Escaflowne: War of the Ring

BY Dragonfang33

Synapes: a crossover of Escaflowne (TV Series) and Lord of the Rings (Neither of Which I Own). Set at the beginning of the Escaflowne saga, and during the Fellowship of the Ring. The Fellowship, while journying through Moria is suddenly whisked away to Gaea where they must face both Sauron's Legons and a new enemy, Zabaich

Chapter One: Drums in the Dark: The Battle of Moria, and the Journey to Gaea

p Location: Moria, Misty Mountains, Middle-earth

p "Here lies Balin, son of Fundin, Lord of Moria." Gandalf the Grey said. Gimli Son of Gloin just bowed his head and cried at the tomb of his slain cosion, Gandalf had paused for a second,in order to allow his friend to regain his composition, and then said, "He is dead then." As the members of the Fellowship poundered about what they were to do, a large book in the hand of a slain Dwarven Warrior suddenly cought Gandalf's eye.

p It was a large book, covered in dust like the skellitons that littered the gorund of Balin's tomb,upon its torn and decayed pages were written in old Dwarf runes the account of what would eventually come to be called in Dwarven lore the Battle of Moria. Though most of the words were smuged Gandalf could make out a few and the story it told was a horrifying tale of how the Orcs (Goblins) of Moria had trapped the surviving Dwarves and later slaughtered them in cold blood. Suddenly, as if on que, a loud drumming noise could be heard in the distance.

p "They are coming," Gandalf said. The other members of the Fellowship looked on in fear, a few turning to face the young Hobbit Frodo as he drew his sword Sting, it was glowing a bright blue.

p "Orcs," The Elf Legolas said

p "Bar the Door," The Human warrior Aragon shouted, as Baromir and Gimli rushed to the doors to close them, suddenly as if out of no were two Orcish arrows slammed into the door, and the sound of a Cave-troll could be heard in the background.

p Shutting the door as fast as they could, the Nine Fellowship members took up fighting positions. As fast as their legs could carry them Boromir and Gimili bolted back to the group, drawing both their swords and axes.

p "They have a Cave-troll," Boromir said, as Aragorn and Legolas drew their bows.

p "Let them come," Gimili shouted, "There's still one Dwarf yet in Moria that still draws blood." Slowly the Orcs began braking through the barracaded door as Aragorn and Legolas let lose two arrows from their bows, striking two Orcs dead in their tracks. Suddenly the doors gave way and a horde of Orcs, some in full armor, and some with out came pouring into the tomb. Instantly the battle boiled down into a duel of swords.

p But as the battle raged on the members of the Fellowship failed to notice that the Ring was starting to glow, and in a matter of minutes the entire Fellowship stopped fighting. It was as though they had been trapped in a cricle of pure energy, energy that the Orcs couldn't punch through.

p "What dastartly trick of the Enemy is this?" Boromir asked, kicking the light that surrounded them.

p "I know not," Gandalf replied, "But it seems to be eminating from the Ring," He turned to see that Frodo had cast the Ring onto the ground, and it was glowing a blindling white. Suddenly it let out a bright flash that rendered all of the Fellowship unconcus.

Location: Near the Village of Arsas, Gaea

p One by one the members of the Fellowship of the Ring awoke. But to their surprise they were no longer in the Misty Mountains, or Moria. Instead they found themselves sitting in bright green feild, with a few trees scattered about.

p "What happened," The Hobbit Merry asked, "Where are we?"

p "I know not," Gandalf replied

p "Look," The Hobbit Sam shouted, "There's someone overthere." The nine warriors gatehred around Sam to see what looked to be two figures, one a young man with raven black hair, and dressed in clothing similar to what the Hobbits had seen in Bree, the other was a girl with short brown hair, and dressed in clothing that neither member of the Fellowship had seen in all of their days.

p "By the Illvatar," Aragorn said, pointing up to the sky, "Look." The Fellowship gased skywards, and saw a world that look almost identical to Arda, in the Second Age, and a small moon hanging in the sky.

p "Is this a trick of Sauron's," Merry asked, "or maybe Saruman?"

p "I don't know," Gandalf said, "But I bet those two can give us some answers." Once Gandalf had said that the nine companions walked off in the direction of the two strange figures.

p Well that's it for Chapter One, I will up load Chapter Two once I get one review on this, PS If any of you know where I can get a map of Gaea please let me know, DF33