You look so fine/ I want to break your heart and give you mine/ You're taking me over Damn. You'd think I'd know better. She's the Slayer's beat friend, for fuck's sake!
Hell, she looks so tender and soft. The way she chews on her bottom lip so ruthlessly that it'll be sore and puffy tomorrow while she looks through Giles's old books on some Reahridal-Suderupt demon. How I'd love to be the one giving all that attention to her flushed lip.
It takes all my willpower not to jump up from the chair that I'm so loosely tied to and shag her senseless right here. Slayer, watcher and moron be damned. To feel her under me.
Crap. I gotta stop thinking like this. And stop staring at Red. If the Slayer catches me, I'm dust.
Thinking about what I'm gonna do to dogboy, normally distracts me, as it does now. Angelus taught me thousands of ways to inflict unbearable pain, and I plan to use all of them as soon as I get this soddin' chip outta my head. Or maybe I could still hurt a werewolf. Not to sure on that one, but I'm willing to find out if he ever shows up around here.
"Spike, will you go with Buffy on tonight's hunt?" The watcher asks me, bringing me out of my thoughts and my mind travels back to the land of things I'd like to show Willow. "We'll pay you as compensation, of course."
"I'd rather be compensated in other ways." I mumble, before I can stop myself. Rupert blinks repeatedly showing that he hadn't caught what I said and Red's to engrossed in her books to have heard me. The Slayer's the only who heard what I said, and thankfully she's to daft to have understood what I meant.
"We are not giving you human blood!" She shrieks so loudly that I'm surprised that I'm not def. But I go along with it and shrug.
"Fine. Keep your money, Watcher. I'll do this one for free." Getting up, ignoring the moron's pathetic attempts at tying knots, I follow Slutty to the Watcher's front door. Before I leave, I turn to look at the witch, and she's smiling at me. One of those little half-grins that drive me insane. And I can't help hoping I have a chance after all.