Historian's Note: This story takes place following the ending of the original Filmation "Masters of the Universe" cartoon (about one week following the final episode - "The Cold Zone"); and a few days after first five episodes of "She-Ra, Princess of Power" post "Secrets of the Sword."

Disclaimer: This fanfic is based on many of the Masters of the Universe mini-comics, often times being totally new versions of the stories featured there. All characters featured in this story are the property of those that created them. This story is for entertainment purposes only, not for profit.

Note: This is a sequeal to "Masters of the Universe: The Crossroads of Destiny - Book One: Honor". For better understanding, it is best if you read it before continuing this. If you did not, here is a run down of what has happened.

Skeletor released King Hiss, Tung Lashor, and Rattlor, all three warriors of the Snake Men, who were trapped in a timeless void 1,000 years ago by the Council of Elders After a confrontation with Beast-Man, Teela was left wounded Escapees from Hordak, Snout Spout and Extendar arrived on Eternia and joined the Heroic Warriors. After stealing a number of ancient books (and injuring a soldier in the process) King Hiss unlocked the location of the Great Towers of Eternia. He released the towers, leading to a three-way battle between the Heroic Warriors, the Evil Warriors/Snake Men, and the Horde During this battle, He-Man was locked in a dangerous battle with Skeletor. Teela, though still hurt, was sent to give He-Man important information regarding the secret of the Towers. Just as this secret was revealed, Skeletor unleashed a death-shot to her. He-Man was unable to help her, as he claimed the power of the Great Towers, becoming their protector and banishing Skeletor, Hordak, and King Hiss away When He-Man was finally able to reach Teela, he was too late. She was dead.

That's only the basics, though. You really should go read the first book.