Hey everyone, this is the sequel to Someone Like You. This is going to focus a lot more on Bakura, Tea, Ryou, and Malik and of course Chijin and Shiro.

I am going to try and keep Bakura in character as much as I can, but as the story goes that may change.

Oh, for those who wanted to know what SOLY was about, there is an explanation in my profile!!

Anyway, for now the basic plot (what plot?): It has been a year since Someone Like You and now Bakura and the other Yami's are returning from their sleep.

Now, even though the God cards and items have been returned to Shadi, since they are now being given back to their owners again, Bakura is intent on stealing them for power. (Got to love that power hungry Yami!!) So for Tea (and the rest) this is obviously bad news as her husband turns into a demented psycho, not to mention what is on store for Shiro and Chijin and Malik, I mean the guy finally found happiness. Unwittingly the Yami's release an unknown curse which threatens their loved one!! Amongst all this drama Tea has to some how accept Bakura, not to mention the truth about her children's connection to Bakura.

Anyway enough of my rambling on here is the Sequel to Someone like you

Disclaimer: Chi: Yay thought you could get rid of us hey? Anyway Kaz doesn't own YuGiOh, just the plot and Princess of Darkness and Me owns Vipera.

Italic are the spoken word in the dream.

Forever With You


Darkness…..it was all around him, all he could see. Squinting his eyes and slicking back his white mane, he tried to focus on anything that could give him an idea of where he was.

As he walked along the nothing, he tried to make out anything, when all of a sudden he heard voices….

"Stop him!! Thief!! He must be caught."

Ryou's eyes widen to the size of saucers as he saw a figure run towards him, 'Is that me?' he wondered, but then shook his head, this person had short white hair and his clothing was very different not too mention he could make out a scar on his cheek as well. The figure continued to run towards Ryou only to fall down at his feet,

"Help me Ryou!"

"Huh?" replied Ryou, still very confused as to where he was.

"Save my soul… help me…. Ryou"

"Ryou?" the voice began to fade away and also changed in tone.

"Thief your soul is mine! You cannot be freed!" was the last thing he heard, before he felt himself being shaken.

"Mmmmm?" he murmured still unsure, everything was a blur, fading away into darkness.

"RYOU!" shouted a worried voice.

"Huh?" slowly and groggily, he opened his honey brown eyes, only to be met with frantic scared, yet comforting cerulean ones.

"Are you okay Ryou?" asked Tea still very worried, "you were mumbling in your sleep."

"It's okay Tea, I just had a nightmare," he replied comforting her.

"The same one you have been having for the past year now?" she asked still looking into his weary eyes, concern glistening in her own.

"Yeah," he admitted, but before she could say anything, he grabbed her and said, "it's okay, lets go back to sleep."

Mumbling in agreement, she lay back down her head resting on his chest. However try as she might and despite what Ryou may say, she was worried, very worried. He had been having these dreams, every since he had proposed to her.

Smiling at the happy memory that seemed so long ago, she looked at her engagement ring that lay beneath her wedding ring.

It had been about 6 months since they were married; the wedding was small and just consisted of family and friends. Ryou had looked so handsome in his black tux, although there was a concern, that at one point he looked ready to faint, it was due to nerves and the fact that Malik… the best man, had pretended he had forgotten the rings. Mandy, her old boss was the maid of honour and Chijin was the flower girl. Shiro, who had improved slightly in his condition, could walk again but had a signature limp in his walk, was an usher. The others girls were all bridesmaids. 'I had five bridesmaids,' she laughed in her mind.

Her dress had been a simple, straight one, with a short veil covering her eyes. The entire day had gone with out any mishaps well, except for Joey eating too much cake and the boys getting a tad too drunk.

But still the day had been perfect and now she was finally Mrs Tea Bakura.

 A lot had happen since she had come back from England. First of all was the significant change in her and Ryou. They were truly happy together and nothing could break them apart 'At least I hope nothing does,' Tea thought.

 She had calmed down a lot now, and wasn't so anxious or worried about what the future might bring. Her looks were pretty much the same long brown hair, straight as a poker reaching down toward her mid back, eyes still full of emotions, a heart that wasn't quite as pure as when she was a child, but only harden due to what life gave her.

Ryou too had changed. Gone was the sweet, innocent, naive boy and their in his place stood a man. The whole Shiro accident saga had changed him, toughed him up more. He was more mature, more level-headed, more stronger, more….. handsome. Tea giggled at that thought. Her babies too had changed a lot too, not that you could call them babies now.

Chijin still had the princess attitude, but was very loving… she's turned out to be a complete daddies girl, as Malik found out when he broke her Barbie doll, for his action Ryou gave him a nice black eye. Yes Ryou had grown a lot stronger. Unlike her attitude, her looks had changed a great deal, much to her disappointment; her hair had streaks of white in them and had grown more spikier.

Shiro had changed a lot too, he was very quiet and didn't talk as much after the accident. He preferred to be by himself, even at school. His hair was still in the same style as Ryou's, but now his bangs were brown and his facial features were more on Tea's.

The gang too had changed, Shadi and Isis had decided to go back to Egypt and live there. Seto and Serenity were currently in America, promoting Kaiba Corp. Also much to Joey's displeasure they were engaged and very happy together.  Mai and Joey were still going strong, although she did warn him that she was an independent woman, so he better not get any stupid ideas like trying to tie her down. 'Yeah right,' thought Tea, "we all know she would love nothing better, than for Joey to pop the question."

Miho, her best friend was now the lucky girl of having Tristan and Duke's attention. Since Serenity was taken, she now had the privilege.

Yugi, well Yugi was still sweet Yugi. He had finally learnt to let go of his feeling for her, but he still looked and acted the same.

Surprisingly Malik and Vipera were still together, a relationship that had been formed unexpectedly, and was still going strong. 'Who would have thought that they would still be together?' thought Tea, but before she could peruse this thought even more, she was interrupted by the telephone.

She saw Ryou reach for the phone, and was wondering who it could be when she heard.

"What? Are you sure? Fine I will be there."

Looking up at her husband she asked "Ryou, what's going on?"

Ryou turned to face her and replied, "That was Yugi, apparently Shadi has been in touch with him. He didn't give me too many details, but he said that he needs Yugi, Malik and me to go to Egypt."

 "He didn't say why?"

"No," replied Ryou and he hugged his wife, but couldn't help think, 'I have a bad feeling about this.'


Well that's it for the prologue. Now before you all say Bakura was totally OOC, yes I know he was, but this will be explained as the story goes on. Anyway I know this was boring but I needed to get all this out of the way. Next chapter we see the return of the lovable Yami's.

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