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A/N: Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige are all in high school, in the year 2003 (in case I make a mistake and use something not invented yet). No magic. Prue is in her 12th year at school, Piper in her 11th, Phoebe 9th and Paige 8th. For those of you who don't know Australian years, Prue is 17, Piper 16, Phoebe 14 and Paige 13. Paige is the girls' normal sister, and they live with Grams. Patty is still alive, but she is a famous actress, and lives in LA. Victor ran off with some lady.

Social Status: Piper is not the geek we all know she was in high school. In fact, Piper is a normal, very nice girl. She's still extremely smart, and a straight A student, but she's involved in extra curricular stuff, so she's not a nerd. Plus no bracers, no glasses. She looks as good as she does in the series.

Prue is still the popular girl. She's a little more conceited though.

Phoebe is popular amongst her year, but also extremely naïve. And Paige is a bit of a rebel and a troublemaker, but we don't see that right away because she's still young.

All the girls look roughly the same, only younger of course. But the same features, no extras like glasses.


'Prue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' Piper Halliwell practically flew through the front door and almost collided with her older sister, Prue.

'Whoa Piper, slow down! What is it?' Prue asked, amused. She could tell it was something good, by the glowing look on Piper's face.

'Prue I have the BEST news. I'm telling you, it's the best!' Piper insisted.

'Okay. what?' Prue asked as she followed Piper into the living room. Piper flopped onto the couch and smiled dreamily.

'HE asked me out! HE of all people did!' She said with a sigh.

'Who's HE?' Prue asked, with a smile.

'Jeremy.' Piper said with another smile, and another sigh, this time combined to create a dreamy-sigh-smile.

'Piper, that's great!' Prue exclaimed, with a laugh. 'It would certainly explain a lot.' Prue continued. 'Move over will you though; you're sitting on my Pom Poms.'

'Oh, sorry.' Piper pulled herself off Prue's white and red Pom Pom's, which she snatched up.

'Not a problem. Anyway, now that you've shared your fantastic news, I'm going to go. Tell Grams when she gets home from the store I might be a little late, but I'll get back on my own.' Prue called over her shoulder, slamming the door.

Piper sighed. Prue was a fantastic big sister - without her she'd be nothing but a speck of dust on the social status - but sometimes she was just a whirlwind nobody could keep up with, what with her cheerleading practice, constant social events, shopping sprees at the mall and hanging out with her friends. Really, it was hard for Piper to spend any time with her at all, and Piper would think Prue would spend a little time with her after such great news. Piper hadn't had a boyfriend yet, so this was definitely good news.

The door slammed again, and in came Phoebe and Prue, chatting about something.

'Hi Piper.' They both chorused at the same time.

'Hi Paige, hey Phoebe.' Piper said brightly. 'Guess what?'

'Ooh you don't have to make me guess, I can tell you already! Piper's in l- o-v-e!' Phoebe teased.

Piper blushed. 'Is it that easy to tell?'

'Ooh yeah.' Paige grinned. 'I knew you were in love ages ago.'

Phoebe nudged Paige and raised her eyebrows.

'Well not only am I in love, I'm going out on a date on Friday!' Piper told her sisters excitedly.

'That's great news Piper!'

'Uh huh, isn't it?' Piper asked, beaming. Just then the phone rang. 'Hello, Halliwell residence, Piper speaking.' Phoebe and Paige watched as somebody said something on the other line and Piper turned pink. 'Hi Jeremy.' She giggled.

Phoebe nudged Paige, as Piper turned pinker. 'Uh huh. I would. But my dumb sisters are listening in.' Piper said, waving a hand at them to swat them away. 'I'll just go upstairs.' Piper agreed, walking upstairs with the extension, and giggling away.

'Damn, if we listen outside she'll hear us too.' Paige grinned slyly. 'Should we Pheebs?'

'We have every right to.' Phoebe grinned, and the two opened the heating vent in the lounge, which connected to all the other vents upstairs (though not all in the house), including the one in Piper's room, where her conversation wafted through.

'Jeremy!' Piper giggled. 'You're so funny!'

'Oh Jeremy! You're so funny!' Paige repeated dramatically, putting a hand to her forehead in an over-imitation of Piper. Phoebe snorted with laughter, while upstairs, Piper paused.

'Hang on Jeremy. I think we have a case of eaves droppers.' Piper called out the last part. 'Are you two outside of my room?' She hollered to Phoebe and Paige.

'No! You're just really loud that's all!' Phoebe yelled back, grinning. Paige giggled and shut the vent.

'She's not doing anything interesting.' Paige concluded. 'All she's gonna do is giggle, blush and throw in an oh Jeremy every couple of minutes.'

'Uh huh, you're telling me.' Phoebe said, glad to be fourteen. It was the best age to be - she could hang out with Piper, because she was into boys and clothes and stuff, but she could also hang with Paige, because she still liked to play jokes on people.

'So what should we do now?' Paige wondered, flicking a strand of her black hair away from her face. Phoebe shrugged.

'Well we'll eliminate eaves dropping on Piper. It's pretty boring as of now.' Phoebe decided. Her face fell. 'I just remembered I have a ton of Spanish homework to do. All this translating.' Phoebe wrinkled her nose. 'I'm going to go finish it, see if I can get it done before dinner.'

'Okay.' Paige agreed. 'I should get my homework done now too. But I'm not going to.' She said, grinning.

Phoebe rolled her eyes and grinned. 'I wish I still had the privilege you eighth graders do.' She told her, smiling, before flouncing upstairs. Paige flopped onto the couch and turned the TV on. There was just a dumb infomercial on dishwashing liquid. Paige glanced at her watch. 4:00.

'Mom's show is on now.' Paige said, changing channel. As she'd said, Patty appeared on TV. 'Eric. I don't know.' She said, clutching her heart.

'But Linda, I thought you loved me!' Eric tossed back in anguish. Paige rolled her eyes at him.

Patty had wanted to settle down and have a family, but after Victor had run off with another woman, she'd set out to fulfil her acting career. She was now on one of the best soap operas in San Francisco, possibly all of America. Patty had been young when she'd had her girls - she'd had Prue at 17, and she was only 34 now. Yes, Patty had been careless, but now she got a lot of money, and sent the girls cheques for Christmas and birthdays. None of them felt very close to her though, since she'd run off to LA so long ago, and she neglected them a tad.

'Eric. I do love you. But I'm not ready for marriage. And Eric, I can't have a baby! I'm only twenty five!' Patty cried. Paige giggled. Twenty- five! She may look it, but it was a total lie. And besides, she'd had Paige at twenty-one. Personally, she thought Destiny, the name of the show, was total crap, but she still got a kick out of watching it, and it was the best way to see her mother, even if it was taped.

'What are you going to do then Linda?' Eric began to rave. 'You can't have an abortion! You'd be killing an innocent life.'

Patty took a deep breath. 'Then I'll just have to have this baby. But if I do. it means we have to get married Eric! No child of mine is going to be born to parents who aren't even dating!'

'Married! But Patty. I'm with Sandra, and you have Jacob!' Eric cried. 'You'll just have to pretend it's Jacob's child. No way can Sandra find out we had an affair!'

'It was innocent! I was drunk!' Patty protested. Paige heard someone come in.

'What are you watching?' Piper asked.

'Destiny.' Paige said, tossing the remote to her. Piper caught it, and put it on the coffee table.

'Ooh? What's happening?' Piper asked excitedly. Piper and Phoebe could get into Destiny and watch it everyday if they wanted to - during break they practically made it a ritual, but Paige wasn't into soap operas. But then again, Paige wasn't even fourteen yet.

'Um mom told Eric she's pregnant.'

'Don't say mom, it just ruins it.' Piper complained.

'Okay Linda told Eric she's pregnant. Then she said they have to get married, and he said they can't and she should say it's Jacob's child.' Paige said in a bored voice.

Piper's eyes widened as if this were a real event, and then turned and let her eyes become glued to the screen. Paige rolled her eyes - again.

'Piper, how can you watch this junk?' Paige complained.

'That's what Phoebe said when SHE was thirteen.' Piper said, not taking her eyes away from the TV. 'PHOEBE!' Piper hollered. 'DESTINY IS ON!'

There was a thump, and then several more, before Phoebe came barrelling down the stairs. 'Really?' She cried. 'What's been happening?'

Once again Paige relayed what had happened. Now both Phoebe and Piper had their attention on Destiny.

'This show is the greatest.' Phoebe declared during an add.

'Our mother is on it!' Paige protested. 'If you ask me, I'd be happy to turn Destiny off.'