Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Reload

Lara-Su finds herself thrown back into the past (again), this time inexplicably and without warning. The time is the end of the Eggman War, and the implications are dire. Tails, meanwhile, receives an unexpected visitor who interrupts his daily routine. What does all this portend?

Chapter 2: Best Trip Ever

Tails trains while Lara enjoys herself; Tempest and Sally clash over the former's foreign ways. Elsewhere, forces continue to advance their ambitions and dreams of conquest. While others bicker or get in touch with their past, the war quietly begins to draw to a climax.

Chapter 3: Rogues

Two unexpected interruptions disturb Tails' training. The Babylon Rogues and their allies raid Knothole and Tails vows to chase them down even if it means a running battle through the heart of the city. Tempest and Sally go on a long distance patrol to try and overcome their differences in the latter's hope of forming a diplomatic alliance while Sonic takes his friends out for a night on the town to relax.

Chapter 4: Nothing Else

Tails arranges a fight between Tempest and Nail, his two would-be spiritual mentors, while Silver and Blaze continue their work in the past under the watchful eyes of their master, Mephiles. A mishap in Tails training, however, soon calls into doubt the wisdom of the boy's mentors.

Chapter 5: Some Touch of Madness

Tails advances his own projects outside Knothole; Cream joins him on an excursion into The Ring (the ruins of Old Mobotropolis's sprawling suburbs) that quickly escalates into an all-out battle royal. Returning to Knothole, he confronts a certain spy about her alleged activities on behalf of foreign powers.

Chapter 6: War Machine

Blaze and Silver advance their agenda while Tails' increasing paranoia serves to further root out the disloyal in his midst. The Babylon Rogues return with remnants of the Battlebird Armada, bringing the war to one of Tails' research facilities. The HMS Blue Typhoon sorties to counterattack while Tails and Sonic race to hunt down the Rogues.

Chapter 7: Mastermind

Blaze and Cream meet in Knothole and Vector arrives, looking for the missing Super Emeralds. An infamous criminal is broken free and spirited out of the city while Sonic, Sally and Tails relax aboard the Blue Typhoon. Lara-Su investigates the site of a forsaken ritual and learns the truth behind Iblis and Mephiles.

Chapter 8: Strange Bedfellows

Tails leaves to investigate Battlebird rumors regarding his adopted parents, thought long dead, only to encounter some unexpected help in Chemical Plant City. As part of a joint mission to corner a mutual enemy, Sonic joins Shadow and Metal Sonic in tracking down Ixis Naugus. They end up in a Lost Zone, facing an ancient Guardian in the form of The Ifrit.

Chapter 9: Crossing the Rubicon

Tails and Rouge set their plans in stone and make their move, seemingly turning traitor against the Kingdom of Acorn. Tails faces Metal Sonic with the fate of GUN and the salvaged Egg Carrier at stake, while Rouge reacquaints herself with an old ally: Shadow, the Eggman Empire's right hand man and enforcer. The Peace Conference in Angel Island shatters as the two raid Knothole itself for the Sixth Chaos Emerald. Bunnie makes a life changing decision in a desperate bid to stop the so called ultimate life form.

Chapter 10: Countdown to Extinction

Helios rises and the enemies of the Eggman Empire tremble. Tails calls in unexpected allies as he leads a combined assault against the Flying City itself. Sonic, Sally and Knuckles confront the kitsune before Shadow and Rouge make an attack of their own. Their target: the Seventh and final Chaos Emerald, the acquisition of which will make Helios and the Eggman all but invincible.

Chapter 11: A Flawed and Imperfect World

Mephiles makes his move and begins to release Iblis on the world. While the war continues to rage around the Flying City, Sonic and Tails storm Helios in a desperate bid to save Knothole and countless lives. Lara-Su finally steps in to assure the timeline progresses as needed, and Shadow and Tails face each other for the last time. With the fate of the world at stake, what is Tails willing to sacrifice to claim victory? And what will be the aftermath of this final battle?

Cast of Major Characters (in order of appearance)

Faction: The Kingdom of Acorn

Sally Acorn
Amy Rose
Nicole (aka NICOLE)
Bunnie Rabbot
Antoine D'Coolette
Mina Mongoose
Geoffrey St. John
King Maximilian Acorn
Elias Acorn
Hershey (COA "New World Order" only)

Faction: Eggman Empire

Snively (Colin Jr)
Metal Sonic (Mk3v2)
Tails Dolls

Faction: Independents Entry

Tempest (OC)
Nail (OC)
Rush (OC)
The Babylon Rogues (Jet, Storm, Wave)
Ixis Naugus
Mammoth Mogul
Helmut von Stryker
Fiona 2.0
Chara (OC) (COA "New World Order" only)

Faction: Angel Island

Charmy (COA "New World Order" only)
Espio (COA "New World Order" only)
Mighty (COA "New World Order" only)

Faction: GUN Remnant

Mastermind (OC)
Mya Florentine(OC)
Aya Florentine (OC)
David Weaver (OC) (COA "New World Order" only)

Topaz -- (N/A)
Hope Kintobor -- (N/A)

Incoming Files...

Cast of Characters QuickFiles and other Data Entries are now available. These are designed to help readers of the story better understand how the continuity of COA pans out - a mixture of the games, the comics, and the Sonic X cartoon. There are three entries, one for each major faction, and one for those characters who act out of their own self interest. Each entry has a list of characters, a short biography on each, and some basic personal stats. The files can be accessed by the link in my author's page here in FFN.



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