Escaflowne: War of the Ring

By Dragonfang33

Chapter Six

The Army Moves, Ambush

Location: Rivendell, near the Misty Mountains, Arda (Middle-earth)

Lord Elrond still wept for his fallen daughter, when Haldir entered the brigtly lit room.

"I thought I asked to be left in peace," Elrond said, holding his daughter's blood covered hand.

"Forgive my Lord," Haldir replied, "but I thought I would inform you that the Elves of Lothlorian, and Rivendell have assembled, as you requested."

"You know what to do," Elrond replied, whiping a tear from his eye, now leave me be." Haldir bowed and left soon after. Once he had emerged from Lord Elrond's chamber, he was greated by a young man, dressed in bright brown armor. Other then his armor, the man had blonde hair, and a well trimed beard, this was Eomir, Prince of the Kingdom of Rohan, and Third Marshal of the Riddermark.

"Well," Haldir asked

"My Uncle said he could only spare about 2000 of our finest calvary, damn that Grima Wormtounge." Eomir said, clenching his fists in rage.

"Calm yourself Eomir, son of Eomund," Haldir replied. Just then another Human, dressed in weather beaten clothing, with a bright white tree on his brest plate, this was Faramir, son of Denethor, Steward of Gondor.

"Captain Faramir," Eomir said, "what news from Gondor."

"Three units of the Osgiliath Garasion have just arraved, along with a number of Ithillian Rangers." Faramir said.

"And where is Kazar?" Haldir asked

"Where else would a Dwarf be," Eomir replied, "drinking the finest Elven beer with his men." The three soon began laughing, but to tell the truth they weren't too far off.

Sitting on the very platform where the Fellowship had set out was a husky Dwarf, dressed in the Royal Armor of the King Under the Mountain, holding a large mug of the finest Elven wine in one hand, and a black blood covered axe in the other, this was Kazar II, King of the Dwarves of the Lonley Mountain. Kazar was buzy laughing and joking with a number of Dwarves and Humans, when he felt a tap on his back.

"AHHH!" Kazar shouted, as he fell to the ground, and soon spied Haldir, Faramir, and Eomir standing behind him.

"You know lades, wars between Elves, Humans, and Dwarves have started for less." Kazar said

"Enough with the jokes," Eomir said, "how many Dwarves have come from the Mountains?"

"About 200-1000," Kazar said, "give or take."

"That gives us less then half of what Lord Elrond had hoped for." Faramir said, "but I can't blame the kings and stewards for being "cautiaus." Eomir sighed in disgust, he knew the real reason why Rohan refused to send more, and Faramir knew why Gondor didn't send more troops either.

"When do we set out for the Hidden Valley?" Eomir asked.

Now, was all Haldir said, it took a long time, but before long an army numbering over 3000 warriors from all the races of Middle-earth had left Rivendell for the mysterius Hidden Valley of the Eldar.

Location: Fanalian Royal Palace, Gaia

The Meleph match had just ended, and the bright red machines were being put away for the corination of King Van I.

"Ah there's nothing like a Meleph match," one of the pilots said, as he exited his machine.

"Yeah," one of the machanics said, "since there haven't been any wars lately, a joust is the next best thing."

High above the laughter that filled the city's streets, the Fellowship of the Ring had begun to adjust to their new suroundings. Gandalf had a room with the Hobbits, who had spent most of the afternoon talking about all the strange creatures that they had seen that day. Legolas and Gimli, had a nice room, right nest to the one shared by Aragorn, Boromir, and Hitomi, and had spent most of their time exploring the town. Both the Mirkwood Elf, and the Lonley Mountain Dwarf were fine curoisties for all the people of Finalia, for they had never seen an Elf or a Dwarf before.

Aragorn, and Boromir hadn't left the room they shared with the Earth Girl Hitomi since they had arrived at the palace. Aragorn spent most of the time looking out the window over the Kingdom of Fanalia, while Boromir got to know Hitomi better, and had enthralled the Earth Girl with stories of Gondor, and his adventures across Middle-earth. As Aragorn gazed out over the city, he felt a tap on his shoulder, and once again he spun around, and once again he nearly stabed Hitomi.

"What do you want Girl?" Aragorn asked

"One to know why you're such a grump?" Hitomi said, "and to ask you about your ancester Isildor." Aragorn once again reached for his blade, but this time he decided not to draw it, for Boromir had entered.

"For pitty sake, tell her." Boromir said. Relectantly Aragorn began telling the story of Isildor and how he failed to destroy the Ring of Power, and how the Ring had betrayed him to the Orcs of the Mountains.

"How sad," Hitomi said, "after all the pain that thing caused to the people of Middle-earth, your ancestor couldn't destroy it, and you've had to live with his guilt your whole life."

"Yes," Aragorn replied

"And because of Isildor's failure, you feel as though you can't become Gondor's King." Hitomi replied, "I really pitty you Aragorn."

"How mushy," a loud voice said, and before long Aragorn and Hitomi were on the floor, and Meral, the cat girl was swinging in through the window.

"Haven't you heard of a door?" Boromir asked, helping Aragorn and Hitomi up.

"Why should I use a door, Lord Van doesn't care." Meral said, as she sniffed through Hitomi's bag.

"Hay get out of there," Hitomi shouted, as she tried to get her stuff away from the Cat Girl.

"You heard her," Aragorn said, pulling Meral away from Hitomi, but not before she spied, Aragorn's necklas, and Hitomi's pendent, and grabbed them.

"Hay give those back." Hitomi shouted

"Hmm," Meral hummed, "I think I'll keep them."

"You will not," Aragorn shouted, and soon he, Boromir, and Hitomi were chasing Meral down the hall.

"Little cat-burgaler," Hitomi shouted, but before long they had come to a small dark room, and inside Van and Balgas were training.

Van charged at Balgas, but Balgas soon knocked Van over.

"You don't charge agressivaly enough," Balgas said, "in real battle, the enemy will not show you any mercy, you must come at me like you want to kill me."

"But, your not the enemy," Van replied.

"He speaks the truth boy," Boromir said, from the shadow, and one by one the three filed into the room.

"Ah Lord Boromir, Prince Aragorn, Lady Hitomi," Balgas said, "how wonderful it is to see you here."

"Our apollogies, but," Hitomi said, suddenly Meral appeared, dangelling both Hitomi's and Aragorn's necklases.

"Hay Cat Girl give be back my pendent," Hitomi yelled

"And, return my jewel." Aragron shouted. Suddenly Gandalf and the four Hobbits appeared, followed soon by Legolas and Gimli.

"Hay what's all the racket," Merry asked.

"Some, "kitty trouble," Aragorn replied, grabbing the Elven necklas from Meral.

"Fine who wants your stinking jewel anyway," Mearl said, as she sneeked off down the hall.

"Ah Master Gandalf, and the rest of your company," Balgas said.

"Pleasure Lord Balgas," Frodo replied, "tell me is there any way for us to return home?"

"I have no knowledge," Balgas said,"But after the festivities, I asure you we will do everything in our power to return you and Lady Hitomi to your rightful worlds."

"Thank you Lord Balgas," Sam replied.

Location: The Fanalia-Zibach trade route, near Village of Arzacs

The Hyena-men's wagon was making steady progress back to Arzacs, but the leader of the small trading van couldn't shake the fealing that he was being watched.

"Wait," he said, hearing the sound of branches rustling.

"What's wrong sir," one of the men asked. The leader looked through the trees.

"Nothing," he said "It was just, UMPH!" he felt a sharp pain in his lower abdoman, and saw a dark blade jabed clear through his stumach, he turned his face and saw the dark face of the Witch-king of Angmar, the greatest of the Nine Nazgul of Mordor, gazing back at him.

"NOW!" The Nazgul cheif said, and soon a swarm of Uruk-hai lept upon the party, and before long, all the Hyena-men had been slaughtered, and their remains devoured by the Uruk-hai.

"Mission complete," The Nazgul cheif said, as he faced a small steel eye. Suddenly a cloaking device deactivated, and a huge, man-shaped suit of armor stood before the rading party.

"Excellent work Witch-king," a voice said, "continuing on to the city of Fanalia." As the Gia-Melaph re-cloaked, a huge army, numbering well over 100,000, and consisting of a combination of Orcs, Wrag Riders, Mountain Trolls, and Uruk-hai marched down the road, burning all that was in its path, and with every steap drew closer to Fanalia.

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