This is a story that I wrote with some collaboration from my friend. It has been about 3 months since and I came back and thought that the story was not so bad, so I decided to upload it and share it with everyone. Well, please R&R and tell me what you think about it. The main characters are properties of Yoshiki Nakamura. Other characters are from my imagination so please don't be alarmed if you have never heard about them ^_^

Chapter 1 - Stormy Weather

"A job well done my friend," said the man in the dark, "the Morida clan also proves to be an easily target for you after all" he chuckled and continued on slowly, "R.E.D will heavily reward you for your efforts". With a sly smile, the assassin bowed graciously to the man. The man opened the thick folder in front of him and tossed out a picture onto the table. Swiftly, the assassin pinned the picture to a stop with her knife and her eyes gleamed as she took an amused look. "He will be your next target, Koizumi. Get the job done fast just like you always do! You know how to reach me." The man stood up in the dimly lit room and walked out into the dark. "Shirogami Ryuji, is it." Koizumi tipped her head back and laughed.


"Tonight's top story is the death of Morida Satoru the leader of the Morida Clan in the Kantou Region. Morida and his family were murdered in their home early this morning. The cause of death is still undetermined. This is the 5th attack on a yakuza group in the past 3 months. The police are launching a full investigation toward the recent attacks."

Tsukasa's ears perk up to the sudden news on the street of Tokyo. 'The fifth attack in the past three months.' she thought and wonders why Ryuji had never told her anything more about it. Sometimes she feels that Ryuji is determined to keep her in the dark about certain things. Tsukasa hates to be kept in the dark, although she can always go to Akira-san for information, but she rather hears it from Ryuji himself. However, more than often, he tries to avoid it. At times she wonders if their relationship is going to work at all, if he can't be open with her and share more of his feelings or even information. It was five years ago that she decided that she would always stay with him, but at 19, she now wonders if she made the right choice. It wasn't that she doesn't love Ryuji but the distance between them seems to widen.

By the time she arrived at Kuryugumi it was already nine o'clock. The house was exceptionally quiet and she wondered where everyone was. All of a sudden, Shigaraki Mitsugi appears right beside her in the living room and Tsukasa jumped.

"Don't ever do that again! You scared me to death!"

"I'm terribly sorry anesan, the kumicho wish to tell you that he is in an important meeting right now and will be with you shortly."

"Don't call me that!" Tsukasa fumes at the kumiin. The man flinches and backs away in fright, sweat is trickling down his head and he quickly mutters a quick prayer.

Tsukasa noticing this suspects that there is something that he isn't telling her. This isn't the first time that Ryuji made sure no one reveals the content of the meeting to her.

"It is about the Morida Clan? Well, is it? It's all in the news you know!" she questioned. She was not is a particular good mood since she was excluded out of a meeting yet again. The man grew very afraid of her as more sweat trickles down his head.

"Ah.Ah.anesan.. yes. This is all I know."

Tsukasa sighed and she knows that it's no use to pry any more information out of him. "Fine, if your kumicho ever ask where I'm, tell him that I'll be in my room when he's done." And she left. In the sanctuary of her room, she sat down and took a careful look at herself in the oval mirror in front of her. Tsukasa felt a sudden emptiness inside like the world is caving in on her and desperation to free herself from a trap that she can't get out of. 'What am I doing?' she questioned herself. Her mind replied her with an empty drone, and the answer seemed to be surrounded by thick layers of smoke. 'Maybe I should break-off the engagement and give ourselves some breathing space'. Her mind was made up yet a part of her wanted to shout and scream at herself that it was an extremely foolish thing to do. Tsukasa decided to be brave and this is what she is going to tell Ryuji when he comes to see her after the meeting.

The hours tick on mercilessly and Tsukasa waited for Ryuji to come. It was already midnight and no sign of the meeting being over. Getting restless and feeling angry with Ryuji for not showing up, she stumps out of her room and marched toward the conference room. At this moment, she doesn't care if she is disrupting the meeting or the fact that Ryuji is going to be upset with her barging in like this. As Tsukasa pulls open the metal doors, the room was empty. It seems that the meeting was finished a long time ago or perhaps there wasn't a meeting after all.

"He is soooo dead!".

*** ~ In the black limo on the way to Ginza ~

"Sandaime, this isn't such a good thing to do tonight - trying to get more information about this new group - R.E.D is it? This is a terrible day for the Morida Clan! Tsukasa-san is going to be angry when she finds out that you lied to her about having a meeting." Bun-san questioned with a worry.

"She won't find out. I made sure of that."

"Yes.but you know the last time at Megafloat Airport.."

"I know. I'm trying to protect her. From what I've heard of R.E.D, they are not going to be an easy group to deal with. I have suspicions that we are their next target."