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BY: takersvamp September 02, 2003 I own nobody except Sasha and Marcus. The WWE owns everyone else.
A few days later, Undertaker stormed into Vince's office. Looking up at an angry face, Vince sighed to himself, rubbing his forehead. "Where the hell is my wife?"
"Taker, I don't know where she is. All I know is that she's taking some time off. Kevin is taking time off too, so don't even ask." "What's she taking time off for?"
"Personal reasons is all she said. I don't even know when she'll be back. Don't you have a match?" Undertaker just glared at him for a minute, then gave a slow nod, walking out the door. Vince knew that look and he knew what it meant. Taking a bottle of asprin out of his jacket pocket, he swallowed three of the pills. It was gonna be a very long night.

Sasha sat down and clicked on the t.v. Smackdown was on, and she still never missed a show. She looked down at her swollen stomach, rubbing a hand across the bulge. Undertaker came out and got in the ring. He was trash talking on someone. Tears fell down her cheeks as the baby kicked. He always kicked when he heard his Daddy's voice. Through her tears, she looked at her husband. He didn't look like he was feeding enough. Suddenly, she couldn't take any more. The dam broke. Curled up on the couch, she was sobbing like her heart was broke. Hours later, that was how Kevin found her. Seeing what channel the t.v. was on, he knew what had happened. It took the rest of the night to calm her down. Finally, she fell into a restless sleep.

The Undertaker was watching t.v. and drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels. He flipped through the channels when he saw Kevin. Turning up the sound, he listened as they talked about his new movie. Panning over, they asked Sasha a question. Taker never heard it. He saw Sasha rubbing her belly. With a curse, he threw the bottle at the wall, and glanced back at the t.v. Kevin laid a hand on Sasha's stomach too. That was it. Taker snapped. He kicked his foot through the television, and as sparks flew, he just kept kicking it. Suddenly, he felt hands trying to stop him. "Get the fuck off me!" he bellowed and ran out the door, pushing people out of his way. In the parking lot, he paced back and forth in front of his bike. Anger flooded him and something else. There was another feeling that he had never felt before. His pace quickened as clouds rolled in. Lightning flashed across the sky and wind swirled around him. Lashing out, he punched his bike as hard as he could. Paint flew as he kept punching it and kicking it. Kane came running out of the hotel and stopped dead in his tracks. Blood was streaked all over the bike and pieces of it were flying everywhere. Kane held his arms out to stop the other wrestlers that were running out.
"No, leave him!"
"Man, we gotta do something,"Bradshaw said.
"If anyone gets in his way, he'll hurt them." The whole roster was outside by then, including Vince. Undertaker never even noticed. He just kept lashing out at his bike. Everybody jumped when purple lightning flashed from his fingers and eyes. Pieces of the motor were flying now, as he punched harder. Suddenly, he tore off the fender. That not being good enough, Taker picked up what was left of the bike and threw it into a car. Following it, he kicked it hard, and must have hit just right because in seconds, the bike, the car, and Undertaker were swallowed up by a huge fire ball. People started screaming and sirens were heard. Taker came walking through the fire, unharmed by it. Kane caught him just as he fell to his knees. Pulling his duster around them, Kane walked back into the fire, making them disappear.
Sweat dripped down her face as she gripped her knees. She was pushing with all her strength, but it didn't seem to be working. As she fell back against her pillow, a cool cloth was dabbing her face.
"It's okay,"Kevin said softly,"Just a couple more pushes and you'll see your baby."
"I don't want to push anymore! He should be here!" she yelled as another contraction hit. Three pushes later, Sasha had a baby boy laying on her chest. Wrapping him in her arms, she whispered,
"Happy birthday, Marcus." The baby boy lay quiet in his mother's arms. However, when the nurse took him to clean him up, he let out a squall.
"It's ok, baby. They just need to clean you up." A few minutes later, the doctor said,"WOW! This is the largest baby I have ever delivered! He is 12lbs. even, 28 inches long, and his shoulders are 18 inches. Well, Sasha, your son is fine and healthy, but I don't think he'll be able to wear newborn clothes."
"That's good because I didn't buy any. Everything I have is for a six month old. His father is huge too."
"How big is Daddy?" the doctor asked.
"Almost seven feet tall and 305 pounds of muscle. The baby looks just like him," Sasha replied and she bent her head as a tear rolled down her cheek.
"Mind if I ask who he is?"
"Do you watch wrestling, Doctor?"
"Every chance I get."
"The Undertaker is his father,"she whispered, not looking up,"and now he probably will get to know him." When Kevin heard that, he got a very sad look on his face, and slipped out the door. Just then a nurse handed Marcus back to his mother. With a yawn, he snuggled against her and fell asleep.
A few hours later, Kevin came back in, but Sasha and the baby were sleeping. He noticed some papers on the table and picked them up. It was papers for the baby's birth certificate. As he looked at it, the only thing that popped out at him was the words: parents are married. Putting it back, he turned and looked at Sasha. She still had tears on her cheeks. With a sigh of defeat, he whispered,
"Know that I love you with every piece of my heart and I always will." Giving her a kiss on her forehead, he disappeared.
Undertaker was laying on his bed, staring at the ceiling. All he could think of was Sasha. After he had trashed his bike, blew up Spanky's car, and hurt himself, Kane had saved him. Since then, Undertaker stayed to himself, except when he was in the ring. Everybody was smart enough to leave him alone too. Kane was the only one he ever talked to anymore. Just then, someone knocked on his door. With a grumbled curse, he got up and opened the door. There stood Kevin Nash. A powerful punch to his jaw had Kevin hitting the wall behind him, leaving a dent. As Taker's hands gripped his neck, Kevin croaked out,
"I.....just you." Easing up on his grip, but still holding him, Taker said,"Talk!"
"Sasha had the baby....." "Your baby! Why tell me?"
"No. Your baby. He's a boy." " baby?"
"Yeah. When she moved in, she was pregnant." "Why are you telling me this?"
"Because I love her, and she loves you. You need to go see her. Work things out. Taker, man, she loves you! " "What the hell are you up to, Nash?!" Kane came walking up and asked,"Brother, are you gonna kill him out here?"
"Kane, I was tellin' your brother to go see his wife,"Kevin said. Knowing that his brother was not in the state of mind to do it, Kane put his hands on either side of Kevin's head and did a mind probe. Then, he put his hands on his brother's head and transfered the thoughts to him. He immediately let Kevin go. In a flash, Taker was gone.
Undertaker stood at the nursery window, and scanned the babies. He saw his son in the corner, wrapped in a blanket. Tapping on the window, he got a nurse's attention, and pointed at his son. The nurse smiled, and picked up Marcus so his Dad could see him. He was perfect and beautiful. Sleeping, he looked like a doll. Nodding, he turned away and headed to Sasha's room.
His hands caressed her cheeks as he leaned down for a kiss. "It's alright. I love you. I'm sorry, Darlin'. I am so so sorry,"he whispered against her lips just before he faded away. Sasha cried out,"Taker!" Opening her eyes, Sasha realised it was just a dream. Tears fell some more as she heard her door opened. Turning to face the wall, so nobody could see her crying, she hoped the nurse would just hurry and leave. "Baby,"Undertaker choked out. Shock was clear on her face as she turned to him. She just stared at him, not knowing if he was really there or if it was just a dream.
"Undertaker?"she whispered. Sitting in a chair next to her bed, he took her hand and said,"Sasha, he is so beautiful."
"He looks like his Daddy." Taking a deep breath, Undertaker looked in her eyes, and said,"I have never said this before, to anyone. I am saying it now. I was a fool. I love you and I am......... sorry. I want you and the baby to come home. I........I don't know what else to say."
"Marcus." "What?"
"Your son's name is Marcus Kane." "You....named him.....after me? After all I did to you?"
"You are still his father and you're my husband." "Still?"
"Taker, I never stopped loving you. I tried. I really did, but I just couldn't give you up. I always hoped we would work things out." "I want to, Baby. If you can forgive me, I promise to spend eternity making it up to you." Sasha thought about it for a minute, then replied,"If you ever do this to me again I will leave forever." Pulling her into his arms, Undertaker kissed his wife and said,"I learn from my mistakes."
Six months later, the lights went out in the arena, and purple fog filled the floor. A bell tolled, and then fire boomed into the air. Standing on the stage, with a mic in his hand, was The Undertaker. His voice carried through-out the arena and into the back. "I am here to make a promise to every single person here. The family of darkness is here. We will reign supreme. Get in our way and we will destroy you. Vince, this is a promise. For you and all your employees. Now, bow down to the family of darkness!" The curtain parted and out came Kane and Sasha. Undertaker took his son from her and held him up, saying, "Bow down before The Prince Of Darkness." Markus was hot in the black leather outfit Daddy had dressed him in, but he knew he had to look good. A deafening roar could be heard from the fans four blocks away. Marcus looked down at his Daddy then out at the crowd. His green eyes gleamed as he thought,
' I hope when I big like Daddy, I rule like him does.' ' You will, Son. You will,"his father thought to him. Sasha watched as father and son looked at each other with the same evil smirk and wondered what they were up to. Smiling, she knew she didn't care. She was happy just having her family together again.
Undertaker handed Marcus to Kane and took Sasha in his arms. "Now bow down to your Queen!" As the audience roared again, Undertaker bent down and kissed her in front of everybody.
"I don't want to be a Queen," she whispered. "You are my Queen and will be for eternity,"he whispered back,"Because you rule my heart."