Tetra's pirate crew found Link, floating. He was welcomed aboard, and they took him to his home on Outset Isle. Link and Tetra decided that they should set sail, together, because Outset was simply to uneventful compared to what Link had been through. Everyone on Outset gave Link a present, his sister gave him a telescope. Orca, the one who trained Link in the art of swordsman ship, gave Link his old sword, the Hero's Blade, since the Master Sword was now at the bottom of the ocean, still impaled in Ganondorf. The girl who carried pots of water on her head gave Link an empty bottle, since he had lost all his other items, floating to the surface of the ocean. In that bottle, Link's grandma poured soup, filling it to the top. A family that consisted of: A mother, a father, and two young, ANNOYING, boys, gave him 100 rupees and a bigger wallet. Link received a complete map of the ocean from an old wise man. Link said his last good-byes to all his friends on Outset. He began sailing. He dreamed about the last, tearful look his sister gave him as his sail filled with air, and took off to the vast, deep ocean.

Link awoke suddenly, from a rock that hit his head. He looked at Tetra, and shocked to see a serious look on her face. "Hey! Look at that!" Tetra said, pointing. Link followed her finger out to the horizon. He saw a large dark cloud, slowly approaching them.

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