Chibi-Shikon:  (shrieking)  Gayh?!  Neko turned traitor?!  How could she steal Vadi-kun from me!!  (cloth containing chloroform knocks Chibi-Shikon unconscious)

Shikon:  (holding Chibi-Shikon in her arms)  Awe…man…SHE'S HEAVY!!

Camera Dudettes:  (shrieking)  Shikon-sama!!  What did you do to her?!

Shikon:  (tosses Chibi-Shikon into it)  Goodbye and good riddance!

Camera Dudes:  Gyah!?  Shikon-Sama!!  OUR STAR!!

Valdimarian: (walks in just in time to see portal close and Camera Dudes are having a Panic attack)  Uh…I won't ask.  Today's the last Episode of Chibies, right, Shikon?

Shikon: ^^ Right!  You going to stay and watch with us, Valdimarian?

Valdimarian:  Sure.  Are Vadimirin and Caharel going to be using their Kami-forms?

Shikon:  I don't know…Should I let them use their powers?


Chibi-Shiken:  Run away!!

Camera Dude #1:  Dude…did you like…go to Shikon's school last night? (3/26/04)

Camera Dude #3:  No.  Why?

Camera Dude #1:  They had like an American Idol, Bulldog Style at her school and MAN!!  I thought I was going to lose my hearing!!

Camera Dude #3:  Seriously?!  Awe… but was the cute girl on wheels there and was she good?

Camera Dude #1:  Dude, she as there.  She was great!  But…

Camera Dude #3:  But what dude?

Camera Dude #1:  I didn't stay to see who won…  (Everyone trips over)  I hope it was the girl on wheels.  Danielle, I think her name was…

Valdimarian:  -_-;; How in the world did you get friends like these people?  And what kind of school do you have?

Shikon:  ?,?I have…no freaking clue…for both questions!

Valdimarian:  Anyway, Shikon, no cursing allow in this chapter, you got me?

Shikon:  Awe…and I was having so much fun just letting Chibi Shikon have her way…

Valdimarian:  Yeah right…Don't forget your disclaimer.

Shikon:  I own nothing!!  Except Chibi-Shikon!  And she willing to terrorize your story!  (thinking:  Now that I think about it…Chibi-Shikon is more like Rini aka Chibi-Usa from Sailor Moon…BEFORE she got her powers as Chibi Moon aka Mini Moon)  Thinking out loud:  I hate it when People call Chibi-Moon "Mini Moon!"  That sounds so QUEER!!  And …WHAT THE HELL IS A BACKSLASH WAVE?!

Camera Dudette #1:  That's the Bakuryuha in English, Shikon.

Shikon:  QUEER!!  It's evil!!  Naraku status!!  Worse than "Wind Scar"!!

Valdimarian:  (walks casually away from Shikon)  Chill, Chill, Shikon.  All those Translators are going to have what's coming to them soon… Just be patient.

Shikon:  (sighs)  Wish I was a voice actor…I wanna be the guy that fell for InuYasha and Miroku!  He's funny!  And disturbing… ^^

Valdimarian:  Really… T.T

Shikon:  (Munching on Pixie Sticks)  I wonder if Kagome ever brought Pixie Sticks and Pocky to the Feudal Era for Shippo…

Everyone:  -_- Do you want Shippo to be diabetic, Shikon?  (Shikon: u_u)

Shikon's "Girlfriend" #1:  Shikon, which is your favorite season of Sailor Moon?

Shikon: ^^ Sailor Moon's First Season!!  All the way!!  Queen Beryl was the BEST villain ever!!  She actually Succeeded into Killing the good guys!!

Queen Beryl: And I would do it again if only I didn't die too!

Shikon:  Queen Beryl…I feel you… Now go away and get Moon dusted or something!  This is all about InuYasha!!

Queen Beryl:  Fine then…be that way!!

Shikon:  (thinking:  I wanna do a Sailor Moon Cross with InuYasha but…should I make Naraku and Beryl go together and go after the Shikon Jewel and the Silver Crystal?)  …………

Valdimarian:  I am just an innocent bystander… (Sees an attractive Sango fan)  Ooh, pretty… (Goes to follow then "kidnaps" Sango fan into going to his world)


Chibi-Kenka Part 2!!

                Chibi-Shikon found herself in someone's room and it smelled of cat mixed with fox.  Something was not right in the room she was in and turned around to see Vadimirin sleeping with Neko and let loose a high pitch screeching scream waking them up.  "Vadimirin, you…two timer!!" Chibi-Shikon screamed as she formed a BIG mallet out of thin air and made a swing to use it on Vadimirin.

                "Chibi-Shikon!  Matte!!" Caharel called out snatching the mallet away from the "little" girl.  "It's not what it seems, Chibes.  All the rooms were taken by the servants of Sesshomaru's castle!"

                "Yeah!  And Neko offered!" Vadimirin added.  "Don't beat me to a pulp unless you know the details, little runt."

                "Say what!?  So I wasted all my energy just being worried about you?!  You jerk!!" Chibi-Shikon yelled and threatened to beat him with a second mallet but Carahel used his overgrown wings to push them away from each other.  "Let me at him Cerberus!  I'm going to make mince meat out of him!!" Chibi-Shikon yelled getting really upset and fuming.

                "Let's just see you try it, Chip," Vadimirin taunted though he was afraid of Feminine Rage.

                Chibi-Shikon nearly took him on his offer when Neko broke into the argument.  "Will you two stop it?!  You guys sound exactly like InuYasha-Sama and Kagome-Sama."

                "Not unless I tell him to…OSUWARI!!" Chibi-Shikon yelled causing the dog collar around Vadimirin's neck to glow and send him out of bed and slamming to the ground.

                "Kuso!!" Vadimirin yelled.  "I am not a pet dog!!"

                "You're still related to the canines," Neko stated leaning over the bed at him.  "And you wear a cute collar, so you are a pet dog, Vadi-kun."

                "Hey!  That's my nickname for him!  You can't use it, Neko!" Chibi-Shikon yelled.  "You're forbidden to!!"  Neko giggled as she stuck her tongue at Chibi-Shikon, making her see demonic red.

                "Chibi-Shikon, Neko is more skilled in battle than you are," Caharel informed holding the girl back.  "To fight her is like signing a death wish."  Chibi-Shikon grunted as she held back her built-up magic.  "And what did you call me?  Cerberus?  What is that?"  Chibi-Shikon's cheeks tainted with a bit of pink as she quickly looked away.

                "The three headed guard dog of Hades?" Neko questioned.  "Really…for a Mini-Copy, you sure have a lot of imagination…"

                "Like I care what you think," Chibi-Shikon replied.

                "Heh…what am I now?  Chopped liver?" Vadimirin asked getting to his feet.  "I feel rejected…"

                "Mew…you look good without a shirt on, Vadi-kun…" Neko cooed staring at him fondly.

                "Okay!!  Rated R!!  Moving on!!" Chibi-Shikon screamed as she hopped onto Caharel.  "You two frisky cats can do your own thing while Caharel and I go stalk Jaken!"  Neko and Vadimirin watched the two as they walked out of the room.  "You two go make a litter or something!"

                "Well I can't do that…" Vadimirin complained.  "I'll be going home in a few after this…"  Neko gasped and started to laugh.  "What?" he asked her but she continued to laugh.  "Hey, this is no joking matter here, Kitty-cat!"


                "Jaken-sama…what cha making?" Rin asked as she watched Jaken make something with Dragon's Blood, Unicorn's Horn, and Angel Feathers.  "Sesshomaru-Sama's favorite oden?  Looks icky…"

                "Silly girl, this is the anti-Chibi potion," Jaken stated.  "Here have a taste." He took a wooden spoon from shelves and dipped it into the pot and handed it to Rin.  "Here."  Rin looked at the spoon and nearly gagged taking a whiff of the odor.  "Here!  Take it!" Jaken ordered and Rin did, licking the spoon and then jabbing it into her mouth.  "Well?"

                "It tastes like Kagome-onee-san's Lollipops!!" she exclaimed.  "Strawberry flavor!!  Yay!!  Jaken-sama, can I have some more?!"

                "This is for that insolent hanyo and his companions, Rin," Jaken informed.  "It's suppose to taste like any flavor one adores and make whomever had the Chibi Curse big."  As Jaken started to pour the mixture into cups with sticks inside them, an adult Rin leaned over to get another taste of the mix.  "Gyah?!  Rin!  When did you get so big?!" Jaken exclaimed as Vadimirin and Neko walked in to get something to eat.

                "Why…hello there, gorgeous, and what might your name be?" Vadimirin asked taking Rin's hand into his.

                "Rin-chan?!" Neko exclaimed recognizing the mocha eyes, raven hair, and harvest scent of the girl as she pushed Vadimirin aside.  "When did you get big?!  You look like you're old enough to find a mate!!"  Rin looked confused as she shrunk to her original size.    "Oh!  Your clothes are torn! Vadi-kun, turn around!" Neko ordered.

                "Yes, Ma'am," he replied obeying her and looked up at the ceiling to see an old fashion mirror.  His cheeks reddened as he watched Neko take off her only kimono and wrapped Rin into it.  'Ah Kami-sama…I have to look away…Look away, Baka, look away!!' Vadimirn ordered himself to but couldn't make himself do it.  'Come on!  Look away!!  Resist Temptation, resist temptation!!'

                Neko felt something in the room heat up and looked at Vadimirin to see him looking at a mirror above them.  The only thing Neko had on was a bleached cloth and here he was STARING at her through the mirror!  "Vadimirin!!  Anata… HENTAI!!" she screamed using a "soft" kitchen mallet on Vadimirin while he darted away from her and jumped on top of the cupboards.  "You're worst than Miroku!!"

                "Hey!  I'm a healthy grow male!!" He replied.  "It's not my fault that you're—gyah!"  he ducked, dodging a flying knife just as Caharel and Chibi-Shikon entered the kitchen.  "Caharel!  Chibes!  Stop Neko!  She's going to kill me!!"  Chibi-Shikon just ignored Vadimirin as she took Rin's spoon and took a sip out of Jaken's potion.  "Gayh!  Chibes!  That's—"

                "Yummy!!" exclaimed Chibi-Shikon.  "Tastes like Chocolate!!  Here, Kero-chan, try some!"  She took another spoonful of Jaken's potion and held it out to Caharel to taste it.

                "Chibi, you've been calling me Kero-chan and Cerberus ever since you saw my true form…What's with the nicknames?" Caharel asked as he licked the spoon.

                "Chibi-Shikon habit, must give nickname or Chibi-Shikon will feel bad," she answered as she held the spoon for Caharel and watched Jaken pour the "pudding" into bottle sprays.  "Chibi-Shikon call Caharel Kero-chan, and sometimes Cerberus, because Caharel looks like Kero-chan from Cardcaptor Sakura when in true form.  Caharel is CUTER than Vadi-kun anyway!" she yelled showing her anger towards Vadimirin.

                "Hey!  I'm more well built that Caharel!" Vadimirin protested.  "My form is much more awesome than Caharel!"  But Chibi-Shikon ignored him as she hopped onto Caharel's back and flew out the window.  "Hey!!  Chibi-Shikon!!  Keh!  What's her deal?"  He turned to Neko laughing, and looked away.  "What are you laughing about, Neko?" he asked finding her holding back a laugh.  "I don't see what's funny, you know…"

                "Chibi-Shikon…" she laughed, "She…she took a mouthful of Jaken's Mizugusuri!!  Did you see her start to glow?!  She's not going to be Chibi-Shikon much longer!"

                "Nani?!  You serious!?  This I got to see!" he said and followed after them, transforming into his kitsune-kami-yokai form and sniffed the air for Caharel and Chibi-Shikon's scent.  Neko, too unskilled to control of her demonic blood to transform into her own neko-kami-yokai form, stayed behind to inform Sesshomaru and help Jaken while fighting the urge to just throw the toad out into the poisonous rose bushes and to leave him there until next New Year's Eve.  She informed Vadimirin that she would catch up with him after she took care of Rin and her clothes.  "Come on, Rin.  Let's see if there are some clothes around here," Neko said taking Rin's hand and leading her to her room.


                Meanwhile, Chibi-Shikon started to feel strange and felt her clothes begin to tear in some areas.  Caharel noticed nothing as he descended to the ground below where InuYasha and his acquaintances started to glow and return to their original forms.  "Nani?!  No way!" Chibi-Shikon exclaimed as she climbed off Caharel, perched themselves on a tree, and watched Chibi-Shikon's power of her Mizuguri fade away.  "Nani?!  What happened to my power!?" she exclaimed whining before she realized that her voice sounded more mature and adult like.  "AH?!  What happened to my voice?!"  Chibi-Shikon looked down at her body and found a fairly well built body of a woman.  "And my body?!"

                Vadimirin found Chibi-Shikon just in time to see her in a state of panic and started to laugh.  "What's wrong, Chibi-Shikon, or should I just say Oukii-Shikon?"

                Chibi-Shikon's eyes possessed fire within them as she declared, "Inazuma Yashuu!!" and brought down lightning to strike Vadimirin down before opening a portal and ran home.  Caharel called after her, after finding himself dragon-sized, and called Vadimirin an insolent moron for hurting her feelings.  "What did I do?!" he asked.  "All I said was—"

                "Vadimirin, we're going home," Caharel stated flying behind him and pushing him into the portal.  "This show is done with. Come on…"

                "Awe…but what about—and Neko—and…"

                "We'll ask Valdimarian to get you a girlfriend, now stop your yapping and let's go!"

                "No!!  I don't wanna leave!  The fight!  I wanna watch the fight!!  Caharel!!"


                Three Sacred Arrows came flying towards Naraku, Kikyo, and Kagura until they were canceled out by three other arrows, causing a big explosion between the good and evil.  Kikyo and Kagome had 'challenged' each other to a duel of arrows and in the eyes of viewers, they were in a standstill.  Nothing was going to happen soon to change the course.  Naraku's efforts to paralyze everyone with his Miasma proved futile with the two priestesses always purified the air with their attacks.  "Naraku!  Don't interfere!" they said in union.  "Less you wish to die with her!"

                "This grows boring…" Kagura commented as she opened her fan.  'This must end now!'  InuYasha noticed a change in the wind and saw the Kaze no Kizu.  'Come now, InuYasha…slice the wind…cut it open and release your most powerful technique ever!'  Koga noticed the change in the air as well and looked over to InuYasha.  He nodded to him as a sign to save Kagome before she was caught into the void.

                "Sayonara!!" Kagome and Kikyo exclaimed in union as they fired their shots.  InuYasha and Koga took it as a cue to interfere and InuYasha swung his Tetsusaiga into the void.  "Eh!?" the girls exclaimed as they tried to jump away but only Kagome was able to with the help of Koga.  A bright light lit the battlefield and in mere seconds, returned to its original lighting to fight the Evil ones gone.  "InuYasha…" Kagome growled full of antipathy.  InuYasha prepared himself for what was to come.  "OWUSARI!!"

                "Kagome-chan!  Don't be to rough with InuYasha!" Sango pleaded.  "The next attack between you and Kikyo could have killed both of you!"

                "Yeah!  But couldn't I, at lease, shatter her into millions of pieces?!" Kagome asked angrily and breathed deeply to release all her negative energy.  "I still want my revenge…"

                "Do not worry, Lady Kagome," said Miroku as he patted her shoulder.  "You'll get your chance…one way or another."

                "Over my dead body!!" InuYasha declared and was sat again.

                "You don't even know what I'm talking about, so shut up!"

                "You were talking about Kikyo, weren't you?!"

                "No, you moron!  Most of my attacks were directed at Naraku!  Kikyo wouldn't let me kill him!"

                "Uh…could we get back to my cave?" Koga asked.  "If none of you have noticed yet…we're back to normal."  With confused faces, everyone looked at each other to find their borrowed clothing had also 'grown' to fit their grown bodies.  "Let's go?"  Ayame replied that he didn't have to ask and they followed him back to their cave and dressed into their regular clothing.  "Let's call this a temporary alliance, InuYasha.  This won't happen again."

                "Yeah, whatever.  We're out of here."

                "Don't kill each other now," Ayame advised as the group went on their way, fighting battles that had nothing to do with Naraku or the Shikon Shards, and trying to keep peace between the half-demons and their human villages.


Chibi-Shikon:  Mama!!  Look what Vadi-kun and Jaken-baka did to me!!!

Shikon:  Eh?!  (drops bowl of fruit to the floor)  what happened to you!?  You look like you could be a Tennyo from Ceres: Celestial Legend!

Chibi-Shiken:  (sprays Chibi-potion on her and Chibi-Shikon returns to "normal") Okay, you're back to normal.

Chibi-Shikon:  Not funny, Chibi-Shiken!  Where's Vadi-kun?!  I'm going to murder him!!

Vadimirin:  (Transforms into his god-form and runs away)

Caharel:  The wimp…Thanks for having us around for a while.  Hope you read our story, too, Shikon-tachi.

Everyone:  We will!  Sayonara, Mina!!

Shikon:  Awe well…this is the last chapter of Chibies, as promised…until YOU send me a DEMAND to continue the story or start some sort of squeal, which, I must say, I might not be so great compared to this story…but anyway!  So long, farewell, Adieu, Good bye, Sayonara, and all that crap we never get to say when someone dies.