Oh my god. I can't believe it.

-And apparently neither can anyone else, by the looks on their faces...-

Giles and Oz. Who'd have thought. They look so happy together.

-But you will have to feel sorry for them, after Bitch Willow gets through with them. Because everyone know how she will probably react. Most likely the same way she did when Tara and I came out and announced that we were seeing each other.-

But you do have to have sympathy for her.

-Yes, poor little Red. She is allowed to cheat on her boyfriends and girlfriends but they aren't supposed to ever get over her.-

But they have. And with two of her friends, no less. God, Will looks like she might cry.

-Ha! Take that, Rosenberg!-

But at least she had Xander to lean on.

-Stuff me, gag me, mount me. Just don't make me listen to him 'comforting' her like he did last time. They're in the house next door, for god's sake! They could at least try to keep it down.-

But comfort was more then Tara or I had when the whole gang, minus the two standing in front of us, froze us out for three and a half months, until Buffy finally realized that it would take more then that to break us up, and came over and gave us her blessing.

-And it was only then that we felt clean. Because she is a gift from the gods, and we must have her permission to do anything.-

They do took so cute together. Oz leans over to kiss Giles, and I take back 'cute' and replace it with 'adorable'.

When they separate, the couple looks around the room for out reaction. Buffy shrieks and throws herself at her watcher, saying how happy for him she is.

-'Cos if she hated it, they could never be together, for the shame on their conscience.-

Oz looks at Tara and me next, and smiles at us when he sees my grin and Tara's still blushing face at his sign of affection toward the older man only moments ago. We're all so happy for him-

-including Anya and Faith who are celebrating Giles and Oz by doing the nasty in the back-

that nobody noticed Willow bolt out of the Magic Box, dragging Xander behind.