(6 months later)

The sun was setting, casting bronze rays over the beach.  Between 2 trees stretched a rope hammock; Irina lay softly napping, lulled by the rhythmic pounding of the surf in the background. Humming, Jack stepped carefully out of their villa, balancing a tray with drinks and freshly sliced fruit, and carried it down to the hammock. He glanced over at his wife, who was now feigning sleep, her lips slightly open. Grinning, he picked up the pitcher and, holding it high above her head, slowly tipped it so that a small stream of liquid entered her mouth. A small wobble, and some splashed on her face as well.

Irina sat up quickly. "What the - ?" she spluttered, glaring at Jack. "Always wanted to try that," was Jack's apologetic reply. "I need to refine it a bit. Here, let me help," he grinned, pushing her back down and slowly licking up the excess liquid from her face and lips.

Irina relaxed, savoring the sensation of Jack's tongue flicking over her face. "What else did you bring me?" she smiled, mollified.

"Fruit," came the prompt reply. "Want some?"

"You're not going to drop it in my mouth, are you?" she asked suspiciously.

"Not today," he teased. Jack picked up a piece of mango and carefully placed it in Irina's mouth, holding it as she chewed.

"Mmmmn," she said, rivulets of juice running down her chin. She took hold of Jack's hand and sensually sucked the remaining juice off each of his fingers. She looked up, eyes laughing, as she heard Jack's sharp intake of breath.

"Did you bring me anything else?" she asked suggestively, eyes glancing at his bathing suit, which seemed to have gotten smaller.

Jack's eyes darkened.  "If you're hungry."

"Ravenous," was the silky reply.  A long slender finger lazily traced the bulge in Jack's suit.

"Irina!"  Halfway between a moan and a scandalized laugh, Jack grabbed her hand and glanced over his shoulder.  The US Marshal on duty at the eastern edge of the property was studiously looking in the opposite direction.  "We should probably continue this, uh, snack inside," he said, looking at her reproachfully.

"It would give them something interesting to report," she said, eyes twinkling, as she slid out of the hammock.  Lightly she ran her fingers along the scar on Jack's chest, now white against the tan, and slipped her hand into his.

"I'm not sure that this is quite what Kendall had in mind when he agreed to house arrest," said Jack dryly, as they hastened back up to the villa.

"He should have read the agreement more carefully before signing it," smirked Irina with satisfaction.  "I told you I was an expert." 

"Fortunately he probably doesn't have a clue."

"Alpha 3 to Alpha Base.  Subject has entered the house with Derevko.  Alpha 2 can stand down.  It appears they'll be in there a while.  And occupied."

"Again?" queried Alpha Base.

"Again," sighed Alpha 3 enviously.