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            We didn't get any time to think about what to do.

            It was just a few minutes later that the room got freezing cold, and Skittery seemed to drop off the deep end. He didn't move, didn't talk, only stared at the floor, letting his hair fall in his eyes. I knew something was about to happen, but the question was, what could we do about it?

            "Skittery…come on, Skitts, talk to me here." Snitch begged, but he got no response.

            Suddenly I heard a whispering voice, a voice that no one else seemed to hear. It was almost as quiet as a breeze.

            "M'n beminde…"

            Another phrase in Dutch followed, and suddenly Dutchy was dragged backwards by some invisible force, pulled into the washroom at an alarming speed. It was as if he had been tied to the back of a moving carriage.

            I leaped up and ran to the washroom, but the door slammed in my face. I looked at Jack helplessly, and we both tried to open the door.

            "Dutchy! Open the door!" Jack yelled.

            "I can't! I can't!"

            A terrified scream followed, and I couldn't tell if any pain was involved in that scream or not. But that wasn't what scared me most.

            Silence followed. Utter, complete silence from the washroom.

            "Dutchy? Dutchy!" I shrieked, and Jack had to pull me away from the door with help from Itey and Bumlets. I kicked and fought as they pulled me back; I wasn't about to give up when Dutchy was just in the next room. I didn't care about that damn ghost.

            You know how you always expect the adult to take charge in a situation like this? Yeah, right. Kloppman was just as scared and helpless as we were, if not more so, and this was his daughter!

            "Jack, we've gotta do somethin'…" I begged, but Jack didn't have any answers.

            And quite suddenly, I had an idea.

            I grabbed a dagger from where it had dropped on the floor during her earlier escapade, and I walked to Skittery and cut his ropes. I then pulled the barely conscious boy to his feet, and before anyone could do anything, I put the knife to his throat.

            "Come on." I ordered harshly, dragging him to the window and forcing him to climb out. I was swiftly followed by Mush, Blink, Jack, and Snitch, who made everyone else stay inside. For all they knew, I was murderous.

            And for all I cared, they could go on thinking that.

            I got Skittery up onto the roof, keeping the knife at his throat and pushing him to the edge of the roof.

            "Specs! Wait!" Jack yelled, and I turned to face him without removing the blade.

            "If we get rid of him, she has no ties to this place!" I hissed, not moving from where I stood. I was surprised she hadn't taken control of Skittery yet, considering I was about to murder him.

            "But that's Skittery! You can't kill him just because of her!" Snitch said.

            "Watch me."

            I turned back around and pulled the knife back, and then I put my hand on Skittery's back and prepared to push him off. And finally, she took control. Skittery spun around and punched me in the face, and I hit the ground and actually heard the sickening 'crack' as my skull hit the roof. Everything was a blur around me as Mush and Blink jumped forward and grabbed onto Skittery, who was talking frantically in Dutch.

            I forced myself to my feet, and then I grabbed onto Skittery's shoulders as Mush and Blink held him.

            "What did you do with him?" I demanded, and Skittery's face twisted into a sneer.

            "He's dead."

            "I don't believe you."

            He just laughed, and I just let the anger lead me this time. I punched him in the gut, and he doubled over and groaned in pain.

            "What do you want from us?" Jack asked, his jaw clenched. Skittery took a few deep breaths, and then he just collapsed. I felt a cold hand on my shoulder, and I turned around to face Rika herself.

            "I just want to know…why you left me. You could've had everything." She said, the innocence in her voice masking any evil that her appearance gave off.

            "You have to know by now that I'm not Tanner." I said, hoping to get through to her.

            "I loved you. Isn't being sorry enough?" she continued on, ignoring what I had said. I had the feeling that she knew, she just didn't want to believe it. She then stepped past me, to where Mush and Blink had laid Skittery down on the roof. She took Blink's chin in her hand, and he barely concealed his temper as she spoke.

            "And you…I was just another one night stand to you, wasn't I?"

            Blink scowled at her. "I never slept with you, you bitch!"

            "You can deny it for all eternity, but it won't change a thing."

            Then, as suddenly as she had appeared, she was gone. I looked around the whole roof, but she was nowhere to be seen.

            "That's it. That's fucking it." I said, and then I climbed back down. Jack followed right behind me, while Mush, Blink, and Snitch stayed behind to get Skittery back inside.

            "Specs, what are you doing? Wait a second!" Jack said, grabbing me by the arm halfway through the bunkroom. The other guys watched as I tore my arm out of his grasp and looked him right in the eye.

            "What do ya want me ta do, Jack? Dutchy's dead, Blink and Skittery are probably going to end up dead, and I can't keep running from her!"

            "What are you saying?"

            "I'm gonna give up!"

            Jack stared at me in disbelief, slowly shaking his head. "Ya can't do that. Dutchy…he wouldn't want you to."

            "Yeah, well, he's not around anymore to tell me what he wants. And it's my fault."

            With that I walked out of the bunkroom and down the stairs, not caring that Jack was following me, just wanting to get out of this. I stood in the middle of the room downstairs, waiting for her to show herself.

            "I give up! Do you hear me? I give up!" I screamed, and I finally felt that coldness, that evil presence that sent chills down my spine.


            I spun around to face the staircase, and my heart dropped into my feet.


            Then everything went black.


            When we got to the bottom of the stairs, Specs dropped to the floor, like a puppet whose strings had been cut. And at the same time, Blink was out like a light as well. I caught him and lowered him to the floor, shivering in the freezing cold room.

            Dutchy rushed forward and kneeled beside Specs, trying desperately to wake him, but nothing worked. It was almost as if…he was dead. On impulse, I reached down and put my hand right over Blink's mouth, relieved to feel his warm breath on my hand.

            And then something grabbed my from behind, and I was flung against the wall, my head slamming into the wood. Jack turned around and threw a punch over my head, but I had no idea what he was punching at. I didn't see a thing.

            Then I remembered something. When she was controlling Skittery…on the roof…she had to leave his body when Specs hit him. Inside the lodging house, she disappeared before the knife Snitch threw even hit her. Did that mean…outside the lodging house…she might not have immunity?

            I jumped up and scooped Blink up into my arms, scared at how limp he was. I then made a run for the door, kicking it open and stepping outside. I laid Blink down in the dirt, and then I yelled to Jack, "Find me a weapon, and bring Skittery out here! Fast!"

            Jack looked confused, but he ran up the stairs, returning just a minute later with the dagger Specs had used on the roof, and with Snitch and Race carrying Skittery. So far, so good- I didn't know why she wasn't attacking yet, but it was to my advantage.

            I took the dagger from Jack and had them lay Skittery next to Blink, and then I waited. I almost thought she had caught on when Skittery's eyes fluttered open, and he sat up, holding his head.

            As soon as the first Dutch word left his lips I slammed the handle of the dagger down on the back of his neck, and he pitched forward, and I was actually relieved when he yelled a few curse words in English. That was, for once, exactly what I wanted to hear.

            And I was prepared when Rika herself appeared.

            I went at her with the dagger and she grabbed my wrists, holding me back with surprising strength. And before I knew it, I was on the ground and she had wrenched the blade away from me, holding it up and ready to strike.

            Suddenly her face was overtaken by a look of utter agony.

"Tanner…I loved you…" She said weakly, and then she shuddered and dropped down onto me. I got a nice, long look at the dagger that was buried in her back, one of her own daggers, before I rolled her off me. I looked up to see who had just saved my life…

            And there was no one there. Jack was standing in the doorway, but he wasn't close enough to have done it.

            "Mush! You…are you alright?!" he asked, and I looked beside me, and Rika was gone as well. Not even a drop of blood remained.

            As Jack helped me up and Blink finally woke up, I looked inside and saw that Specs was awake as well. Snitch rushed past me and dropped to his knees in the dirt beside Skittery, who was still muttering about the various ways in which he was going to kill me when his head was reattached.

            But the biggest shock? The factor that really told me everything was alright again?

            I wasn't cold anymore.


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