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Chibi-Shikon: Hi there! This is Chibi-Shikon, and this is a chibi-chibi episode about to go haywire. I sneaked into Shikon's Secret lab to make a potion of Chibi-Chibi power! I'm going to splash my home made potion all over the InuYasha Gang and-

Shikon: (hollering angrily from Secret Lab) Mini Me! What the hell did you do to my lab!?!

Chibi-Shikon: (trembling) Uh-oh! I have to go now. But I'm taking my Chibi potion with me! Runs out the door to the Sacred Portal that leads to the Anime World!

Shikon runs in just in time to see Chibi-Shikon running out the door. Shikon: The hell did that Mini Me get to?! The brat did a combo of "Dee-Dee" from Dexter's Lab and "Skeld" from Oh! My Goddess! in my lab and now I have to find out what the hell she did in there and clean up afterwards. Any who, enjoy the story! Remember! Read, review, and have fun! Shikon walks back the Secret Lab and starts to clean up while finding out what Chibi-Shikon made.

Chibi-Shikon reentered the room once the coast was clear from the portal and waves to the camera dude to come closer. Chibi-Shikon: Tee-hee! ^,^ This potion is a one-time deal so I'm going to use it wisely! Tee-hee! Wish me luck! I have one bottle for each character I come across, I'm going to have so much fun! Main characters only, remember that! Disappears into the portal.

Camera Dude: imitating "Boris" from Balto and calls into the portal: I don't wish you luck! I wish you faith! Then whispers: Good luck, Kiddo.


Chibi Adventures of InuYasha and Company!

The plan: Kagome's first on the list!

Chibi-Shikon is walking around the forest of InuYasha to look for one of the many main characters of InuYasha to test out her creation of Chibi-Chibi-ness. She stopped by the Bone-Eater's Well and peered in. 'Nothing but bones,' she thought sadly. "And I wanted Kagome to be my first ginea pig...boo-hoo." She began to whimper when a shadow of a woman hovered over her. It was Kagome!

"Why hello there, Little one," Kagome greets happily. "What are you doing here deep in the forest?"

'She doesn't know me! Good!' Chibi-Shikon thought happily then jumped into Kagome's arm. "I was so scared!" Chibi-Shikon cried out in fear as Kagome caught her in her arms. "I thought I'd never see another person again!"

"Awe, you poor thing," Kagome said sadly. "I guess I'll just have to skip my math test today and take you to Kaede's." Chibi-Shikon nodded as Kagome turned around and headed for the village. "By the way, my name is Kagome, what's yours?"

"Chibi-Shikon!" Chibi-Shikon answered, smiling at her. Little did Kagome know, Chibi-Shikon's plan to put every main character into cherubim form was going to take effect.

Kagome stopped by a tree a few yards from the village and began to have second thoughts about taking Chibi-Shikon to the village. 'If I go back to the village, InuYasha will take me hostage, but if I don't go back to the village and take Chibi-Shikon with me to my world, everyone will think that she's InuYasha and my child! Wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong! Besides,' Kagome looked down at Chibi-Shikon in her arms, 'She doesn't even look like InuYasha much less like me!'

Chibi-Shikon felt a debate going through Kagome's mind and though that now would be the best time if any to pour the potion onto her and make her escape into the village to get InuYasha next! "Gomen nasai, Kagome!" Chibi-Shikon exclaimed as she jumped into the air and poured the bottle all over Kagome. Kagome screamed in fright, as she was drenched with pink and then slowly fell to the ground asleep.

InuYasha heard Kagome's scream and dashed towards where the scream came from. 'Something's happened to Kagome!' his thoughts rang as he ran to her. Chibi-Shikon sensed InuYasha coming and jumped into the trees quickly. Finding his love lying, unconscious without the scent of her own blood, InuYasha was relieved that she wasn't hurt, just asleep. "ASLEEP!?!" he hollered. "Kagome! Wake up! Wake up, Kagome!" he yelled shaking her gently. "Kagome! Kagome! Kah-Goh-Meh!" Fear started to reveal its ugly head inside InuYasha. What if Kagome wasn't asleep but dead?! "Kagome! Wake up! Open your eyes! Come on!"

Kagome opened her eyes slowly and looked up at InuYasha. "I-Inu-...Yasha?" she questioned softly and then yawned. Her head was a bit lightheaded and she was dizzy. "Wha-What happened?" she asked, with one hand over her eyes.

"I should be asking you that!" InuYasha argued. "I heard your scream, what's wrong?! You scared me half to death!"

Kagome still looked a little dazed. "I'm sorry, InuYasha," she apologized seeing his fear in his golden eyes. "I didn't mean to scare you. I don't—I don't remember what happened to me. . .All I remember was going to the well and then—" She looked around and realized that she was only a few yards from the village. "How did I end up here?" InuYasha didn't answer as he helped her to her feet. Kagome then remembered that she had to take a test so InuYasha brought her to her own world for it and gone with her. Concern for her safety lingered in InuYasha's mind.

Chibi-Shikon was mentally giggling hysterically as she watched her favorite couple go to the Twenty-first century. InuYasha didn't take the time to sniff out the air for any misgivings or if Kagome had a new scent on her! "Good thing, Kagome smells like Herbal Essence!" she laughed, remembering that she added the body spray version of Herbal Essence. "I hope this doesn't have any side-effects," she hoped and then cheered, "I'm gonna get me a Chibi-Kagome!" 'Hm….I wonder how long it'll take for the think to work.' While Chibi-Shikon thinks about it, she creates a portal and heads on home.


Shikon waits at the other side of the gate with a net and catches Chibi-Shikon. Shikon: You little brat! I have you at last! What world did you get to, huh?! InuYasha's world?! Or Sailor Moon's World?!

Chibi-Shikon: None of your business! Put me down! A potion bottle with InuYasha's name falls to the ground through the net. (Screams) Oh no! InuYasha's bottle! That means there won't be Chibi-InuYasha! Wwwwwwaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!

Shikon sighs as she swings Chibi-Shikon over her should in the net and picks up the small bottle. Chibi-Shikon continues to cry. Shikon: Oh-ho-ho-ho! Making the InuYasha gang turn into little children, now are you? Well! I better start making antidotes. Let's go, pip-squeak.

Chibi-Shikon waves to the camera dude to come closer as she calms down and rubs her eyes. Chibi-Shikon: That's all for now, folks. Please don't forget to review! In the mean time, I'll try to snake my way out of this! Shikon can't keep me captive forever!