It's almost time. Giles wanted Dawn to give Buffy's eulogy, so that is what she is going to do.

But she isn't going to say what they all expect her to.

Dawn's not going to go up there and start her speech with 'There are no words to describe how wonderful she was...' or some shitload of lies like that. Because she wasn't wonderful. She was a thoughtless, selfish bitch to the very end. She only stayed the Slayer when they first came to Sunnydale because Cordelia and her clones condemned her and she couldn't live without followers hanging on to her every word. Even back then, if she had said 'jump', Willow and Xander would have run out and bought a trampoline before asking 'how high'.

'She died to save you, Bit. Be grateful.'

Those were Spike's first coherent words after he saw her body. Dawn had almost broke into a fit of hysterical giggles when he said that. Because it's a load of bull, and Dawn knows it. She died because she wanted to. If Buffy had been the selfless goddess they made her out to be, she would have let Dawn jump. Buffy had the Scoobies relying on her. Hell, she had the whole world relying on her. Now, they only have one Slayer, and she's in jail. But Dawn was expandable. Dawn had one job in life. To open the lock. And she did it. She has nothing else. Buffy hat the whole fucking world and Dawn has nothing, but she was so goddamn selfish and she had to jump and leave Dawn all alone on that tower. She didn't want to live any more, and now she doesn't have to.

Dawn soon realizes that the guy saying the burial crap has stopped droning on, so she gets up and stands next to the coffin with her dead sister laying lifeless inside. Dawn takes one look at the people around her, watching and waiting, and she lowers her head in shame, knowing that it she ever said what she is feeling, it would kill them.

Dawn draws in a strong breath and begins.

"There are no words to even begin to describe how wonderful, radiant and holy Buffy was to us all..."