So, I haven't finished this one, but I was thinking that reviews might get me moving again, so here it is.  There are spoilers for all the books, and for those who don't like slash, be warned.  This is a Harry/Draco fic, though hopefully a bit different from those you've read before.

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Draco's Draught

By Elfflame

The Potion

            I woke to a throbbing headache.  Now where the hell had that come from?  We hadn't had one of those parties in Slytherin for weeks.  I opened my eyes to discover Madam Pomfrey leaning over me worriedly.  Had I been in a fight with Potter again?  I hoped he was still unconscious.  Then a dark head appeared beside Pomfrey's.  No such luck.  But why was Potter looking at me like that?   And why the hell was he looking at my chest?  Didn't he know he looked even more like an idiot with his mouth wide open like that?

            But why was I here?  Bloody Potter didn't have a single hex mark on him.  Surely he wasn't swift enough to avoid my, Goyle's AND Crabbe's spells if we struck all at once.

            Goyle…wait a minute…this had something to do with Goyle!  We were in potions, and for one bloody time, I figured I'd be nice and partner with him.  Goyle's abysmal in everything, so he can use all the help he can get.  And I'd decided that since Pansy was being more of a pain than normal, that it would give me a bit of a break, you know?  I really didn't want to deal with her rubbing up against me all class again.  But damn, did I pay.  I guess it serves me right for being soft on Goyle.  My dad'll have a field day.

            So, there we were in class, and halfway through putting the potion together, Crabbe distracts Goyle, and he bumps against the cauldron, and guess who it all spills on?  Of course…me.  Imagine, Draco Malfy covered in green goo.  If I hadn't been so dizzy from the effects of the potion, I would have slugged him right there.

            Unfortunately, I could barely stand, so Snape ordered Potter to help me the hospital wing.  Now, I can admit it here that I did need help, but Potter?  Why Potter?  I refused to let him help me, so Potter just followed as we walked towards the hospital wing.  We got about halfway there, then the world began to spin…and now here I am…in the hospital wing.  I wonder how he got me here.

            And I wish they would stop staring at me.

            Finally, Potter closes his mouth with an audible snap.  "Uh, Malfoy?"  I glare at him.  "How do you feel?"

            What is he, the student nurse?  "What…" I stopped.  Was that my voice?  I cleared my throat and tried again.  "What's it to you, Potter?"  Still weird, maybe it was the potion.  Then I looked at Potter, who couldn't seem to take his eyes off of me.  "And why the hell are you staring at me?"

            And then, if you can believe it, he actually blushes.  Potter—blushing?  I sit up, but it's weird, like my weight's been redistributed, and my arms are kind of uncomfortable, but I'm not about to let on that I'm anything other than normal.  "I'm fine.  Now get out of my face, Potter."  I'm about to smirk at him until he leaves, but then I notice something.  Something on my chest…boobs.  "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaagggh!  What's happened?"  I try to leap out of the bed, but Madame Pomfrey restrains me. 

            "Just lie back, Mr. Malfoy…I mean…Miss…I mean…Draco.  Professor Snape and Professor Dumbledore are on their way.  I'm sure we'll have this all sorted out in no time."

            God, I not only freaked out in front of Potter, but I'm…a girl?