Chapter 2 - Embrace of the Enemy

"Welcome, welcome to Madame Koizumi's mystic room, I will tell you your fortune in no time.. please, have a seat." Koizumi thought that this was such an ingenious idea to lure Kozuki Tsukasa here. The more she thought about the whole assassination attempt, the more excited she is about it. She has done her research all right, Shirogami Ryuji's weakness lies within this girl that she has seated in her mystic room. Not much is known about this girl except that Kuryugumi's Sandaime has shown a great interest in her and their relationship is not all that publicized which certainly means something. Koizumi found her by accident while Tsukasa was wondering in the street in early morning. Such a perfect timing to get the show on the way! 'Wagashima-sama is going to be so pleased when he knows of this!' she thought.

Koizumi brushes her black, wavy hair back and smiled at Tsukasa. "Well, what do you want to know first? Work, love, health, family?" Tsukasa gave her a perplexed look.

"You have such a sad look on your face.. it must be love then! With Madame Koizumi's crystal ball, I will tell your fortune. You must listen very carefully".

Tsukasa felt foolish sitting here in this little room with strange decorations while listening to 'Madame Koizumi' telling her about her love life. After discovering that Ryuji has lied to her about the meeting, she left Kuryugumi planning to go see Taku-nii. On the way, she was apprehended by this fortuneteller who practically dragged her upstairs, determined to tell her fortune even for free. Just then Tsukasa becomes light-headed, she could hardly breathe because of the heavy incense.

"I can see that you are having some deep trouble with your loved one.he is keeping things from you!" Madame Koizumi waved her hand around the crystal ball pretending to be controlled by some 'higher power'.

"You got that much right!" Tsukasa slurred her word with a sudden desire to asleep.

"Madame Koizumi also sees that you will determine the fate of your loved one and it is not going to be a happy one!" Koizumi tries to stop the urge to laugh as she said this and she quickly covered her mouth with her hand. After gaining some composure she looked at Tsukasa, who made no answer as she is already slumped against the table in a drug-induced state. Koizumi signals two large men to carry Tsukasa into the next room. She is then strapped against the chair while one of the men prepares some surgical utensils. "Act One begins now."

"Ms. Kozuki, I must thank you for offering me such an easy way to find you," said Koizumi, "with R.E.D.'s newest technology and my superb skills to operate it, you will be my perfect weapon!" One of the men injected a tiny microchip into the back of Tsukasa's neck.

"Such a pretty girl, no wonder Shirogami Ryuji would fall hard for you. You won't remember a thing when you wake up. From now on, you will be my eyes and ears and you will listen to everything that I tell you. Shirogami Ryuji is in for a surprise of a lifetime!"

*** 'Where am I?' Tsukasa looked around the unfamiliar room and slips off the bed, 'I was suppose to be at Taku-nii's.what time is it?" Her watch indicated 9:30 AM. 'Thank god I'm still properly dressed!' She then looks over at the small table and saw the Sumari Grand Hotel note pads and letterheads on it. 'I'm in a hotel? How did I get here?' Tsukasa stumbles to the washroom and freshens up, and feels the back of her neck being slightly stinging. "I must get back to Kuryugumi, Ryuji is going to wonder where I have been the whole night." She quickly brushed her long hair back and made sure she look decent. At the hotel lobby, she looked carefully and slips past the receptionist into the busy streets of Tokyo.

At Kuryugumi:

"Ryuji! I wasn't expecting to see you at the living room." After arriving, Tsukasa was not prepared for what she is about to see. Cigarette butts were piling up in the container; it was evident that he was up all night waiting for her to come back.

"After the meeting, I waited for you. It's good for you to come back so early, where have you been?"

"I was at Taku-nii's and don't even talk about the having a 'meeting' because I know you the truth, do you think I'm stupid?" She glared at him and she couldn't believe that he is still trying to cover up his actions.

All of a sudden, he was disappointed that she would lie to him about her whereabouts, he called her brothers around five in the morning and she was definitely not there.

"You know what! I have enough of this and I have enough of you! I'm breaking off the engagement! I think you know by now that I can never be your's just not going to work! You lied to me and you won't even really talk to me anymore. How can I protect you if I'm been kept in the dark all the time!" Without looking back, she left him with a stunned look on his face. He was not prepared for this emotional outburst but if this is the cost of keeping her safe then he will have to pay.


"Well.well.a lover's quarrel, now this is getting interesting. The Morida family was such a drag. How about a little game for our young, and handsome Sandaime" Koizumi just couldn't wait to test out her new subject, it would be a challenge to control Tsukasa but the anticipation is killing her.