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Zeke walks into his room and sits down on the bed hard. He puts his elbows on his knees and rests his head in his hands. Zeke takes two deep breathes and reaches out with his mind to find the Genesis Prophets.  Zeke closes his eyes and waits for the familiar black and white lights to start moving fast. When the lights stop he is inside a room. The room is red and brown and there are many people standing around talking. Zeke looks around the familiar room. The walls are a brown wooden color and the windows have long red drapes. Zeke looks down at the floor. The floor strongly resembles crystal. Above his head, what should be a ceiling, only shows the night sky. The sky has two moons one is full, and one is crescent. Shooting stars can be seen once about every ten seconds. Zeke shuts his eyes and breathes in the beauty. He loves the images he has created. Almost every psionic can find the Genesis Prophets, but every psionic has their own creation of what it looks like. This is it, the place where the psionics can gather to find solace and comfort. This place or rather this state of mind is preformed by the combine efforts of psionics. Genesis Prophets is not a reality but rather a beautiful mental projection. It is here that psionics gather strength by making friends and unloading worries.

Zeke looks at psionic number 317 whose real name, if he remembers right, is Julie Carter. Julie has short blonde hair and hazel eyes. Zeke wonders what she looks like in the physical world. When a person sees themselves in their mind they look different than the way they physically look. The way psionics see themselves in their mind is what the other psionics see in the Genesis Prophets. The psionics in the Genesis Prophets started giving each other numbers, because a person can think they look attractive one day and hideous the next.   The numbers help to maintain recognition despite outward appearances. Each time a new psionic find the Genesis Prophets the person is given a new number. The number is symbolically tattooed on the person's arm along with a symbol. The number or symbol cannot be seen in the physical world, only the mental one. The symbol is the side of a face. On the opposite side of the face where the forehead is there are two m's. The m's are stacked directly on top of each other. Only the psionics understand the meaning of this.   The two m's stand for mind in matter, because the psionics can take their minds and place them in matter which is the human body.   

Zeke looks around the room for psionic number 6. She is the oldest psionic living and also the leader of the Genesis Prophets. Zeke has to tell her that an outsider knows about the Genesis Prophets. Before he can make his way to the leader, Zeke is stopped by psionic number 212. A man named Luis.  

 "Zeke have you heard from Emma? She hasn't come for almost a week and I'm getting worried about her," Luis inquires.

"Emma is in a difficult situation right now. I'm trying to help her best I can."

 "Well please tell her we're all concerned by her absence."

 "I'll be sure to do that," Zeke confirms.

             Zeke continues his search for psionic number 6. When he finds her she is sitting on a couch composed entirely of ostrich feathers.  Nadine Orson is a middle-aged woman in her forties.   She projects herself as having straight black hair and green eyes. On her bad days she'll project herself to be older. Today is a day she feels young and healthy.

"Nadine I must talk to you," Zeke says, "It's a matter of great importance."        

 "I'll be right back," Nadine excuses herself from her friends.

             Zeke escorts Nadine out to the balcony. The balcony is a large lush white structure perched directly atop a quiet waterfall. The waterfall plunges into a field of rainbows. Zeke looks at the waterfall for a moment seeking some serenity. When Zeke sees a dolphin ascend high in the air and come gracefully back down he knows it is time to confess.

"Nadine, Emma made her friends forget she ever existed," Zeke informs her.

"Why would she do something like that?" Nadine asks.

"She thought she could protect them by not getting them involved with her father. That is not the reason I have come to see you," Zeke says humbly.

"Go on dear," Nadine encourages.

"Before Emma made all her friends forget she told one of them about this place; The Genesis Prophets," Zeke sighs.

"But she made them all forget," Nadine reminds him.

"She did," Zeke says looking to the ground, "but I can't save Emma without help, so I helped one remember her."

"The same one Emma told about the Genesis Prophets?" Nadine asks already knowing the answer.

 "The only thing she told her was that it was safety. When she asked me I told her it was a place for psionics," Zeke says.

"Zeke, do you know how important it is for psionics to keep this place a secret?"

"Yes I do…" Zeke says, but can't continue his explanation.

"If the outsiders knew how powerful we make each other they will perceive us as a threat. Psionics are constantly being questioned about their actions. Not to mention we are almost a hive mind when we are together like this. If someone somehow were to sabotage us every psionic in the Genesis Prophets could die."  

"That is why I am here," Zeke says calmly.

"Zeke, look, this girl Emma told, can you trust her?" Nadine asks in all seriousness.

"Absolutely," Zeke says with matching seriousness.

"Good. I want you to keep an eye on her. Read her if you have to, but make sure she will not leak this information to anybody. If she gives off any little trace of an emotion you can't trust then erase it from her memory."

"I can't erase memories only Emma can."

"I will if I have to, but please, let's make that the very last option," Nadine states.

"I can do that," Zeke says, "is there anything else I can do for you?" he asks.

"Yes…Go save Emma."


Javelin Donahue's icy blue eyes are as cold as his soul. He glares at his daughter through a one way mirror. She is restrained to a metal table. There are wires all about her head and body. Machines surround her in a semi circle. She looks a lot different with her hair dyed red. He misses her natural brown color; it is the same color as his. With her tall body and small frame, Emilia looks more like her father than any of her siblings do. He acknowledges how hard it will be to watch her die. It'll be like looking at himself dying, which makes Javelin a bit grateful Emilia doesn't look like Celeste. He can never bear the thought of Celeste dying again. It was such a horrible day.

            It started out lovely. It was still winter. There was a lot of snow on the ground. The Donahue family thought that that would be a perfect night to sit around the fire and tell stories. Everybody was on a soft red couch except for Celeste. Javelin was on the very end with Emilia on his lap. The three boys were all on the side of him lined up from youngest, Emmanuel, to oldest, Brace. Celeste was coming inside the living room holding a bowl of popcorn for everybody. She looked lovely with her curly auburn hair and emerald green eyes. It was the last time he saw her. Emilia looked from the fireplace to her mom. She didn't know about her powers then. All she knew is she could still see the fire when she entered her mom's mind. Celeste screamed and dropped the popcorn as burns started covering her body. Emilia's fear made her power accelerate. Without any warning Celeste burst into ashes.

Nobody could speak. The first sound that was heard was Javelin's agonizing screams. Javelin put his daughter on the couch, and crouched by his wife's ashes. Brace fainted, Emilia and her twin brother went into shock. Rain sat staring detached from his own body.

"What happened?" Javelin demanded loudly.

Brace regained consciousness and started shivering.

            "It was Emmy," Brace said referring to Emilia.

"What?" Emilia said, "nooo," she cried.

"Yes you did," Brace said standing right in front of her, "You were still thinking of the fire when you looked at her huh?" Brace interrogated.

"Maybe…I don't know," Emilia sobbed.

"Emilia can enter into people's heads like me," Brace declared.

"I…I…I don't know," Emilia screamed, "I didn't mean to," she cried.

            As if it weren't bad enough Adam Kane had messed up his life five years earlier, now his only daughter was doing it too. Javelin could have left Emilia running in fear. That was good enough for him. After Rain reported that Emilia was working with his greatest enemy that is when Javelin had to take action. Javelin Donahue figured out a way to make both the people he loved the most hurt. He would finally get closure about his wife by killing Emilia. He would take down Adam by killing what he loves most. He would destroy the great scientist's creation. He would use Emilia to infiltrate the Genesis Prophets and destroy all of Adam's precious psionics.

Brace used to go to the Genesis Prophets. Even though he is a molecular/psionic, he is still a psionic. The psionics didn't take long to learn that Brace had an uncontrollable dark side. The psionics thought that they made Brace forget about the Genesis Prophets. They didn't realize that Brace was too strong mentally for an attack like that.  Brace soon told Javelin about the Genesis Prophets, and how easy it would be to kill all the psionics just by using one of their own.

Javelin smiles. He knows it won't be hard. Brace can enter Emilia's mind and force her into the Genesis Prophets. The equipment Rain has attached to her head will soon make her a time bomb set to go off as soon as Brace leaves. The psionics will never see it coming. All they need now is the perfect time to set the bomb off. Javelin knew the perfect time. It will be the time when psionics need each other the most…Nighttime tomorrow.

The next morning Brennan takes Zeke's challenge. He takes the picture of himself and Adam and goes to see Shalimar.

"Shalimar, who is in this picture with Adam?" Brennan asks her even though Zeke specifically said Adam, and Jesse.

"Emma," Shalimar answers, "Why? Who do you see?" she asks him.

Brennan doesn't answer, he only smiles, and shakes his head then leaves.

            Brennan continues his trek to find Jesse. When he does so, Brennan asks Jesse the same question. Jesse takes the picture and looks at it. After seeing it, Jesse cocks his head to the right and gives Brennan a strange look.

"It's me you idiot," Jesse smirks, and hits Brennan on the head with the picture before giving it back to him.

            Brennan decides not to ask Adam. He has already had enough on his plate first with Shalimar now Zeke and Emma.

            "So how did she do it?" Brennan asks Zeke. "I see me. Jesse sees himself and Shalimar sees Emma."

"It's a mirror trick," Zeke explains, "She's making your mind think everything with her image is an image of yourself."

"She really had this thought out," Brennan sighs.

"Now you believe she's real?" Zeke asks seriously.

"It doesn't look like I have any other choice," Brennan says.

Zeke looks at him and smiles lightly.

            That morning Shalimar joined everybody in the living room. Her face had a lot more color and she was acting more upbeat. Once everyone was together, nobody hesitated to start planning. Hours upon hours are spent staring at blueprints, and making the best plan possible to get Emma out alive and unhurt. Finally toward dusk the team made a unanimous decision. They would infiltrate the place that night at the most convenient time…Nighttime

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