Lord of Darkness Finds His Soul-Mate CH. 1

July 11 2003 at 6:25 PM
By: Takersvamp
[ rated R: includes sex, violence, and satanism ]

The Dark Lord is :

















The wind blew past him, almost angrily, as he pushed the huge motorcycle even faster than normal. The man and machine seemed almost connected. Even on the bike, he looked bigger than most men, which he was. On the ground, he was seven feet tall. Huge muscles made up the rest of his body, including a rock hard six-pack. His legs were like tree trunks and his arms were the size of most peoples thighs. He looked like he bench pressed cars for fun. If his size didn't intimidate people, then his coloring did. His skin was tan, but every hair on him was as black as tar. He kept his hair pulled back in a braid so most people hadn't seen it down. On the rare occasion when it was down, it hung past his shoulders in waves. It was even more rare for him to take off his sun glasses. His eyes scared people. They were just as black as his hair. They looked like two black holes, just waiting to suck someone down to Hell. When you put everything together, he was a huge man that looked as evil as Satan himself, especially with his full-length, black, leather duster bellowing out behind him. Even the bike he rode had been special built just for him because regular sized bikes were too small. He was late for work and was taking it out on the bike. Lightning and thunder crashed around him as huge rain drops soaked his coat. He didn't mind though. Nights like this made him feel alive, if just for a while.
He finally pulled into an underground parking garage, stopping the bike behind a semi truck. Long strides took him into the building where he immediately entered a room with his name on the door. Another man, about the same size, but with a mask on, was in the room changing. He didn't even look up as the new man sat down, kicking his big, booted feet up on a chair. Soon, they both stood and looked at each other. In silent communication, they both walked out the door. Everybody that they passed quickly got out of their way. The ones that didn't were easily thrown aside by whichever man was closer. Even all talking stopped as they passed. A kind of evil power wrapped around them like a blanket, and everyone was aware of it. People either feared them or respected them, but nobody approached them as they continued to walk down the hall.

Minutes later a woman pulled into the same garage, parking her Harley next to the other two that were there. The one closest to hers was a customized Harley Davidson FatBoy, like hers. Shaking her head at the pure white paint job of the other bike, she got off hers. In direct contrast, her bike was black with a satanic sacrifice scene painted across it. Satan was even laughing in the background. Pulling her pass out of her coat, she walked through the doors, briefly flashing them at security. Walking down hallways and checking many different doors, she finally found the one she wanted. Quietly, she entered a room full of people and stood by the door. When the meeting was over, she walked up behind a muscle-bound blonde man and growled,

"Wanna play with a bounty, Hunter?"

"Yeah," he said, turning around and hugging her tightly. Hearing her groan, he immediately stopped and put her down,"SHIT!" he exclaimed as he looked at her,"What happened to you?!"

"It's good to see you too, big brother. Can we go somewhere else to talk?" she asked.

"Sure. Come on," he replied and they walked out to a door that said 'Triple H' on it. As they walked in and sat down, he asked,"So? What happened, Sasha?"

"I picked up a guy that didn't want to go back to jail then Rico and I got into it."

"What's the damage?"

"Concussion. Twelve stitches in my head. Four in my eyebrow. Twenty-eight staples in my side. Four broken ribs. Two pints of blood. I'm fine now though, except for some bruising."

As she said that, she took off her sun glasses and tossed them on a nearby table.

"Some?! Shit! The whole left side of your face is black!"

"Hunter, I'm fine."

Just then, the door flew open. The man that had come barging in gasped as a huge knife appeared in the door, about two inches above his bald head.
"Sis, it's okay," Hunter said, handing her the knife back,"Steve, this is my little sister, Sasha."

"You could of killed me!" the bald man bellowed.

"Nope," Sasha said,"Just wanted to get your attention. You should have knocked."

"I oughtta knock you on yer ass!"

With an evil smile, Sasha replied,"You're welcome to try."

"Steve, this is the bounty hunter and 'Satan's Angel' I told you about,"Hunter said, chuckling.

"Oh. Well, you're up next," Steve replied and left, slamming the door.

"Who you wrestling, Bro?"

"Test. If Undertaker and Kane stay out of it."

"Why would they get into it?"

"They hate me. Especially Undertaker. I don't have enough blood to make him happy."

"I'll keep them out of it."

"Sis, have you ever seen them?"


Hunter just shook his head and said,"Come on."

As Triple H went out to the ring, Sasha stood backstage, watching on a monitor. He won the match with no interference, and they went back to his dressing room. While he took a shower, Sasha went to get a cup of coffee.

Sasha went to the break room for the coffee and turned to sit down. Seeing two guys playing cards, she walked over and asked,"Got room for one more?"

"Got money?"one asked,"We're playing poker."

Sasha pulled out her wallet and sat down, trying not to show off the weapons in her jacket . Just as the cards were dealt, a man behind her said,

"My, my, look at the pretty red-head we have here."

Just as the man reached for her, Sasha said,"If you value that hand, I'd keep it to yourself."

"And if I don't?"

"Find out,"she grumbled as she threw out two cards.

As quick as a snake strike, the goofy looking blonde was laying on the table with a knife to his throat. Blood trickled down his neck as Sasha growled,

"Fool! I could kill you and nobody could do anything about it! Keep your fucking hands to yourself!"

Letting him up, she felt the room grow cold. In the doorway, stood a huge man in a mask. His blue eyes were like chips of ice as he looked her over. Facing him, Sasha licked the blood off her knife and put it away. Throwing her cards down on the table, everybody saw she had a full house with aces high. The man in the mask nodded slowly at her and walked away. Tossing her coffee cup away, she walked out the door. One of the men she had been playing cards with said,

"Holy Shit! Christian, didn't you look at her leather?"

"No," the goofy, shook up blonde answered.

"She's a 'Satan's Angel', man!"

"What the hell is she doing here?"

She didn't hear the rest as she walked down the hall. Just as she passed a room, Sasha heard her name. Glancing inside, she saw the man in the mask again. Her blood felt like it froze in her veins as another man stood up and looked right at her. Green eyes met black eyes and time stood still. Fear engulfed her, paralyzing her. She couldn't believe it! She was terrified of this man, but her body wanted him. He could have thrown her to the floor and taken her right there and she wouldn't have stopped him! She heard a soft, deep whisper in her head telling her,

"I have come from the darkest regions of Hell for you."

The man blinked and Sasha ran. She got to Triple H's dressing room and yanked the door open. Stephanie McMahon was thrown out by her hair as Sasha slammed the door, locking it.

"Bro, I...I gotta go! I gotta get outta here!"

"Sasha, calm down. What's wrong?!"

"I...you know I practice the dark arts."


"You know that pain turns me on! Evil is what I am!"

"Yeah? You always were a little strange."

"I....he....so evil....couldn't breath......couldn't move......"

"Big guy dressed all in black?"


"That, little sister, was the Undertaker."

"I have never felt so much darkness or so much power from anyone before! He scared the hell out of me and all he did was look at me!"

"Sis, it's okay. Calm down. It's all just an act! He's billed as the Lord of Darkness! It's okay!"

"NO! NO! I gotta go!"

With quickness, Sasha ran out of there, back to her bike. In no time, she was gone.

For over a month, Sasha didn't go anywhere near her brother. Unfortunately work called her back. Vince McMahon and Hunter were talking in Vince's office when Sasha knocked and walked in.

"Hey, sis! Vince, this is my little sister, Sasha. Sis, this is Vince," Hunter introduced them as he hugged her.

"Mr. McMahon, you have a problem. The man who wrestles for you under the alias ' the Preacher' is wanted for rape, assault, and attempted murder in two states. I'm here to bring him in."

"Are you a cop?" Vince asked.

"God, No! I hate cops! I'm worse. I'm a bounty hunter."

"How can I help?"

Sasha handed Vince copies of the bond papers as she asked,"Does he have a match tonight?"

"Yeah. He has a handicap match. Him, the 'Church Lady', and Steven Richards against The Undertaker and Kane."

Hunter saw the fear in Sasha's eyes, but she quickly masked it as she replied,"The easiest way to do this is to let him wrestle. Put me in the match. As soon as he's down then I'll cuff him. It will seem like part of the story line and give the writers a way to write him out. It's the only way I can think of to do it so that he doesn't get spooked."

"I can't put you in the ring.....!"Vince almost shouted.

"She can wrestle. We've been doing it for years. She's even beaten me a few times. Hell, Vince, I wanted her to join the WWE instead of being a bounty hunter."

Hesitantly, Vince agreed. He had his secretary type up the contracts so Sasha could sign them. Finally, he said,

"Welcome aboard, Sasha. I hope you know what you're doing. I'll make it a six man tag and you can be part of Taker's team."

With a stiff nod, Sasha walked out of the office.

"Is she as tough as she sounds?" Vince asked.

"Way tougher," Hunter replied.

Sasha didn't even have to change her clothes. She was wearing a black t-shirt, black jeans with black leather chaps, and a black leather jacket. The Preacher and his team were already in the ring as Sasha headed for the entrance. The Undertaker and Kane were introduced and heading down the ramp to the ring. Once they hit the ring, Triple H's music started. All of the men in the ring turned to watch for him to come out, but it was Sasha. Lillian, the announcer, said to the audience,

"As a special treat tonight, we have Sasha Helmsley, Triple H's little sister, making her way to the ring. This is a six person tag team match!"

Sasha climbed the stairs as Undertaker held the ropes open for her and Kane was waiting on the other side with a hand ready in case she needed help. Sasha tried to avoid looking into the eyes of either brother as the match started. It was hard though, because she could feel it every time they looked her way. All-in-all, the match went quickly.

In the end, Kane had Steven Richards pinned and Undertaker had The Preacher pinned. The Church Lady went after Undertaker with a chair. Seeing what she was about to do, Sasha felt that she had to protect him. So she did a leg sweep, making the Church Lady fall on the chair, knocking herself out cold. As soon as the ref did the 1-2-3 count, Sasha pulled out her cuffs. When The Undertaker moved, Preacher saw them and jumped up. He swung at Sasha, but his fist was suddenly crushed in Undertaker's hand. Sasha then pulled his arms behind him and cuffed him. Undertaker grabbed the mic and said in his most ominous voice,

"Your faith, Preacher, is not as strong as the darkness I posess. Your soul now belongs to me! Kane, send them to Hell!"

All Sasha saw was a flash of fire and she was backstage. The police were there waiting for them. After she turned him over to them, she said,

"I will be by the station in a bit to get his paper work."

The police nodded to her as they took The Preacher away, and Vince asked,"How much is he worth?"

"Ten grand alive. If I killed him, it would only be five. Hunter, I'll meet you at the hotel. I need a drink."

Turning, she ran right into the chest of The Undertaker. Those black eyes locked on hers once again. Once again fear and lust washed over her as she stepped back by Hunter.

"Run away, Sasha," Taker said, still staring into her eyes,"I know you are scared, lil' one, but you shouldn't be afraid of me," then he whispered in her ear,"You should be terrified. Very soon you will know me as your Master. You will know me as The Lord of Darkness. So run away, my pet, run while you still can."

Backing away from him again, her eyes darted from Undertaker and Kane to her brother. Visibly shaking, Sasha ran for her bike.

"Taker, you better leave my sister alone or I'm gonna kill your ass!" Triple H demanded.

The Undertaker turned to him and said, "Don't hunt what you can't kill and you can't kill that which is already dead."

Hunter started yelling at that, but Undertaker and Kane just walked away, ignoring him.

Late that night, Sasha was taking a bubble bath when Undertaker suddenly appeared. Once again, she was frozen with fear. Kneeling down on one knee, next to the tub, he gripped her chin in his hand. Forcing her to look deep into his eyes, he bent his head to kiss her. His tongue slid across her bottom lip and she opened her mouth for him. His kiss was so gentle and yet so passionate that she could feel her body responding. Undertaker lifted his head and looked down at her body. She was flushed, her breathing was coming in fast gasps, her nipples were hard, and her eyes were glazed over. He could take her right now and she wouldn't even try to stop him. However, he wanted to possess more than just her body.

"You will be mine, Sasha. When you look into the eyes of the reaper, you will know, your time has come to join with me. Soon, we will be joined and then it will be til nothing do us part. I am your Master. This your heart knows, and your body knows. Your mind will come to accept it in time."

Taking her hand in his, he bit down hard on her thumb, making it bleed. Licking the blood away, he looked into her eyes. She watched in horrid fascination as his eyes turned blood-red when he started sucking hard on it, making her thumb throb. The taste of her blood was like candy to him. Soon, he would have it all. As he stood up, Sasha felt a sting on her neck. Looking at him, she realized that he had a knife in his hand. A scream tore from her throat as Hunter barged into the bathroom.

"Sasha! Are you okay?!"

Blinking, she looked around and realized there wasn't anyone else there. Rubbing a hand across her eyes, she replied,

"Sorry. I guess I fell asleep. I must of had a nightmare, but it sure seemed real."

Shaking his head at her, Triple H left the bathroom. Slowly, she got out of the tub and dried off. After getting dressed, she happen to glance in the mirror. Gasping in surprise, she stared at her reflection. Blood was trickling down her throat from a 'T' carved in her neck under her ear. Her lips were bruised and swollen from being kissed. She heard a voice in her head, whispering to her,

"You are mine. Just accept it. I own you. Body, heart, and soul. You are mine!"

An eerie laugh followed as she slid down the wall, crying.

As Triple H walked away from the ring, his thoughts were on his sister. He hadn't heard from her in over a week and a half. That was unusual. She usual called every other day. Suddenly Coach ran up to him, frantic.

"Hunter! Your sister! Garage! Bleeding bad!"

"Fuck!" he cussed and ran toward the parking garage.

As he approached her bike, he could see a small crowd of people standing by her. Sasha was doubled over her bike with blood dripping off the gas tank and on to the concrete floor.

"Sasha," Hunter said, reaching for her shoulder.

"D....don't....touch....me,"she whispered, lifting her head.

Triple H had seen a lot of things in the WWE, but seeing his sister like this made him sick to his stomach. A deep gash from a bullet crossed her forehead, a knife had fillet a cheek, she was soaked in blood from the top of her rib cage all the way down to her knees, and she was coughing up blood.

"Sis, you need a doctor!"

"NO!"she coughed up more blood and her eyes rolled in the back of her head,"H....he comes..."

At a barked command of "MOVE!", everybody scattered.

Undertaker looked her over as he motioned to Kane. They both lifted her off the bike gently. As they laid her on the ground, her jacket fell open to expose a knife buried to the hilt in her stomach.

"Ready, lil' one?" he asked softly.

Sasha weakly took Kane's hand and whispered,"Nadra...Darkne....my soul...is ...my....master's."

"You're not gonna die!" Hunter cried, shaking his head.

"Your soul already belongs to me, woman!" Undertaker growled and pulled the knife out.

Blood gushed from the wound and her mouth as Kane lifted her head so she wouldn't choke. Undertaker pulled both of her arms above her head and said,

"I am the Lord of Darkness! Hear me! I command thee!"

Suddenly black clouds gathered above their heads and lightning flashed.

"Ana, Nadra, Darkne, Dienvey!"

Undertaker took the knife he had pulled from Sasha's body and quickly cut his wrist. Letting the blood drip into her mouth, Kane did the same. Their blood combined in her mouth as they both repeated,

"Ana, Nadra, Darkne, Dienvey!"

A blue smoke swirled around the three of them as Sasha began convulsing. Everybody else jumped back as a pentagram of fire sprung up around the three of them. Triple H tried to get to his sister, but couldn't from the flames.

"Holy shit!"Coach exclaimed,"I thought the fire and brimstone stuff was just an act!"

Hunter was about to lose it until he saw Sasha's face heal before his eyes. Soon she opened her eyes and the convulsions stopped. The clouds, lightning, smoke, and fire disappeared. Kane slowly helped Sasha sit up as Undertaker kneeled next to her. Taking her chin in his hand, he said,

"Our blood is combined. You are mine. The three of us are family. Your fear of me will not keep us apart. Our blood is combined and soon our bodies will be also. You are my slave. You are my pet. Lil' one, search your heart. You know it to be true."

Realization came across her face as he stood up. Looking up at him, Sasha just sat there. Kane picked her up, standing her on her feet.

"You belong to us. You have the darkness. You always have had it. You are family," Kane said,"Choose carefully. Us or them. You can only choose once."

With that, the Brother's of Destruction left. Triple H gave orders for people to clean up her bike as he carried Sasha to his dressing room. He checked her over carefully and then had the medics from the WWE check her out. Finally, he brought her back to the hotel for some much needed sleep.