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            Time passed quickly, and though we had made no promises, after that night Harry and I met frequently in that old room, usually to make love, and occasionally even spending the night in each other's arms, then sneaking back to our dorms in the early hours of the morning.

            But I knew it couldn't last.  When the year was over, I would have to return to the manor, and to my father.  And when that happened, all choice would be taken from me.  Even if he did not discover my continuing relationship with Harry, there was still the fact that he would expect me to become a Death Eater.  If not this year, then by the end of next.  But I didn't want to be a Death Eater. 

            As a child, I had thrilled to the idea.  I knew that father was powerful because he was a Death Eater.  And that I would be one, too, when I was old enough.  Never mind that the Dark Lord was gone.  He would be back.  And the Malfoys always had a place at his right hand, so I, as the Malfoy heir, would become one of his most important and loyal followers.  It had been my only dream.

            But now it meant something different.  Who needed power when you had love?  Yes, I loved Harry Potter.  But I could never tell him that.  Not if we were meant to face each other on the battlefield to come.  Was there any escape?  How could I face Harry that way without dying inside?  Did I have any other option?

            The questions attacked me day in and day out.  The only peace I had was when I was with Harry.  But that wouldn't help me figure out what to do.  Snape was no help.  Look at where his advice had left me.  And I didn't have any good connections with the other teachers.  So who did that leave?  Dumbledore.  I fought against this answer for weeks before I realized that if I wanted any other solution than giving in to my father and becoming a Death Eater, Dumbledore was my only hope.

But I wasn't exactly fond of the man.  I mean, he's a loon.  Not to mention the fact that he favors the Gryffindors over all the other houses.  Look what he had done at the end of our first year.  I admit that Harry had done something rather spectacular, but still…

After weeks of deliberation, I finally convinced myself that I should just steel myself and do it.  So, one morning in late April, I found myself in front of the Gargoyle guarding the headmaster's office.  Unfortunately, I had no idea what the current password was.  I was about to turn around and head for breakfast, hoping that I would be able to catch the headmaster there, when the gargoyle jumped aside and Dumbledore appeared.

He looked completely unsurprised to see me.  "Ah, Draco.  How are you this fine morning?"

I was so startled at his sudden appearance that I actually stuttered.  "I…uh…w-well…"

Dumbledore smiled, and I winced, but he placed a hand on my shoulder.  "Why don't we go up to my office and talk about whatever it is you came to see me about."

My poise reappeared at that moment.  "Yes, sir.  Thank you."  I followed him up the spiral staircase and sat in the chair seated in front of his large, cluttered desk.  He offered me a sweet, but I declined.

"So, Mr. Malfoy, what is it that you wanted to talk to me about?

"Well, sir, you see, I'm worried about what will happen when I go home this summer."  He raised an eyebrow, but said nothing, so I continued.  "I'm worried that my father will try to force me to his master's side this summer."  He nodded, and steeped his hands in front of him.  My voice lowered to a whisper.  "I don't want to join Voldemort, sir."

Dumbledore smiled, his eyes twinkling in that way that I'd always found annoying before.  "Ah, I see.  And you think it likely this will happen this summer, Mr. Malfoy?"

"Yes, sir."

"What if I told you that that was no longer a concern, Mr. Malfoy?  Would that make you feel better?"

Startled, I wasn't sure what to say to this at first, but eventually I found my voice.  "But sir…My father…"

"Is no longer able to serve that master."  He smiled again.  "Do you think that I would allow your father back into this school if he still served Voldemort, Draco?  One of the conditions of his release is that he is under constant surveillance by the Ministry, and if he comes into contact with any known Death Eaters, he will be immediately sent back to prison.  You are perfectly safe from your father and, as you say, 'his master.'"

"I…see."  I took a deep breath and stood.  "Well, then, I guess I should go…"

"Of course, Draco.  Oh, and do give my best to Harry when you see him."

I was so startled, I stuttered again.  "I…uh…yes, sir."  I flushed, then turned and fled his office.

I was late for breakfast, but stopped and grabbed a bit of toast before returning to my dorm to get my bag.  At least now I could do more then simply be with Harry.  Tonight I would tell him.  There was nothing father would be able to do to me any more.  And I never had to worry again about facing Harry across the field of battle.  We could fight together against the Dark Lord, and I would help Harry win.

As I waited for Harry that night, I wondered if I was doing the right thing.  Maybe Harry didn't want me?  Maybe he just needed to be needed?  And now that we could be together, he would get bored with me?  I tried to distract myself, but it was no use, and when the door finally swung open, I was just about beside myself.

Harry entered the room and quickly crossed to where I sat on the bed, and I reveled in the feel of his lips on mine.  I wanted to mold my body to his and not let go.  But first we had to talk. 

"Harry, stop.  I need to talk to you about something."

He swallowed.  "Do I want to hear this?"

I smiled.  "Not that kind of talk."  I took a deep breath and scooted back against the headboard.  "I hope you'll agree that this seems like something that's going to last?"

His eyes widened.  He nodded.  "But…I thought we'd agreed—no promises?"

I flushed.  "I think I'm about to break that agreement.  If that's okay with you, that is."

I loved it when Harry grinned.  It made me feel like I could do no wrong.  "God, yes, Draco!"  He pulled me to him, his arms wrapped around me, and his lips met mine.  I kissed back for a moment, but then I pulled away. 


"That's not all?"  He just looked curious now.


Then he got a strange look on his face.  "You're not…pregnant…are you?"

"Harry!  Be serious!"

He laughed, "Sorry.  But you're acting like you're about to tell me it's the end of the world or something."

I sighed.  "Harry, we can't just keep meeting like this forever, you know.  We're only here for one more year.  And I'd really like it if we didn't have to hide out anymore.  I mean, look at Granger and Weasley.  I'd like to be able to hold hands like them, maybe kiss each other once in a while…Have dinner with you…If you'd like that, I mean."

  "Oh, Draco?  Which table would we sit at?  Gryffindor?  Slytherin?  Maybe Hufflepuff would make room for us."  Harry smirked, the expression on his face hauntingly familiar, sarcasm dripping from his words.

I glared at him for that.  "Not funny, Harry."

He grinned.  "I'm sorry.  I couldn't resist."  Then he frowned.  "But… I thought you were worried about your father's reaction, Draco.  What changed?"

"Well, basically, I talked to Dumbledore."

"And Dumbledore's going to keep him off your back all summer?"

"Not exactly.  Turns out that my father's got his hands tied.  If he so much as steps one foot out of line, he's going right back to Azkaban."  I grinned.

Harry sat for a moment, thinking.  Then he looked at me, concerned.  "He may be under severe controls, but that won't stop him from hurting you, Draco."  He pulled me into his arms.  "I don't want that to happen.  I couldn't bear thinking of what he might do to you."

I sighed happily.  "I can take anything he can dish out, Harry.  Especially if I can look forward to getting letters from you, and seeing you again at the end of the summer.  As long as you're safe, I can handle everything.  Besides, the ministry's watching him all the time now."

"You don't think he'll disown you for being with me?  For not being…straight?"

I laughed.  "And give his money to who?  There are no other male Malfoys.  Just my father and I.  If he disowns me, the money goes out of the family, and he'd hate that more."

"So, what you're telling me is that you're ready to be with me, and damn the consequences?"

I looked up at him and smiled.  "That and…"  I took a deep breath.  I'd never so much as heard the words pass anyone's lips before, let alone had anyone who cared about me, but it was time.  "Harry, I…I love you."

The look on his face was enough to stop my heart.  And for a moment I truly thought it would.  He was shocked, and his face had gone slack.  But then he came back to life, and took my face in his hands, and I could see it in his eyes before he ever uttered the words.  "I love you, Draco."  Then his lips met mine, and I knew all was right with the world.


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