A/N: It is helpful if you have read my previous story "The ties that bind", but it isn't

hard to follow if you don't want to.


Jesse exhales hard as he prepares to phase the cave Shalimar is trapped in. He

opens it and lets Brennan and Adam in before turning it back to its natural texture.

Shalimar is holding a woman's body tightly to her chest. Almost as if she is afraid to let

go. She is sobbing so hard she is having a hard time breathing. Her sobs are powerful and

strong, hurting her head and lungs. Adam looks down at the red-haired woman Shalimar

is holding so close. She is a beautiful girl. Skinny with straight, fiery red hair and delicate

hands. Adam can't determine her height, because her legs are pinned under a huge

boulder. Shalimar's sobs die down to a whimper. She is still holding the woman tightly in

her arms, rocking herself back and forth. Adam grips Shalimar's arms in an attempt to

calm her. Shalimar stops rocking and looks up at him.

"She's dead," she manages to say.

Shalimar's face is red and puffy. She lays the dead woman over her lap and grips her left

hand. Adam looks down into the dead woman's grayish blue eyes. They look like glass

doll's eyes. There's no doubt she is dead. Adam closes her eyes and looks up at Shalimar.

"Shalimar, who was she?" he asks.

Shalimar's face heats with anger. She can't believe he doesn't know.

"What do you mean Adam, she's.......she's.....I don't know who she is," she concludes


Adam looks at Jesse. Jesse knows what to do. He phases the boulder the dead

woman's legs are trapped under. Brennan puts down his flashlight and moves her legs.

Jesse lets go of the boulder. Brennan picks the dead woman up. Shalimar doesn't let go of

her left hand until she is halfway up to Brennan's chest.

"Can you walk?" Adam asks Shalimar.

Shalimar nods her head. Jesse and Adam help Shalimar to her feet. Jesse lets go long

enough to phase the cave and let everybody out.


Shalimar couldn't stop staring at her. Her body was covered with a white sheet,

but she could still see her delicate hand with a gold ring and a strand of red hair. Adam,

Jesse and Brennan were moving around fast trying to get Shalimar's body back to the way

it was before she left sanctuary. Adam is informing her of what tests he's running,

Brennan is giving her encouragement. Shalimar is not really listening. She is trying to

figure out why she was so upset over the death of that young woman. She had people die

in her arms before and it hurt each time. Especially her old boyfriend Richard, but this is

different. This time it felt like someone had ripped out a piece of her soul. She had never

felt a loss as incredible as this.

Adam stood in front of Shalimar after she hadn't answered him calling her name.

She looks up at him with her brown eyes. They always shine more when she has been


"What's the damage?" she asks before Adam has a chance to speak.

Adam stares at her for a second then takes a deep breath.

"Mainly bad cuts and bruises, but you also have a sprained wrist and some internal

bleeding. I need to take you to the operating room to fix the internal bleeding." He looks

at her again. Her eyes seem to be somewhere else. "Are you ready?" he asks her.

"Yeah, I am," she answers quietly.

Jesse goes to prepare the operating room. Adam takes a blanket and wraps it

around Shalimar. As discreetly as they can both Brennan and Adam change Shalimar into

a hospital gown. Shalimar knows they're being respectful as possible, but sometimes she

wishes there is another girl on the team. In the very back of her mind she remembers

another women, a young one with a lot of spirit.

Brennan carefully picks up Shalimar. Shalimar closes her eyes and a few seconds

later feels herself on a cold metal table. She feels Adam's hand on her head as he puts a

mask on over her mouth. Shalimar tries to moves her head a little to get away from the

smell of the anesthesia, but Adam holds her still.

"Shalimar your going to be in a deep sleep. When you wake up again it'll be a few days

from now."

Shalimar slowly drifts off into a sedated sleep. While she's sleeping she dreams.

She dreams of the young woman who's body she was holding so closely. Only it feels

like she has known the woman for a long time. Shalimar has vague images of the girl

coming in and out of her thoughts. Some were of her in Sanctuary. Some shopping.

Others fighting. They are only images not memories. The more the images are conjured

up the more her head aches. When the pain becomes unbearable Shalimar finally decides

to think of something else.

Adam is right when Shalimar finally wakes up it is three days later. Her body is

sore and her stomach hurts where the incision was made. Her wrist aches from the sprain.

She has a breathing mask over her face and IVs in her hand. At first Shalimar can't move.

She could only look around the room. Then she begins to stir little by little. She looks

around the room trying to get a sense of what time it is. She knows it's probably night

time since all the other lights are off beside the ones in the lab. Shalimar figures

everybody else is asleep so there is not much she can do to get out of her current

situation. There is nothing Shalimar hates more than being confined to one place.

Especially the lab. She makes a couple futile attempts to at least sit up. When she goes for

her forth try she hears Adam come in. Adam walks over to her and puts a firm hand on

her shoulder, wordlessly telling her to be still. Adam next takes the oxygen mask off of

her and points a pen light in her eyes. All of her dreams have been forgotten, but the

curiosity about the dead girl still lingers.

"How do you feel?" he asks.

"Sore," Shalimar answers in a whisper. She waits a few seconds to get her voice back.

"Adam, what did you do with the girl?"

"We took her to the local coroners office. She was claimed by her next of kin."

"Did you find out her name?" Shal asks.

"Her older brother said it was Emilia Donahue."

"Did we know her?"

"No Shal, we didn't," Adam senses he needs to change the subject, "listen, I need you to

get some sleep. I'll check on you in the morning. If your vitals are strong I'll take you

back to your room."

"Okay," Shalimar says.

Shalimar shuts her eyes and soon drifts back to sleep. She begins to remember that

girl again. The one Adam called Emilia, but when that familiar ache in her head comes

back she makes herself stop.

"Don't you think she's beautiful?" a voice asks her.

Shalimar tenses up. She does not recognize this voice. It is not one of her own

thoughts. The voice is deep and strong.

"Don't you?" It asks again.

"Yes," Shalimar answers honestly, not knowing what else to do.

Suddenly Shalimar sees a vivid mental image. It is of Emilia. She is sitting on a

counter in sanctuary. Emilia smiles a beautiful smile at something Adam says.

"Why are you trying so hard to forget her?" the voice asks.

Shalimar has to think for a minute. "Adam says we didn't know her and it hurts too


"You truly believe you didn't know her?"

Shalimar is becoming annoyed by the voice. More images surface from Shalimar's

sub-conscience. Each one makes her head hurt worse and worse.

"Just answer me than you can stop," the voice says.

Even though Shalimar can't see the voice, she feels it rubbing her shoulders.

"I don't believe Adam," Shalimar answers, practically dropping to her knees from pain.

"You did very well," the voice says, "you'll be all right." Shalimar feels the invisible

hand stroke her cheek. "I'll see you soon," It says before leaving.