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*Final Chapter*

Phoebe shook out her hair. She'd just gotten back to her room after having a long, relaxing bath. She'd figured Jason probably wouldn't return her calls so she might as well have a nice bath. Unfortunately she'd been right.

She sighed and picked up the phone again. She dialed and waited.

'Hi you've reached Jason Dean on 555-65656. I can't take your call right now. You know the drill, so leave a message for me and I'll get back to you.'

'Jason. Please. pick up. I know you're there. Please. Don't do this to me. I have all day and I can keep doing this, but you can't avoid me forever. We have school on Monday you know. Jason please.'

Suddenly someone picked up the phone. 'Phoebe this is the fifteenth message today.' Jason sounded weary, defensive and somewhat irritated.

'Jason. Oh thank god you picked up.'

'To tell you you're wasting your time.' Jason interrupted. His voice was clipped.

'Jason please just listen to me.'

'I'm sick of listening. I've been listening to you phone me continuously all morning and I don't want to hear it. Stay away from me Phoebe.'

'Jason I think you're overreacting.'

'You told me he was just a friend.' Jason continued angrily. 'And yet I walk in on you kissing him? Don't lie to me Phoebe. Please don't contact me anymore.' He hung up and Phoebe stared at the phone, tears pricking her eyes.

* *

Paige and Glen walked through the mall, Glen with his arm around Paige, who was admiring the assorted things in the store windows.

Suddenly Glen tensed. Paige turned and saw Nate's friends standing in front of her.

'Look who it is.' A guy called Owen sneered. 'I hope you're happy Paige Halliwell. Thanks to you Nate is in rehab.'

'He is?' Paige asked, relief washing through her. At the same time though, she was terrified because she was facing a bunch of older, stronger, larger ninth graders who had it in for her.

'Yeah. Him and our dealer.' Spat a girl called Robin. She glared at Paige. 'And it's your fault. You, your sisters, your friends and your little petition.'

Glen held onto Paige even more tightly. Paige glanced around the mall. Nobody seemed to be taking any notice of the teenagers standing in the middle of the mall.

'Paige, we have to go.' Glen said in a low murmur.

Paige nodded and let Glen drag her off.

'We're coming after you Paige!' Robin called out to her. 'We'll get you and your sisters! You'll pay for what you did!'

* *

Piper was sitting in the sunroom when Grams came in. 'Piper darling, I have something important to tell the girls. Where is everyone?'

Piper thought for a while. 'Prue's at the hospital. Paige is at the mall with Glen. Phoebe's upstairs.'

Grams nodded and walked off to get Phoebe. The door slammed as Paige came inside, looking slightly ruffled and shaken up.

'Hey Piper.'

'Paige? What's the matter?'

'Nate is in rehab. He got busted as well as his drug dealer.' Paige answered, sitting in a wicker chair across from Piper.

'That's good news isn't it?' Piper asked. 'Why so down?'

'Glen and I ran into Nate's old crowd at the mall. They're threatening me and Prue, Phoebe and you. They're really mad. So many people believed Nate framed me on the petition he was busted and so now they have no dealer and.' Paige leaned back and closed her eyes.

Piper scurried behind Paige and stroked her hair like a mother hen. 'It's okay. You didn't do anything wrong. You're a good person. They can't do anything.'

The front door slammed again and Prue came home. 'You guys! Nate's in rehab! Tara and Lauren told me!'

'We know.' Piper and Paige chorused.

'Isn't this great?' Prue exclaimed.

Quickly Piper related the story.

Prue sat on the edge of Paige's chair and put a reassuring hand on her arm. 'You'll be fine. Like they'll be able to do anything?'

'How did he get busted anyway?' Piper asked.

'Well Nate got caught behind the sheds. He was buying off his dealer, who actually comes to SFH and visits Nate on a weekly basis. So anyway, he's been sent to rehab and so has his dealer.'

'I'm failing to see how they connect Paige with this story.' Piper commented.

Prue shrugged 'Well because of Nate's little framing stunt he has to go to a detention center once he's out of rehab. So his friends are going to blame you, naturally.'

'Thanks for the support.' Paige said, rolling her eyes.

'Your welcome.' Prue smiled sweetly.

'Oh Prue, you're home.' Grams and Phoebe came into the room.

'Sit please, all of you.' Grams had never looked so pale, Piper noted. 'Girls I've received some bad news.'

Paige clutched at Phoebe and Piper's hands, and Piper clutched Prue's on her other side. This couldn't be good.

'Your mother was filming near water, on a dock. As you know, she couldn't swim.'

'Oh god.' Piper said.

'She fell into the water, and knocked her head. The crew got her out but not after she swallowed a lot of water.'

'Oh my god.' Phoebe said. All of the sisters looked terrified and tears ran down Piper's cheeks.

'And the hit on her head was really bad. She's. she's in a coma girls.'

'Well she be okay? I mean, when she comes out of the coma?' Phoebe asked, her voice very small.

Paige noticed she said 'when' and not 'if.' She was glad for that - it made her feel a little bit better.

'The doctors say she might have brain damage. It's touch and go.' Grams closed her eyes and Phoebe could see she was going to cry too.

'So what's going to happen? We can't just stay here while she's in some hospital!' Prue shouted.

'Prue! Shouting won't help.' Grams said, but she didn't sound like she cared. 'We're going to fly up there of course. We have to be with her. Girls, go pack. You can share a suitcase. Sam, Patty's agent is paying for us.'

Prue, Phoebe, Piper and Paige left the room to go upstairs. Piper was still crying, Paige didn't say a word but she looked even whiter than usual. Prue was frowning and Phoebe looked as if she were in absolute agony.

Grams watched her granddaughters leave the room before she started crying.

* *

Piper stared out the window. Sam had given them first class tickets. At any other time other than this, Piper would be excited to be sitting in first class. Once Grams had told them she'd packed her things then called Leo, who was just upset about it as she was and he hadn't even met Patty. Then Piper had sat in her room and stared at the wall until Grams told her it was time to go.

Prue, who sat beside her, had gone up to her room and called Andy. She'd spoken to him on the phone while she packed, then at the airport she called Janie and Sherrie and told them she wouldn't be at school because she was visiting her mother. She didn't give them any other details, because it was too painful to say and because who knows what kind of rumors would start.

In the row ahead of them sat Phoebe and Paige. Ever since Grams told her the news, Paige had felt so sick she'd thrown up all the food she'd had at the mall. She called Glen once the phone line was free, and then packed her things.

Phoebe had tried to call Jason several more times before they left. She told his answering machine what had happened, but he still didn't pick up. Then she called Michelle, who came over and helped her pack. She tried to bring herself to call Cole, but couldn't do it, so in the end she wrote him a short letter and gave it to Michelle to give it to him on Monday.

Piper prayed while Prue composed a 'if my mom turns out fine I will.' list. Paige made a wish on everything she saw and Phoebe sat silently, repeating in her head over and over 'she will be fine.' On a plane heading to LA, where in a large private hospital their mother lay, the four Halliwell girls were silent.

TBC. Look out for a sequel!

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