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Pairings: Ryou Bakura x Téa Gardner

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I do not own Ygo, I own the plot, the OC's and Kassie-chan owns Vipera

Forever With You

Chapter 9

By Kaz

The darkness, it was back. Seeping out from everywhere and capturing him in an endless cage of despair. No matter how much he tried to escape from it, it pulled him back, imprisoning him, refusing him to let him break to the surface. He could feel the weight drowning him, suffocating him, not allowing him to breathe. He had to escape, he had to flee or he would be sent back there, to the place from which he had escaped, the place where he refused to go back too... he would never go back there... never ... no... it was time for him to wake....

"Daddy please wake up!" Cried a scared Chijin, as she shook her father in vain, trying to wake him up. Her mother and brother had gone to one of Shiro's physiotherapy sessions, thus leaving the petite girl with her father. She had been upstairs doing some of her work, when she felt hungry and therefore, came down to ask her father to make something for her. However, she had found him asleep on the couch, eyes narrowed, while mumbling something in his sleep. At first, she had tried calling to him but seeing that had no effect, she tried to wake him up by shaking him.

"Daddy please," she cried again, now sitting on top of his chest, trying to reach his face, "Wake up."

Slowly, she saw her father open his eyes, and she felt her heart calm down. However, before she could say anything, she had barley blinked, when she felt herself thrown into the air and collide with the corner of the table. The entire world seemed to stands still, as the white haired man jumped up from the couch and fix his eyes on the fallen heap on the floor, while the girl, lay unmoving on the wooden floor.

Inside the doctor's office, Téa shuddered as she felt a cold shiver run down her spine, she did not quite know what had caused it but in the pit of her stomach she knew something was wrong with Chijin. Call it mothers intuition or something but her baby girl was in trouble.

'But I don't think I need to worry,' she thought, 'After all she is with Ryou... but still perhaps I should ring them, after all, my instinct has never been wrong before.'

Motioning to the physiotherapist that she was just stepping out for a minute, she glanced over at Shiro, who was riding an exercise bike, before retrieving her phone and calling home.

Bakura calmed his breath as the events of what just happened replayed in his mind. Stepping forward, he made sure the mind link to his host was shut, before kneeling down by the fallen girl. "Chijin?" he asked, not quite knowing why he was bothered, but something new had crept up his spine when he saw her lying there. When he had thrown her off and heard her collide, something lay in the pit of his stomach, something which he had never felt before... fear.

"Chijin?" He asked again. He had no idea what was wrong with him, before when he was out, he couldn't careless for adults or children but this time it was different. For some reason his past life, before he had become a thief flashed in his mind, when he had his sisters and mother around him, when he had family around him, it was almost as if he had family again.

"Impossible," he grunted, "These brats are not mine and I hold no ties to them, not them, nor the woman. All of them are just obstacles in my way; as soon as I can I will dispose of them all." Though the saying was true, he would think of something like that, an almost sarcastic voice rang through his ears.

"Oh really spirit of the ring? You hold nothing for them?"

Bakura's head shot up as he tried to register the voice, "Who are you and how dare you try and enter my mind."

"Why my dear friend I am hurt, you have forgotten me already? No matter, I will be back and I will take all that you hold dear. Heed my words, I shall be back."

As quick as the voice came, it left just as fast, leaving the thief confused, "That voice, it sounded familiar but I cannot place it. No matter, they are nothing more than fools if they think I hold anything precious to me."

A small groan shook him out of his thoughts, looking down he saw the small brunette was coming around.

"Mama? Daddy? Shi?"

He watched her as she mumbled out her family's name, while opening her eyes. As she glanced around the room, her eyes met Bakura's and he saw something darken within her eyes.

Téa groaned as the call refused to go through. 'Stupid thing! How can there be no signal!' she cried mentally. 'I don't know why but I have this feeling inside of me, this fear, I have to make sure they are okay.' Walking outside the building, she tried again, sighing in relief as the ringing tone sounded.

"Chijin?" Bakura asked again in the best Ryou sounding tone he could muster.

"Y-your not my daddy are you?" The girl whispered, still sitting on the floor, her hands resting over her cut forehead.

"Why whatever do you mean?" Bakura chuckled, enjoying her confused expression.

"Y-You're not my daddy, stay-stay away from me! I am going to tell Mama about this!"

Bakura narrowed his eyes, the last thing he needed was the woman meddling in his affairs and telling the Pharaoh about this.

He glanced at her again once he heard her whimper and cry. 'Great, she takes after the pathetic female.'

"Stupid brat, stop crying."

"I want my mama," she sobbed, refusing to listen to him. Instead, she cried even harder, making the spirit become even more annoyed.

"Shut you stupid brat!" He roared, while pulling her up by her hair, getting ready to slam her down again when he found himself paralysed. Her eyes, the sincerity, the trust... the innocence those eyes held, stopped him. He could not bring himself to hurt this delicate flower in front oh him. Growling at himself, for the fact that he could not do anything, he felt something wrap around his waist and press into his stomach. Looking down, he faltered when he saw the child hugging him, sitting in his lap. He had a strange feeling, almost as if he wanted to hug and protect her, no, as if he would ever think like that.

He glanced down at the small, fragile girl in his arms; she had a hypnotic aura, anyone who encountered her just wanted to protect her, keep her hidden from the realities of life. He could feel his eyes soften and it was killing him, he did not have the time for this, play happy families with the woman and her brats, he had a destiny, a mission, he had to get out, he needed to get out... just like the dream he had. Something must have been released when Yugi and Ryou received their items again, perhaps it was a curse that the Pharaoh had not known about, but something had gone wrong, dreadfully wrong...

He felt the girl shift, focusing his vision on her, he realised she had the same eyes as the woman, cerulean blue, large... one could lose themselves within them, she was going to be a beauty when she grew up... not that he would let any man have her, he would castrate them before that... He cursed mentally once more, she had done it again, somehow she had weakened him 'Damn it what is wrong with me?' he thought, angry with himself more than her.



"Huh? Why what?"

"I hurt you and you are still here, why? Why have you not run? Why do you not hate me?"

"I could never hate you daddy. I don't know what is going on... but you are my daddy no matter what... it doesn't matter what you do because I love you."

As soon as she had said those words, a warm feeling encounter him, he had only felt this feeling once before, in his past life with his family, it was faint but he could just remember what it felt like. A bond.

He tightened his grip around her, she was breaking him down, and she had something, which the others did not. Unlike the others, she was pure innocence, just like Ryou had been, when he had first met him... just like the woman.

The phone shook him out of thoughts, he saw from the corner of his eye that the girl was trying to reach the phone from her current position but her reach just fell short. Sighing, he grabbed the phone, glad that he could remember how to use it.



It was the woman.

"Téa?" The spirit asked, trying to sound like his host.

"Mama?" He heard the girl also ask.

"Yeah it's me, listen are you and Chijin okay? I just had a feeling something had happened and with everything that has been going on, I guess I am just more jumpy. She is not hurt, is she? She's okay right Ryou?"

It was almost as if she knew it was him, and was pleading with him not to hurt her.

"She is fine. Here talk to her." He pushed the phone into the girls hand and turned his head away.


"Chijin, Chi hunny you are okay right? Nothings happened right. Daddy hasn't been... been acting weird has he?"

"No Mama, I am fine," she answered, her hand resting on her cut forehead, "And daddy has been fine too... okay then I will see you when you get back. Bye bye."

She placed the phone on the floor, while looking up at Bakura and smiling.

Bakura, rolled his eyes, before dragging her up with him, leading her toward the bathroom, he needed to clean her cut... Yes, this girl was definitely going to get in the way of his mission... but for some strange reason he found himself not really caring about that.


"Vipera come on! Where is my food? I am hungry!"

Within the kitchen, Viper growled, while muttering something about stupid blonde boys and bets. Ever since that stupid bet she lost yesterday day, Malik had been making her life hell... it seems he when he makes a bet he really makes sure the loser acts it out.

"Its coming Oh Master of the house." 'Damn him and his childish ways,' she mused, although deep down inside she was glad he was happy. He had told her about his childhood and how he never really had one and was therefore, making up for it now. She was happy, he deserved it, everyone deserved a childhood no matter what, besides his antics amused her to the end... it was one of the reasons why she loved him... now if he would only become a man and ask her to marry him... Then again, miracles never really happen do they?

"Here, you immature child it's..." Vipera froze in her tracks, Malik, he had changed, his hair, his build, his aura... it was so cold in here... the entire place felt as if it was shrouded in darkness... also, on his forehead... 'What is that?' She thought.


She blinked and to her amazement, everything was normal. 'What the hell? Was I imagining things? Should I mention something?' She looked at Malik who was now devouring the food and smiled 'Nah it was nothing besides I don't want to worry him.'

Smiling she sat down next to him, trying to grab some of the food she made... damn men and their possessiveness.


Téa smiled at her son in her arms, these sessions always tired him out. Creeping into the house, she was about to make her way up the stairs when she caught sight of Chijin in front of the TV but not really staring at it, no, her vision was on the ring she held within her hands. Téa nearly screamed... in fact she did.

"What the hell are you doing?" She almost roared, the fear for her daughter causing her to sound like this.

Chijin jumped, while Shiro woke up. "Mama?"

"You put that away right now young lady; you are not allowed to ever touch that! How could Ryou be so careless and..." Téa froze in the middle of her screaming.


"Chi what happened to your head?" Téa asked, unintentionally holding Shiro closer to her. The boy, narrowed his eyes, his sister had been hurt... And that was something he would not tolerate.

Chijin touched the cut, which had stopped bleeding and cleaned up. "Oh this? I-I feel down and banged my head, daddy cleaned it up for me."

"But it's very deep you may have needed stitches!" Sighing, she saw Chijin close to tears. "Oh Chi," she cooed, while hugging both of them, "I am sorry I didn't meant to yell, I was just worried. If anything ever happened to any to you I wouldn't be able to handle it."

"Its okay Mama," the younger girl smiled.

"But please both you listen to me," she carried on, while taking the ring out from Chijin's hands. "You are never ever to touch this, nor go anywhere near it. I am serious; do not ever touch this. Understand?"

Smiling at them both, she left them in front of the TV, while she and the ring made their way upstairs. Entering her bedroom, she smiled as she saw her husband lying down. Taking of her shoes, she lay down next to him, resting her head on his chest.

She smiled as she felt him shift to warp his arms around her and hold her close.

"I found Chijin with the ring."

"What?" Ryou cried eyes open and wide.

"You never told me about her cut when I phoned you Ryou, I wish you did. I was really scared when I saw it, you should have taken to hospital. I know you cleaned it but still she might have needed stitches."

"Téa what are you talking about? I never spoke to you today and what happened to Chijin?"

"What? But I phoned you today and you answered and just now Chijin told me she fell down the stairs and you cleaned her cut for her... if that wasn't you then who?"

Both of them glanced down at the ring, Téa held.

"No?" Both of them said aloud, before looking at each other.



"I don't want the twins near the ring."

"Neither do I."

Smiling, she placed the ring on the nightstand, before snuggling down onto Ryou's chest, while playing with the few strands that fell down.



"About the bet."

"Sigh, what about it?"

"Do you remember your old school uniform?"

"Yeah the pink one?"

"No, the err other one."

"You mean the horrible orange one, which they got rid of because the shirts were too tight and the skirts were far too short?"

"Yeah? You still got it?"

"Yeah somewhere, why?"

Ryou grinned down at her, as the realisation spread across her face.

"Ryou Bakura! You hentai you!"


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